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Live auction in Ottawa, Friday 12 June at 5:30 p.m.

The Tudor Hall
3750 North Bowesville Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Catharine Gray collection of British Ceramics Property from The Chelsea Club, Ottawa The Estate of Charles McKenzie Property of Various Owners

You are cordially invited to join Walker’s at one of their pre-sale auction exhibitions. Selected lots will be on view in Montreal & Toronto prior to the full exhibition and live auction in Ottawa.

Toronto Preview
Saturday, 23 May from 12 p.m.–5 p.m.
Historic St. Lawrence Hall, The East Room 157 King St. East

Montreal Preview
Friday, 29 May from 12 p.m.–5 p.m. Saturday, 30 May from 11 a.m.–5 p.m.
HanArt Gallery, 4209 Ste. Catherine St. West

Ottawa Preview
Thursday, 11 June from 5 p.m.–9 p.m. Friday, 12 June from 2 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
The Tudor Hall, 3750 North Bowesville Rd.

Buyer’s premium, live auction 15%, online 18%

Bid live online!

Lots 500–545

Asian Works of Art







500 Chinese Export Famille Rose Punch Bowl 18th century Decorated with flowers, butterflies and reserves of people at play. 11.25 IN, 28.5 CM diam $800/1,200 501 Fine Chinese Export Charger Mid 18th century The broad lotus and trellis border encircling scholars and a deer in a fenced garden. 13.5 IN, 34.5 CM diam $1,200/1,600 502 Chinese Export Famille Rose Punch Bowl 18th century The deep bowl with chrysanthemums and trees in a fenced garden. 10.25 IN, 26 CM diam $700/900

503 Three Chinese Export Plates 18th century Decorated with trellis divided borders, trees and trailing prunus in Chinese Imari colours. 9 IN, 23 CM diam $400/600 504 Pair of Early Chinese Export Tea Caddies 18th century The covered octagonal vessels painted in Chinese Imari colours. 4.25 IN, 11 CM high $300/500 505 Three Chinese Export Plates Circa 1730 A pair in the chrysanthemum and peach tree pattern and another similar with butterflies in the rim all in Chinese Imari colours. 8.75 IN, 22 CM diam $400/600







506 Chinese Export Famille Rose Punch Bowl & Plate Early 18th century Each decorated with enamelled chrysanthemums and gilded peonies. 8.5 IN, 21.5 CM bowl diam $500 507 Japanese Imari Charger Late 19th century The scalloped circular dish with floral panels, cranes and double handled vase. 11 IN, 28 CM diam $150/250 508 Two Chinese Export Tea Vases Mid 18th century The baluster vessels painted with figural panels under dome lids. 6 IN, 15 CM high $150/250

509 Fine Japanese Imari Punch Bowl 19th century Extensively decorated with gilded foo dogs and floral devices. 9.75 IN, 25 CM diam $300/400 510 Fine Chinese Export Covered Sugar Bowl Mid 18th century The saucer lid and vessel decorated in the Chinese Imari taste with gilding. 4.5 IN, 11.5 CM diam $200/400 511 An Exceptional Japanese Kenjo Imari Punch Bowl 18/19th century The cavetto and decline with a continuous wave form border accented with turquoise further painted and enamelled with scale bordered green and yellow trellis surrounding a central dragon chasing flaming pearls. 12 IN, 30.5 CM diam $800/1,200







512 Seven Chinese Export Tea Wares Circa 1730 Comprising two teabowls with matching saucers, a single teabowl & saucer and a waste bowl decorated in Chinese Imari patterns and “Japanese Fence” pattern. 5.75 IN, 14.5 CM largest diam $250/350 513 Japanese Kenjo Imari Punch Bowl 19th century Decorated with an intermittent trellis cell border, peonies and landscape views in turquoise, green and Imari colours. 9.5 IN, 24 CM diam $250/350 514 Five Chinese Imari Tea Wares Circa 1730 Comprising a globular teapot, milk pitcher, scalloped chocolate cup, teabowl and oval pattipan all decorated in the Imari taste. 4.25 IN, 11 CM pitcher height $300/400

515 Six Chinese Export Encre-De-Chine Tea Wares Circa 1750 Comprising a waste bowl, sugar bowl, teabowl & saucer, teacup and saucer dish painted with chrysanthemums in black and gilt. 6.25 IN, 16 CM saucer dish diam $300/500 516 Six Assorted Japanese Porcelain Wares 18th century Comprising a Kakiemon octagonal dish, an Arita teabowl & saucer, another Arita Imari saucer and two baby feeders decorated in blue. 6.25 IN, 16 CM dish diam $250/350 517 Ten Assorted Chinese Export Tea Wares 18th century Comprising a Famille Rose toy teapot, fine Famille Rose enamelled teacup, fence pattern teabowl with associated saucer, two Famille Vert “phoenix” teacups, black painted teacup, scalloped Nanking gilded teabowl with similar saucer and a Rose Medallion teacup. 4.75 IN, 12 CM teapot height $300/400







518 Pair Chinese Blue & White Plates 18th century Painted with pagodas and birds in flight in a riverscape. 9 IN, 23 CM diam $150/250 519 Exceptional Chinese Export Nanking Punch Bowl Circa 1790 The circular rim with square cell and spearhead bordering finely painted pagoda scenes. 13.25 IN, 33.5 CM diam $1,000/1,500 520 Pair of Chinese Export Blue Canton Plates Circa 1800 The circular banded rims enclosing pagoda scenes. 10 IN, 25.5 CM diam $150/250

