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Art Classes

All classes are held at the Newark Arts Alliance. Scholarships are available based on financial need. Please ask for an application. m=members cost nm=non-members cost

Fall Classes


Adult/Teen Classes
September 14, Monday, 6:30-9pm

“Night of the Henna” /101

Taught by Maya, Ages 14 to Adult. Now that the kids are back in school it’s time to indulge your self. Join Maya for a relaxing evening of pampered fun, entertainment, light refreshments and learn all about The Night of the Henna, a traditional event celebrated in many cultures of the Middle and Near East. Step through the doors to be transported to a distant and colorful land to experience one of the many traditions of henna. Come and rest upon pillows and carpets while being adorned with henna, munch on tasty refreshments and be entertained by belly dancers, all while learning about the different cultures who partake in this beautiful tradition. $30M/$33NM Maya has been

104/ Session One: Oct. 1-Oct 22, 4 Thursdays. 105/ Session Two: Oct. 29-Nov. 19, 4 Thursdays. 106/ Session Three: Dec.1-Dec. 22, 4 Tuesdays. Time: 10am-12pm Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages 14 to Adult. We will study great drawings and learn techniques to create still life, landscapes and figurative portraits. Classes will explore pencil, charcoal and ink. We will focus on perspective, value, and creating expressive and eye-catching drawings. $88 members/$96 non-members per session.

Mastering Art

studying henna since 1995.She only uses all natural henna mixed only with essential oils and lemon juice. No black henna is used.

107/ Session One: Thursdays, Oct. 1-22, 4 Thursdays. 108/ Session Two: Oct. 29-Nov. 19, 4 Thursdays. 109/ Session Three: Dec. 1-22, 4 Thursdays. Time: 12:30pm-2:30pm Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages 14 to Adult. Students will study the work of legendary masters. (Session One- Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Gauguin) (Session Two-Monet, Kahlo, Modigliani, Botero) (Session Three-Cezanne, Klee, Klimt, Degas)They will then create colorful and expressive pieces in pencil, acrylics, and pastel. These pieces will be based on famous artwork, but include each student’s own unique flavor. $88M/$96NM.

Sept. 17-Oct. 1st, 3 Thursdays, 6-8pm plus additional time painting a mural outside on the weekends.

Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Mural Workshop for Public Spaces /102

Taught by Terry Foreman. Ages 14 to adult. Learn how to develop a design concept into a finished drawing that can be presented to a client. Then adapt approved design to a working sketch that is transferred to an outdoor space. Group will collaborate on a single design that includes students individual components that look good together. Design will be painted on a outdoor public space in Newark. Additional painting time will be coordinated by the teacher during times/dates following the workshop depending on weather and students availability. Fee is based on classroom time only. $55 members/$60 non-members.

110/ Session One - Still life: Oct. 2-23, 4 Fridays. 111/ Session Two – Landscapes; bring a favorite photo. Nov.27-Dec. 18, 4 Fridays. Time: 10am-12pm Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages 14 to Adult. Students will create colorful acrylic paintings on canvas.Students will learn how to create pleasing compositions, study color theory and application techniques. We will start with detailed sketches and end with beautifully finished canvases which we’ll gently critique. $88M/$96NM per session. Oct. 4-25, 4 Sundays, 1-2pm

How to Communicate in Writing /114

Wonders of Watercolor

103: Session One: Sept. 29-Oct. 20, 4 Tuesdays 103A: Session Two: Oct. 27-Nov. 17, 4 Tuesdays Time: 6pm-9pm Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages 14 to Adult. Students will learn beginning watercolor techniques. Classes will focus on brush handling, controlling water volume, and creating layers of transparent color. We will create exciting compositions, using varying techniques, with still life and landscapes as our focus. $120M/$132NM per session Wed. Sept. 30 & Thurs. Oct. 1, 6-9pm

Taught by Rogers George. Ages 14 to Adult. One of the most powerful forces that holds a society together is the ability of its members to communicate clearly with one another. Communicating in writing has two virtues over speaking--writing lasts longer, and you can correct yourself before it’s too late! In this course you will learn five basic (and some advanced) techniques for writing well, how to eliminate mistakes in writing, the five secrets to writing good instructions, and tricks for improving your writing skills. Topics include “The basics of writing,” “How to write instructions,” “Technical writing” and “How to practice writing.” $32M/$35NM Oct. 6-27, 4 Tuesdays, 10am-12pm

Creepy Halloween Witches /112

Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages 14 to adult. Sick of all the cheesy witches you see in local stores? Start with your own hand cut, 3 foot wooden figure. We will then carefully and creatively sketch cool “witchy” figures, transfer to the cutout and paint with artistic flair-not the same old designs you see each year. We will attach hangers to the back and they will be ready for your wall or front door. $60members/$66non-members

Exploratory Art /115

Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages 14 to Adult. This class is for people who have a deep appreciation for art, but aren’t sure which artistic technique suits them best. Students will sketch still life, create colorful mixed media collage, explore chalk pastels and dabble with acrylic paints on canvas. If you would like explore different mediums to discover where your talents and interests lie, this is the class for you! $88M/$96NM per session.

