1 Presentation from Don Csont_ Chairman of Their Future is in by lonyoo


									City Vision Statement A great community to live, work and play City Mission Statement Providing service for the changing needs of the community, for the purpose of enhancing quality of life in a cost effective and efficient manner Value Statement “Residents Come First”

City of Allen Park AGENDA Regular Council Meeting of: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 – 7:00PM CALL TO ORDER PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE INVOCATION ROLL CALL CORRECTIONS TO AGENDA APPROVAL OF AGENDA FOR: October 14, 2008 (Action) Reading of City Vision & Mission Statement – Tertzag ADOPT-A-PET CITIZENS COMMENTS ON AGENDA ITEMS- Limited to 2 minutes APPROVAL OF MINUTES FOR: Regular Meeting of September 23, 2008 (Action) CLAIMS AND ACCOUNTS: $1,503,045.33 (Action) PRESENTATION

1. Presentation from Don Csont, Chairman of Their Future is in Your Hands Committee, to request endorsement of the Mayor and City Council for the School Millage.
MAYOR GARY BURTKA (A) 1. Consent Agenda - a. Request to approve Parade Permit Application from Mark Bailey for the 20th Annual Allen Park Elks Pumpkin Patch on October 31, 2008 between 3:00 – 9:00 PM. b. Request to approve Solicitors Permit from the Allen Park Hockey Association for a Bottle Drive Fundraiser on October 20 – 25, 2008. c. Request to approve Solicitors Permit from the Allen Park Girl Scout Troop 890 for a Bottle/Can Drive Fundraiser with flyer to be passed out on October 26-31, 2008 and November 15-21, 2008 and pickup dates to be November 1 and November 22, 2008 with proceeds to go to the Allen Park Senior Groups. d. Request to approve Solicitors Permit from the Cub Scouts of America for a can goods drive with distribution of bags on November 5, 2008 and pickup of can goods on November 8, 2008. (Approved by the Police Department with application fees waived) (Action)

2. Resolution to appoint full time Animal Control Officer Brian Daughtry (Action) PUBLIC HEARING (7:30 PM) (B) 1. Approval for a Regulated Use Permit located at 23190 Outer Drive (Action)
POLICE CHIEF DEAN TAMSEN (C) 1. Request for approval to replace Police/Fire Dispatcher position from the current New Hire roster approved by The Allen Park Fire & Police Civil Service Commission (Action) 2. Request to fill six Police Officer vacancies within the Police Department due to retirements (employment will be offered to six eligible candidates from current Police Officer roster approved by The Allen Park Fire & Police Civil Service Commission) (Action) 3. Request to approve purchase of new vehicles for the Police Department with funds taken out of the Drug Forfeiture Account (Action) FINANCE DIRECTOR KIM KLEINOW (D) 1. Request to approve the lease of a new Pitney Bowes Postage Machine (Action) CITIZENS COMMENTS - Limited to 5 minutes ELECTED OFFICIALS COMMENTS ADJOURNMENT NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, October 28, 2008

(Remember To Vote - Tuesday, November 4, 2008)

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