521 Fine Chinese Export Nanking Bowl Circa 1800 The squared undulating rim with square cell and spearhead bordering a finely painted pagoda scene on the interior, the exterior with similar views contained in two panels. 9.5 IN, 24 CM diam $700/900 522 Three Chinese Export Blue Canton Serving Pieces Circa 1820 Comprising a pair of tazza and an oval serving dish painted with pagoda scenes. 9.75 IN, 25 CM bowl length $300/500 523 Chinese Export Blue Canton Reticulated Fruit Basket Circa 1820 The oval rim and pierced, flaring sides enclosing a pagoda scene. 9.75 IN, 25 CM long $300/500




524 Three Chinese Export Nanking Reticulated Plates Circa 1790 The cell and pierced borders enclosing temple and river scenes. 9.25 IN, 23.5 CM diam $80/120 525 Pair Chinese Reticulated Fern Pots 18th century The hexagonal pots with reticulated panels and blue painted borders standing on six moulded feet. 4 IN, 10 CM diam $100/150 526 Chinese Export Footed Jardiniere Late 18th century The rectangular body with canted corners painted with peach tree boughs and flowering blossoms. 8.5 IN, 21.5 CM long $150/250 527 Pair of Chinese Export Coffee Cups & Saucers 18th century The baluster cups with loop handles and saucers painted and gilded with bamboo and flowers. 5.25 IN, 13.5 CM saucer diam $125/175 528 Two Fine Chinese Blue & White Plates 17th & 18th century Comprising a Nanking export blue decorated octagonal plate with diaper border, c. 1790 and a very fine late Ming Dynasty barbed rim dish painted with a faun in a landscape. 8 IN, 20.5 CM faun dish diam $250/350 527 528



529 Five Assorted Chinese Blue & White Export Wares 18th century Comprising a footed bowl, two fenced landscape saucers, a fenced landscape plate and another plate decorated with flowering pot. 9 IN, 23 CM plate diam $250/350 530 Chinese Export Globular Teapot Mid 18th century The gilded wooden cover fastened to the powder blue body with chains decorated with riders in landscape panels. 4.5 IN, 11.5 CM high $200/300




534 531 Chinese Blue & White Butterfly Teabowl & Saucer 17th century The bowl with flaring sides and scalloped rim decorated with butterflies in flight among flowering sprays, matching saucer. 5.25 IN, 13.5 CM bowl diam $250/350 532 Chinese Batavian Ware Export Teabowl & Saucer Mid 18th century The interior surfaces with blue and white landscape decoration, the declines with brown glaze. 4.75 IN, 12 CM saucer diam $150/250 533 Five Assorted Chinese Blue & White Wares 17th & 18th century Comprising a Nanking export teacup, squat teacup with saucer, silver mounted shard from a wreck and a fine transitional silver mounted bottle. 3.75 IN, 9.5 CM bottle height $200/300


536 534 Japanese Arita Export Bowl Late 17th century The flaring sides and circular rim with blue painted blossoms and vines. 5.5 IN, 14 CM diam $250/350

535 Vietnamese Blue & White Bowl Circa 1500 The flaring rim with diaper border over a band of leaves encircling the base. 5.5 IN, 14 CM diam $250/350

536 Vietnamese Hoi An Hoard Covered Jar Circa 1450 certificate 65-57285 The footed case with evenly fitting lid painted in blue with leafy flowers. 2.5 IN, 6.5 CM diam $200/300







537 Three Chinese Export Celadon Tea Wares Circa 1830 Comprising a coffee cup, saucer and plate with green celadon glaze decorated with enamelled birds, butterflies and flowers. 7.5 IN, 19 CM plate diam $125/175 538 Chinese Ivory Figure of Guanyin Early 20th century Standing with flowing robes holding cups in her hands on a carved rosewood base. 11.5 IN, 29 CM high $400/600 539 Chinese Export Rose Medallion Punch Bowl 19th century The circular rim and flaring sides with gilded and enamelled birds and vining enclosing figural audience scenes and birds. 10 IN, 25.5 CM diam $300/500

540 Six Chinese Rose Medallion Tea Wares 19th century Comprising a teapot, toy teapot, coffee cup, teabowl, covered sugar and a spoon decorated with floral, figural and butterflies. 5.5 IN, 14 CM teapot height $250/350 541 Two Japanese Lacquered Boxes 18th century Comprising one kidney form and the other pear shapes with removable lids and gilded decoration. 3 IN, 7.5 CM long $200/300 542 Chinese Export Nanking Teapot Circa 1790 The pyriform vessel with moulded spout and handle decorated with diaper and gilt borders around temple scenes. 5 IN, 13 CM high $250/350

545 543 543 Chinese Carved Hardwood Model of Guanyin Early 20th century Standing holding a beaded necklace with a dragon below. 27.5 IN, 70 CM high $500/800 544 Magnificent Japanese Satsuma Teapot Late 19th century The hexagonal vessel mounted with a dragon handle and spout painted with women in two continuous bands. 11.75 IN, 30 CM high $300/500 545 Japanese Bronze Palace Vase Circa 1900 Fujiwara Yoshiyuki The Tokugawa crested rim over lotus petals raised on a plinth base with baluster column. 36 IN, 91.5 CM high $600/800 544

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