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Lumosity Free Brain Training
By Jaime C. Morris Dated: Sep 28, 2009

Try Lumosity 100% free! Play funny games that have been scientifically proven to improve your brain and memory. Use it or lose it. This phrase has been around for years and years, and can apply to many different things, especially your brain. Just like your body needs exercise in order to stay healthy, your mind also needs exercise in order to stay healthy. There are all sorts of fun ways to exercise your brain, just one of which is lumosity free brain training. Try Lumosity 100% FREE - Lumosity offers brain games designed by leading neuroscience and cognitive psychology experts from UCSF and Stanford. The purpose of these games is obviously to give your mind the same thing you give your body - a daily workout. Fortunately, lumosity free brain training doesn't take as much time every day as a physical workout does! It only takes about ten minutes a day to do a brain workout, and with lumosity, it's fun! With tons of different games to try, like Monster Garden, your workout will never become dull and boring. Monster Garden, for example, focuses on memory, a vital area of cognition for many everyday tasks. With different levels that get progressively harder, Monster Garden focuses on spatial and working memory. Or if game aren't really your style, and you are more the type for a hardcore workout, there is of course the scientifically designed brain training program. With 30 sessions, the brain training program is geared toward training and improving memory, attention, processing speed and cognitive control. In fact, in clinical trials, the lumosity free brain training has been shown to improve memory and attention. Lumosity offers free trial periods, just like a gym. The lumosity free brain training trial lasts for 14 days, and is absolutely, completely free. Once you see the improvement in your memory and attention - and you will - payment plans start at $6.70 per month. That's a whole lot less than a gym memberships! A great advantage to lumosity is that it is available anywhere the Internet is. And in this day in age, that is practically everywhere! There's no doubt about it - it's incredibly important to keep your body and your mind in shape. You likely already keep yourself in great shape physically, so what better addition to your existing workout than 10 minutes with the lumosity free brain training trail? Fourteen days will be more than enough to convince you to use it, not lose it. ### ============================================ Try Lumosity 100% FREE - ============================================
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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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