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					Capitol Pops Concert Band Council Meeting Minutes
October 20, 2009 I. II. Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:58 P.M. In Attendance: Jeanna Arnold, Bob Bobrow, Jane Butler, Linda Glover, Jerry Lopes, and Krieg Moore. Guests: Nancy Bibby and Verna Clark. Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve agenda as submitted. M/S/P – Linda Glover, Krieg Moore. Chair’s Opening Comments: Wet last week. Much nicer this week. Band member/Guest Comments: none. Approval of September 15, 2009 Meeting Minutes: Minutes approved via e-mail. Treasurer’s Report: Reviewed and discussed Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), Statement of Activities, and Sales by Item Detail. Funds are in three separate accounts: General, Scholarship, and Memorial Fund. At the October 15th rehearsal, a passer-by donated $50.00 to the band. A receipt has been mailed. Bob gave a brief explanation of how receipts and invoices are processed for the financial records using the QuickBooks computer program. The issue of the current format of CPCB invoices was discussed. It was decided that the information included (Jerry Lopes’ name and address in header) is sufficient for the vendor to know who and where to send payment. Committee reports and review: a. Finance Committee: i. SVSBA dues. In order for Capitol Pops to use SVSBA music, CPCB pays the negotiated amount of $3.00 per member who does not belong to SVSBA. For 2008/2009, CPCB paid $150.00 to SVSBA. ii. Taxes. A copy of the 2004 letter granting the bands’ 501.c.3 status will be forwarded to the IRS. Need to consult with Bob Clifton re: 2008 tax return – if required, has a return been filed? b. Venues:



IX. X.

i. As outlined in the By-laws, the Director is responsible for the music selection and the Council is responsible for program quality. We must put out he best product possible. A working schedule was reviewed. When the council creates a venue plan, it should be presented to the band so members have the opportunity for input in the schedule. The goal: finalize a venue plan by the next council meeting and present to the band before the December break. ii. Specific policy was written into the contract with Sun City in Roseville regarding guest/staff members of the band attending concerts. These are private concerts and are not open to the public. This policy is on file. c. Scholarship: none d. Personnel: Uniform Request forms and Members’ Responsibilities sheets are posted and can be distributed to band members. e. Worry: none f. Non-Council Positions: i. Historian: Band pictures are needed. Please forward to Jane Butler. Band scrapbooks have been located. ii. Social Activities: Halloween = candy, of course. iii. Librarians: none. iv. Website: The site is functional but not up-to-date. There are difficulties accessing site with current program. There will be a binder with hard copies of meeting minutes available in the bandroom for members who cannot access the website. v. Monthly Newsletter: none. vi. Correspondent Secretary: An announcement needs to be made to the band with a description of these duties to seek a volunteer to take on this responsibility. vii. Loading Crew: The Halloween venue does not require a truck or crew. All members will just need to pitch in. Next Meeting: November 10, 2009. 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Birdcage Marketplace Ste.#201. Old Business: a. Band Director’s comments and concerns:


i. Chairs need to be moved for the Thriller concert. Propose that sections/individuals be responsible for their chairs. Other options will be explored and presented at the next rehearsal (before event). Confirm that there is a sunshade for the band. ii. Personnel list to be printed out by the Treasurer. iii. New students in the band: Kayla Moxley (french horn) and Kirstin Lockwood (clarinet). iv. Director decided it is not necessary to have internet access in band office at this time. v. Sub Policy review. There is concern that band members don’t care if there is a sub for their chair or not. SVSBA has a sub list. Perhaps we can obtain a copy and utilize the information. vi. Jerry will not be at the Sun City/Roseville concert on November 11 th or the November 12th rehearsal. Rick Baker will stand in. vii. Review progress of signage for the doors at rehearsal facility. Contact Andrea to see what we are allowed to do. viii. A Stage Dresser is still needed. Someone to be responsible for flag set-up, removal of extra chairs/stands and present a professional look to the stage. It was suggested that Kody Tickner would be a good candidate for this position. ix. SVSBA member recruitment. Previously discussed how it is a valuable asset for the band to have CPCB members join SVSBA. x. Back up emcee. Some possible candidates: Michael Koerner, Jack Kennedy, Sandra Piper, Jeanna Arnold, and Kody Tickner. xi. White military dress shirt revisited. Interested in eliminating the shirt and the military look. Perhaps retire the military shirt and add another style besides the blue polo and tux black. The first step is to survey the band re: retiring the military shirt. xii. Christmas concert theme will be “Home for the Holidays”. xiii. Band Member Recognition Day is November 19th. b. Board members comments and concerns: none New Business: a. Grant Parker will be recording the Christmas Concert. Grant has a plan to


mail CDs directly to band members that order CDs at a cost of $11.00. CDs will be delivered before Christmas. A $400.00 investment is required to produce CDs (40 CDs at $10.00 each). Flowers from Eisley Nursery will be displayed at the concert and for sale afterwards. Bottles of water for sale benefit the Scholarship Fund. b. Halloween Costume Night is October 29th. Twelve awards will be given. c. Some band members have inquired about getting hats and/or jackets with Capitol Pops logo. Linda Glover and Nancy Bibby took on the original project. Nancy will inquire with vendor about producing new hats and jackets for members and possibly some quantity for sale to audience members. This will be pursued after the December break. d. Mark Cambridge, the band director at Carriage Elementary, is looking for adult musicians to work with his band students. Student capacity is at 110%. The time is from 7:30 – 8:15 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. There may be a session after school from 2:45 – 3:30 p.m. but this needs to be confirmed. Strings and Guitar players are needed as well. Requirements include fingerprinting, a photo ID, and signing in at the school. This needed to start in September so time is of the essence. Mr. Cambridge would like to have a joint concert with the band. This needs to be presented to the band with a sign-up sheet for interested volunteers. e. A new CD is needed. Schedule for late February/March. Recording facility is needed. Comments for the good of the order: none. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 P.M. Unanimous approval.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeanna Arnold, Secretary