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Halloween Halloween


									Couple or group costumes
Frankenstein & Bride Captain John Smith & Pocahontas Chain Gang & Police Charlie Chan & #1 Son Christmas Tree & Gifts Construction Crew Deck of Cards Donald & Daisy Duck Six pack of soda John F. & Jackie Kennedy Fred & Wilma Flintstone Gilligan’s Island Crew Fred Astaire & Ginger Rodgers Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson Lost Island Survivors The Incredible’s Family Gypsy Family Phantom of the Opera & Christina Goldilocks & the Three Bears Hansel & Gretel Hunchback & Gypsy Lone Ranger & Tonto Mermaid & Fisherman Mickey & Minnie Mouse Nun & Priest Men in Black Peas & a Pod Popeye & Olive Oyl Box of Crayons Bullfighter & a Bull Cave Man & Woman Cheerleaders Ice Cream Sundae Jack & Jill Jane & Tarzan Sardines & a can Lion tamer & Lion Lucy & Ricky Ricardo Marx Brothers Mice & Cheese Mr. & Mrs. Potato head Noah & Animals Old & Young Elvis Parts of a Jigsaw Puzzle Peter Pan & Tinkerbelle Planets Rocky & Bullwinkle Adam & Eve Siamese twins Pirates of the Carribean Batman & Robin Beauty & the Beast Betty & Barney Rubble Billiard Balls Three Musketeers Doctor & Patient Three Stooges Abbott & Costello Aladdin & Genie Salt & Pepper Shakers Barbie & Ken Beatles Bee and Beekeeper Bonnie & Clyde Bride & Groom Spongebob & Patrick Sigfried & Roy Paris & Nicole The Village People The Band Kiss Boys II Men Your favorite sports team Cowboy & Cowgirl Buzz & Woody The Fantastic Four The Addam’s Family Charlie Brown & Snoopy Nemo & Dory

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Spook-tacular Costume Ideas
A special thanks to Susan Smith & Bob Parker for providing artwork. Visit us online at

Halloween is a great time to use your creativity and artistic talent! This year at Goodwill, we want to assist you in creating costumes. Use the pumpkin guide to choose a costume that is right for you. Happy picking! J: Easy JJ: Fair

Muscle Man: Paint or quilt muscles onto a flesh-colored sweatshirt and pants set. Stuff arms and legs with soft cloth to make biceps & quad muscles look big. Wear a pair of sports shorts over the sweatpants and a sweat band on arms or forehead. Create dumbbells by attaching two black balloons to the end of a cardboard paper towel roll or gift wrap roll, and paint it black. JJJ

Sweat suit costumes

JJJ: Time Consuming

JJJJ: Difficult

Ghost: Just cut holes in an old white sheet, draw on some chains and spider webs with magic markers. J

Affordable costumes

Dragon: Add dragon scales, (made from felt or shoulder pads) to the back of a green or purple sweat suit with a hooded sweatshirt. Sew or glue onto sweat suit starting from the hood and continuing down the back. Make a paper mache mask to complete the costume. JJJJ Skeleton: Add “bones” to an old black sweat suit by fabric painting them on or using white felt. Mix things up by just doing this to the top and altering a cardboard box to look like an x-ray machine. JJJJ Bug: Add extra arms (like the spider) and wings to create the bug of choice. Use a hooded sweatshirt and attach an antenna to a headband onto of the hood. JJ Butterfly: Same as above, just add colorful cardboard wings. JJJ Flower or Vegetable: Use a green sweat suit for the stem and make a flower hat/crown. You can create this from poster board, construction paper and stickers, or take an orange sweat suit & hunters’ hat. Attach pipe cleaners and green yarn to the top to become a carrot! JJJ

Angel: Use a sheet, spray it lightly with some clear spray paint and toss glitter on it before the paint dries. Make a halo and wings from a wire clothes hanger covered in aluminum foil. JJJ Nerd: Wear small pants , a shirt buttoned up wrong, hair slicked back, an old pair of glasses with tape, white socks and a big book to carry around. JJ Bum or Hobo: Old clothes... (dad’s garden or old work clothes work great.) Use watercolor paint to put a beard on. Take black trash bag with a pillow in it & carry it around. JJ Clown: Use mismatched, oversized, or too

small clothing from everyones closet. If you don’t have a wig, make a hat from construction paper, or wear an old colorful one. Decorate it with flowers and pins. JJJ Hunter: Wear a bright orange jacket or shirt and match it with an orange hat. If you don’t have anything orange, wear all camouflage. J Rock Star: Wear torn clothing, and spike your hair. Borrow some clip on earrings and the dogs collar. J Frankenstein: Paint your face green and tear up your shirt. Add a pair of beat up large boots. JJ

Spider: Wear an all black sweat suit and stuff the legs of 4 black panty hose. Attach the panty hose legs to your sweatshirt, and your arms to the panty hose with string. Watch the fake legs lift when you raise your arms! Become a black widow spider by adding a red spot on the back of your sweatshirt made with card board or construction paper. JJ Cat: Wear a black sweat suit with a tail attached made from stuffed panty hose or other fabric. Attach ears to a headband for girls or to the top of a hooded sweatshirt for boys. Mark face with whiskers. J Cow: Add black spots to a white sweat suit. Create ears on a head band or hood. Tie a fake (or real with adult supervision) cow bell onto the end of a long costume jewelry necklace. JJ Pig: All pink sweat suit with corkscrew tail made from pipe cleaners or other fabric. Attach ears to a head band or hood. J

Dark clothing costumes
Abraham Lincoln: Make a beard using fake fur and a top hat out of a coffee can and an ice cream bucket lid. (Glue together and paint black.) Carry a copy of the Gettysburg address. JJJ 1950’s Greaser: Wear black or blue jeans, white t-shirt, white socks and sunglasses. Slick your hair back, and wear a high school letter jacket. J Men in Black: wear black pants and a dark suit jacket, and a tie. Top the outfit off with a pair of black sunglasses. J Magician: Wear a black pants and shirt, or an old graduation gown. Top it off with a black cape, fake beard and a construction paper hat. JJJ Ninja: wear black pants and a shirt. Make a sword and ninja stars out of cardboard. JJJ Punk Rocker: Wear some black jeans with a leather jacket. Buy some colored hair spray. JJ Quasimoto: Wear black pants with a large shirt, stuffed with a pillow for a hump. J

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