Adopt a Pet by lonyoo


									Adopt a Pet
Do you feel lonely? If so adopt a pet from any adoption office or you can go to the potter league. Hundreds of animals get put to sleep every day. The three reasons you should adopt a pet are because they a lot cheaper, they teach responsibility, and you can save an animals life! The amount of money you will pay at the mall is a whole lot more than if you were to just adopt one from an adoption office. I herd if you go to a certain one you can get supplies and a certified vet. You do not have to waste time to go to the mall you also do not have to waste the gas or the gas money to get to the mall or special breeder. The responsibility of having an animal is hard. So if you get the animal at an adoption office it comes trained. You have to love and care for this animal and it will gain trust in you. You will learn to love not just your animal but, others. Also you should treat it how you would treat a human because animals have feelings too. If you adopt a pet you are saving a life, you can think of your self as a hero. The animal you adopt does not have to face dieing or getting put to sleep. The animal you adopt will die if you do not pay the little money they ask. If you were to go to a place other than an adoption office you will pay $500 dollars to get a puppy, but if you go to a adoption office it will cost $150. I hope what I’ve said about the fee being cheaper, the responsibility, and the amount of animals that die a day changes your mind. I hope you consider adopting a pet.

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