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									THE CERTIFIED METHADONE ADVOCATE (CMA) TRAINING COURSE DATE: Saturday, October 16, 2004 TIME: 8:30 – 5:30

Frederick W. Christie, MA, AFIRM Long Island, NY James P. Connolly, CMA PA-NAMA Newtown, PA Walter Ginter, CMA NAMA Westport, CT Ray Hilton, MA CSAT/OPT Rockville, MD

Herman Joseph, PHD NAMA New York, NY J. Thomas Payte, MD Colonial Management Group Orlando, FL C. Todd Rosendale, CSAT/OPT Rockville, MD Stewart Leavitt, PHD Addiction Treatment Forum Glenview, IL Joycelyn Woods, MA, CMA NAMA New York, NY

Sponsored by the National Alliance of Methadone Advocates (NAMA) It is NAMA’s view that everyone who believes in methadone treatment is a potential methadone advocate. We encourage all supporters of methadone treatment, patient and non-patient, to become Certified Methadone Advocates (CMA) so that all energies directed toward the advancement of methadone treatment produce positive results. This course fulfills the training requirement for Certification as a Methadone Advocate (CMA). It is designed for non-clinicians, and involves eight hours of rigorous training. The course equips participants with the tools they will need to succeed in the struggle to have methadone maintenance treatment universally accepted as the “gold standard” for addiction treatment. With these goals in mind the course presentation is constituted as follows: 1. Addiction and Methadone - scientifically accurate yet in language understandable to the non-clinician. 2. Regulations and Accreditation – explained by experts from CSAT who understand the systemic complexities. 3. Methadone Mythology – disposing of the myths surrounding methadone treatment. 4. The Certified Methadone Advocate (CMA) – the mechanism of certification and how it will professionalize those committed to advocacy. Included advocacy on the Net and Methadone Anonymous. 5. Methadone Stigma – a history of administrative and community prejudice directed at methadone patients, plus analyses of possible solutions. 6. Office Based Treatment Model – whether Buprenorphine or Methadone, an advance for patients and an administrative hurdle for implementation. There is a separate registration fee of $100.00 for this pre-conference event. The fee includes all materials, 2005 membership in NAMA, and the application for CMA Certification. Beverages and light snacks served throughout the training. The training will adjourn between 12 and 1. Lunch is not provided. Candidates for certification must register with NAMA prior to the conference. Registration information available at: On-sight registration will be between 7AM to 8AM at the NAMA table in lobby. NAMA cannot guarantee a place to anyone not pre-registered. Supported by Mallinckrodt, Inc, and the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT)

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