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									Governor’s Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Board MEETING OUTCOMES Friday, March 10, 2006

Board Members Present: Melissa Francis, Joy Henika, Christine Highnam, Christina Hoagland, Kenny Hosack, George Kawamura (consultant), Stewart Levy, Susan Parker-Singler, Kathy Rohan-Hague, Peggy Spaulding, Kathy Watters Staff Present: Bill Bush, Bridget Lewis Guests: Mary Lou Acimovic Excused: David Arciniegas, Judy Dettmer, Jeanne Dise-Lewis


Review of Minutes

The Board voted unanimously to approve the meeting outcomes from the February 10th meeting. Joy Henika moved and Stewart Levy seconded the motion.



Melissa Francis introduced Christina Hoagland as a new Board member. Christina told the Board that she is from Grand Junction, is a TBI survivor, and works part-time for Community Hospital and part-time for Interim HealthCare as an Occupational Therapist and Independent Living Skills Trainer. Board members introduced themselves and welcomed Christina to the Board. Melissa introduced Mary Lou Acimovic, who is a member of the TBI Advisory Board and a provider of cogitative therapy. Mary Lou asked whether Board minutes, meeting schedule and meeting agendas could be posted on the program website. Bill Bush noted that the minutes are already on the website, that the meeting schedule could be added right away, and that in a few months we can begin posting the meeting agenda approximately a week before each meeting. Mary Lou reported that some individuals are concerned with the possible transition of the adult services program from Goodwill to another vendor. The Board discussed this concern, and agreed that in the event of a change, the Board would send a letter to participants explaining the change to a new vendor, and Goodwill would send a letter to participants describing the process of


changing care coordinators.



Bridget Lewis shared a Thank You card that was sent to the Board from Pam Law.


Financial Report and Revenue Analysis

Bill reported that revenues were $148,829 and expenditures were $46,252 in January. Bill provided data on revenues from municipalities in FY06 and discussed the need for an in-depth analysis of Trust Fund revenues. The purposes of an analysis would be to determine whether the fund is receiving all of the revenues that are required to be collected, to determine the extent to which the fund is receiving revenues that are optional, and to identify opportunities to increase revenues and strategies for doing so. He noted that this is a very complicated undertaking because there are multiple types of traffic tickets, traffic codes, agencies issuing tickets, collection methods, collection agencies, and gray areas. Bill distributed a proposal from Lance Musselman to perform the revenue analysis. Lance is a former CDHS employee who helped implement the TBI Trust Fund revenue collection system. He proposed to complete an analysis and provide a report with recommendations by June 30, 2006, for a total cost of $3,626. The Board voted unanimously to approve the Consulting Proposal from Lance Musselman. Stewart Levy moved and Kenny Hosack seconded the motion.


Board Retreat

The TBI Board retreat will be held from 12:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Friday April 21st at Inverness. Lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner will be provided. Judy is contacting potential facilitators. The following topics will be on the agenda:  Review of the current statute for the TBI program


 

Review of the current Vision and Mission, including discussion of support for TBI system infrastructure Review of the assumptions that were made by the Board regarding Services, Research and Education; review of where we are now in each of these areas, what goals have been met, what still needs to be done, and what changes we need to make Develop a strategy for spending the current reserves in the trust fund account Discuss possible changes to the TBI statute

 

In preparation for the meeting:    Kathy Rohan-Hague will provide a document on the history of the TBI system in Colorado Bill will provide the Advisory Board's 5-year Action Plan, which includes a summary of the needs and resource assessment Bill will provide the current statute, as well as recommended changes to the statute


Working Committee Reports

Education: Joy reported that the Education Committee has received four new requests for funding for education projects that would be completed this fiscal year. The Committee has approved funding of all four projects, for a total of approximately $10,000. Two proposals were from St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo, one was from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to expand a training that is being funded by a TBI Education Grant, and one was from Lisa Brenner to provide TBI training to the Boulder/Broomfield Mental Health Center.

Research: Bill reported that reviewers are currently scoring grant applications and scores are due on March 17th. Bill asked the Board to consider delegating authority to the Research Committee to make funding decisions after reviewing the evaluators’ scores and recommendations.


The Board voted unanimously to delegate authority to the Research Committee to make funding decisions after reviewing the evaluators’ scores and recommendations. Kenny Hosack moved and Kathy Watters seconded the motion. The Board requested that the Committee report back on the grants awarded and denied.

Services: Bill reported that the majority of the meeting was spent reviewing the responses to the client survey from BIAC, Goodwill and the Health Department. The Committee requested that BIAC be more proactive in assisting clients with the application process and suggested they develop a network of volunteers throughout the state to assist those in outlying areas. The Committee also recommended that BIAC improve the Trust Fund section of the BIAC website to make it more accessible to people with TBI and their families. The Committee supports the Trust Fund paying for these improvements, and requested a proposal from BIAC. The Committee offered to provide BIAC’s Brain Injury 101 training to Goodwill’s staff, at no cost to Goodwill. Goodwill has accepted this offer and training is being scheduled. The Committee requested that the Health Department provide a more specific response of how they will provide more hands-on care coordination to parents who need this level of assistance. In response to feedback from the client survey, the Committee developed a list of covered services that can be provided to clients and applicants. The document has been sent to the printer and copies will be given to BIAC, Goodwill, Denver Options and the Health Department to distribute to clients and applicants.


Build Next Meeting Agenda      Implementation of subrogation Proposed change to the By-laws to change the Vice-Chair to a ChairElect Elect a Chair Elect Update on the proposed case closure rule Number of people being served


The Board voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 3:17 p.m.

Next Meeting: Friday, April 14, 2006 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.


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