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									Ellen Software Features & Benefits
1. 2. System Specifications Compliant with all industry system standards; for example X12, HL7, NSF Windows based application using SQL server, which allows compatibility with outside applications; for example e-prescribing, additional code edits, automatic lab result systems, etc. Open Database Construction (ODBC) Compliant Authorization Component Authorization requests sent automatically from appointment schedule if financial class identifies authorization for that provider/service is needed Separate mailbox created for authorization e-mail requests Ability to print authorization request Demographic and appointment information, as well as collection and bad debt write off balances auto populated Authorization history displayed 1. Appointment Scheduler Customize multiple individual schedules for appointment times and time slot blocking with color coded appointment categories and flexible time slot settings Ease of working with multiple schedules at one time Ability to categorize appointment schedules (physician, diagnostics, lab) Ability to schedule at multiple locations Customized charge slips with frequently used CPT, HCPCS and ICD9 codes Charge slips contain valuable information such as last five diagnoses, past and future appointments, insurance, co-pay and balance information to use as a collection tool Multiple patient look-up features as in Demographics Duplicate appointment alert when adding a patient to the schedule Selected patient view includes added information such as date of birth, PCP, insurance Flash alerts for multiple flags including patients in collection, discharged, or hospice patients and can be customized Schedule blocking when a patient is discharged from the practice or an individual provider HIPAA compliant receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices tracking Automatic referral authorization request prompted by financial class Authorization requirements displayed Color coded patient flow Time study reporting Ability to print entire schedule or specific appointment types (office, surgery, etc.) Ability to add or view patient account notes from the schedule Ability to view entire patient appointment history, or by specific history types (cancellation, no show, rescheduled appointments) Toggle from daily to weekly view Set a default doctor and toggle back to the default doctor’s schedule from other schedules Automatic e-mail messaging to provider and clinical staff if patient is a no show or cancels an appointment without rescheduling, including patient’s name and telephone number Next available appointment search mechanism End of day close very user friendly Ability to search for procedure and diagnosis codes by description at check out Ability to easily correct posting errors when processing end of day close End of day report shows summary of appointment types (cancellation, no shows, reschedules), as well as financial balancing information

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Patient Demographics 1. Multiple patient look-up features including name, date of birth, social security number and telephone number 2. Duplicate patient alert 3. Auto population of city and state when zip code is entered nationwide 4. Customization of color coding required fields 5. Customize alerts such as collection, deceased, hospice, discharged patients and living will 6. Scan patient insurance cards 7. Medical record release tracking for HIPAA compliance 8. Primary, secondary and tertiary insurance fields including worker’s comp and auto insurance, including co-pay information 9. Launch appointment look up from demographics 10. Ability to print pertinent patient demographics 11. Primary Care Physician noted 12. Ability to enter how patient was referred to the practice for tracking and focused marketing purposes Customize Master Files 1. Provider master file includes demographic information, as well as provider ID information for all payers 2. Customized financial class master file to prompt for required authorizations, as well as flag for contracted labs 3. Insurance master includes the appropriate financial class for reporting purposes 4. Customized Charge/Payment/Adjustment code files 5. CPT/HCPCS/ICD9 master files with ability to create unique codes for internal tracking 6. Ability to have multiple fee schedules 7. RVU master file for reporting purposes 8. Employee master file to include supervisor’s name and licensure 9. Pharmacy master file includes address, telephone and fax numbers

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Charge Entry/Claims Processing Option to post charge at time of service or at a later time in a centralized billing department 2. Alerts for Worker’s Comp or Auto claims 3. Ability to view previous charges and diagnoses without leaving charge entry screen 4. Electronic claim submission – EDI Connectivity 5. Ability to drop paper claims 6. Ability to hold claims identified by insurance company, financial class or provider 7. User friendly with numerous default settings 8. Multiple reporting parameters to track aging receivables, unworked claims, viewing denials, trend visibility Web Based Reporting Module 1. Flexible data mining and report structure for all financial and clinical applications including: 2. Payment analysis 3. Insurance status 4. Electronic Claim Submission Status 5. Aged Accounts Receivable 6. Daily and Monthly Balancing 7. Patient retrieval for research 8. Referral tracking 9. Export user defined data to spreadsheet applications and Crystal Reports Lab Module 1. Separate lab schedule 2. Normal ranges available to view or print 3. Ability to schedule for multiple sites 4. Ability to print tube labels 5. View duplicate orders from different ordering physician 6. Ability to enter all lab orders 7. Ability to add to a lab order 8. Ability to edit or delete lab orders 9. Ability to print waivers for labs with utilization limits and elective labs without a payable diagnosis 10. Payable diagnoses entered for reference with flag if diagnosis is not payable 11. Charge entry at lab checkout Results imported from outside reference laboratories 1. 1. 2. 3. Diagnostic Module Tracking log of film location Historic information of film tracking Print radiologist read request slips which includes pertinent clinical information Report the number of tests read by provider by each diagnostic test Telephone Appointment Reminder Module Automated calling system reminds patients of their appointments Phone numbers automatically pull from demographics Reporting shows successful calls Live on-screen snapshot of status of calls, successful and unsuccessful Three attempts to call patient Voice of Internet capable Create custom voice files including greeting for each provider

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Payment Entry Post co-pays or patient payments at time of check out Electronic Remittance and automatic posting of payments Ability to look up payments by check number If unbalanced, system will highlight check that is not balancing in post Patient Account Inquiry Line item posting Demand statements Insurance History View account notes for individual dates of service Print account with and without account notes View charges and payments by date of service View charges and payments by open or closed balances Medicare remittance with screen view and printing capability for filing secondaries or appealing a denial Payroll Module Automated time clock Ability to make time sheet corrections Ability to track all personal and vacation time used Automatic calculation of personal and sick time Check stub distribution via e-mail Log on password protected Transcription Module PDA dictation Ability to pool multiple providers by specialty and provider number in multiple categories to distribute work load to multiple transcriptionists Ability to toggle to the electronic medical record with function key to update problem and procedure files, as well as medications Access to all modules with function keys Ability to count dictation airtime and jobs per provider Ability to track airtime and number of jobs each transcriptionist completes per day Ability to track the length of time it takes a provider to dictate Ability to track the date and time a dictation was done, as well as the date and time the dictation was downloaded Electronic Medical Record Module

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Abbreviated medical record (AMR) including problem files, procedure file, family and social histories, and medication file 2. Acute Active Problem File lists a snapshot view of all current problems with date and most recent medication or diagnostic testing ordered for each diagnosis 3. Chronic Active Problem File lists all chronic problem currently being treated 4. Toggle from the Chronic Active Problem File to the Chronic Inactive Problem File which lists all past chronic problems which are inactive and not currently being treated 5. Procedure File shows all diagnostic testing with date and brief summary of result 6. Progress notes available to select by date of service and provider 7. Medication file shows current and discontinued medications, as well as medication allergies 8. Ability to edit and enter refills on medications and print prescriptions 9. Ability to print one note or entire EMR 10. Ability to view and print lab results from EMR with ability to trend by date or select one individual lab to print 11. Ability to print history and physical on demand


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