October 12, Monday, 7-9pm

Digital Camera Boot Camp/BASIC/ 116

home or great gifts for family and friends. Give it a try-get messy, have fun! $60M/$66NM November 29, Sunday, 1-5pm

Taught by Dain Simons. Ages 14 & up. Limited to 6 students. You’ve got one of those clever digital cameras but do you really know how to use it? Camera manuals and live instruction are two different things. Learn the basics of the basic settings, taking a shot, saving files and transferring your images to CD’s or getting prints. This is a basic level class for those unfamiliar with their cameras. $30members/$33non-members. October 19, Monday, 7-9pm

Silk & Paper Marbling Holiday Workshop /140

Digital Camera Boot Camp/INTERMEDIATE /117
Taught by Dain Simons. Ages 14 & up. Limited to 6 students. This class if for those who’ve been using their digital cameras but may not know all the options. Let a pro show you how to navigate the controls and understand what your camera can really do to create great shots. Students should be familiar with the basic controls of their cameras and have taken pictures before taking this class. $30members/$33non-members. Oct. 22, 29 & Nov. 5, 3 Thursdays, 6:30-8pm

Taught by Richard Aldorasi. Ages 14 to Adult. Make marbled silk scarves and papers to give as gifts or keep for yourself! Marbling is the art of creating floating pitchers of color on top of a special water bath. After selecting from 22 colors, swirling patterns of color are created using special tools know as rakes and combs. On the surface of these intricate swirling patterns, we apply the elegant method of figuring; thus producing fascinating floral effects.The workshop fee entitles you to make (2) 15”x45” scarves and (2) 20” x 24” papers. Additional scarves and paper are available for purchase. $57M/$62M December 7, Monday, 6-9pm

Decoupage Keepsake Box /138

Bellydancing Workshop /118

Taught by Maya (Maria Gladstone and Ann Beemler) Taught by Ann Beemler and Maria Gladstone. Age 14 to Adult. Explore the exciting world of Middle Eastern dance in this basic introduction to the art. After warming up, students will learn basic belly dance moves, which will become a beautiful choreography. $36M/$39NM Oct. 30-Nov.20, 4 Fridays, 10am-12pm

Taught by Terry Foreman. Ages 14 to adult. Let’s transform an ordinary wooden box into a collaged and painted keepsake box to keep or give as a gift. Bring photos, paper scraps and any mementos you would like to incorporate into the design. We will have plenty of other materials on hand to inspire you. We also have a copier for enlarging or making multiple images. Your design may be nostalgic, funky or classical arty, you decide! $39M/$42NM

Our Teachers

Pastel Paintings /119

Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages 14 to Adult. Come use chalk pastels to create small and striking paintings on paper. We will produce studies from still life, photos, local landscape, or even explore figurative works. You choose the subject matter. Experiment with layering brilliant colors, learn smudging techniques, and try different paper surfaces for varying effects. $88M/$96NM November 8, Sunday, 1-5pm

Papermaking Workshop, Go Green Now! /139

Taught by Richard Aldorasi. Ages 14 to Adult. We’ll learn about the 2,000-year-old craft of papermaking while using recycled fibers for the “go green” approach. In this course, students form sheets of linen and cotton rag paper using authentic handmade laid wire moulds. They’ll achieve extraordinary effects with a wide range of natural materials, luster pigments and embossed designs using contemporary papermaking techniques. At the end of the workshop, students will have many sheets of paper to use for unlimited craft ideas. $42M/$46NM Nov. 24 & Dec.1, 2 Tuesdays, 6-9pm

Christmas Paper Mache /120

Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages 14 to Adult. We will start with a cone shaped base. Students will determine whether they want to create a charming angel or a stunning Christmas tree. We will carefully paper maché the first session. We will then paint, adorn and seal the second week. These will make fantastic decorations for your

Richard Aldorasi has been a working artist for 40 years in venues worldwide. He is currently a teaching artist with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Ann Beemler and Maria Gladstone have been teaching belly dancing at the NAA for several years and perform at local restaurants including Casablanca in Wilmington. Terry Foreman has a B.A. in Art and over 25 years experience teaching art as well as serving as the executive director for the Newark Arts Alliance. She has painted 3 Newark murals including the CSX bridge overpass. Jennifer Mrozek has taught art for the past ten years in Delaware and Boston. She has a B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing and Masters degree in Theology and the Arts. She also teaches at the CCArts and DCAD. Malissa Reese has been a local artist and educator for the past 15 years. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in elementary education. Her paintings, pastels and collages can be seen in regional shows and galleries. Dain Simons has a BFA in Photography from the University of Delaware. He exhibits his photographs throughout the region, teaches at several venues and is a photographic consultant for Cameras, Etc. in Newark. Nicole Thomas has taught with Newark Parks and Recreation and the NAA for several years. She loves giving children their first taste of art. Rogers George A former English teacher, Rogers George has been employed full time as a technical writer and writing mentor for about two decades. He has written for companies as large as IBM and MBNA, and as small as local restaurants. He maintains an active interest in both teaching and good communication.

CLASS ENROLLMENT FORM / Newark Arts Alliance Fall Classes, 2009
Student Name _______________________________________ Age______ (if under 18) Address __________________________________________ City ________________State _____ Zip ________________ E-mail _________________________________________________ Phone ____________________________ Parent’s Name __________________________________ (if student is under 18) __Member __ Non-Member __ Joining now ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS: ____ $20 Student ____ $30 Individual ____ $50 Family ____ $50-$99 Friend Class Title ______________________________________ Class # __________ Fee enclosed $ ______ Method of Payment: ____ Check ____ Mastercard ____ Visa ____ Discover ____ Cash Account Number __________________________ Signature _______________________________Exp. Date _________ CVV# ________ Name on card (please print) _______________________________________________
Please write separate checks for memberships and each class in case of cancellations. Checks are cashed only if the class runs. We ask permission to photograph you or your children as you participate in class, so that we may use the photos for grants, NAA newsletters and future class flyers. Please sign here to give permission ______________________________________ Date _________ Mail or drop off form with payment to: Newark Arts Alliance, 276 E. Main St., Suite 102, Newark, DE 19711 info: 302-266-7266 Hours: Tues.-Sun. 11-3pm, Thurs. until 7pm

Kids Classes
September 9-30, 4 Wednesdays, 4-6pm.

shoes and we will embellish them with beads, fabric, ribbon and paint. We can finish off the shoes with a protective coating to keep shoes beautiful. We’ll also take a break for a pizza dinner. $30M/$33NM (Includes food) October 17th, Saturday, 10am – 2 pm

Painting Without Brushes! /121

Taught by Jen Mrozek. Ages 7-9. This is such a crazy time of year - why not come and unwind with some crazy painting projects?! We will make paintings using toothbrushes, sponges, water guns, spray bottles, tape, ink droppers, marbles, and all sorts of other fun tools. We will also learn about some famous artists who liked to paint in creative ways. This class is for anyone who likes to get creative! $63 members/$69 non-members September 9-30, 4 Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm

Halloween Costume Workshop /132

The Art of Fashion for Teens /122

Taught by Jen Mrozek. Ages 7-14. In this workshop you’ll create very cool Halloween costumes. We will use altered clothing techniques to make openended costumes such as a rock star, a hippie, the corpse bride, fairies, animals, monsters, and more! No sewing required. Bring a basic clothing item to work on and we’ll take care of the rest (i.e. white dress for corpse bride, old pants/shirt for monster, etc.). Come be prepared to be creative! $47M/$51NM November 6, Friday, 6-8:30pm

Taught by Jen Mrozek. Ages 14-17. This class will look to fashion as a source of inspiration. Students will learn how to render a female form from different views, create a fashion design, make a mood board, work with fabrics, and even put on a fashion show! This class is a great introduction to fashion design, no sewing skills needed. Come join us for a fashionable and creative class! $63 members/$69 non-members.

Sweet Dreams Art Date Night /133

Taught by Nicole Thomas. Ages 8 and up. Make a date with art! Create your very own no sew fleece pillow, then design a unique night light. Come create soothing crafts for bedtime and stay for a pizza dinner. $30M/$33NM (Includes food) November 7, Saturday, 10am–3pm

Just Mom and Me

123: Session One: Sept. 30-Oct. 21, 4 Wednesdays 124: Session Two: Oct. 28-Nov. 18, 4 Wednesdays 125: Session Three: Nov. 25-Dec 16, 4 Wednesdays Time: 10am-11am Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages: Parent and children ages 3+4. Parent and preschooler will have a blast exploring a variety of art materials while honing fine motor skills. We will paint, cut, glue, hand mold, and more. Projects will include family portraits, puppets, collages, and 3D creations. Have all the fun and no need to scrape the paint off your kitchen walls! $72M/$79NM per session October 3 & 10, 2 Saturdays, 9am-12pm.

Recycled Arts Workshop for Teens /134

Taught by Jen Mrozek. Ages 14-17. This workshop will be a chance to really explore unusual materials. Students will be exposed to the work of outsider artists and contemporary folk art as a source of inspiration for their own project. Students will be encouraged to choose an important social issue and respond through their project. Create a meaningful work of art and let your voice be heard! $55M/$60NM. Bring a bag lunch. Nov. 14 & 21, Dec. 5 & 12, 4 Saturdays, 11am-12pm.

Girly Crafts /135

Fairy Arts Workshop /126

Taught by Jen Mrozek. Ages 6-9. Is your inner fairy bursting to express itself? Come create beautiful wings, headpieces, costumes, and fine art inspired by the beautiful enchanted worlds of fairies. We will conclude the class by doing a photo shoot that captures the beauty of your child. Parents will get a digital print to take home. $63M/$69NM

Taught by Nicole Thomas. Ages 8 and up . Back again with even more creative girly fun. This time we will make funky decoupage bracelets along with beautiful hand crafted journals. Other projects may include fancy decorations for a girly bedroom and one-of-a-kind hair barrettes.$42M/$46NM November 20, Friday, 6-8:30pm

Jazzy Jeans Art Date Night /136

After School Art Camp

127: Session One: Oct. 7-28, 4 Wednesdays 128: Session Two: Nov. 4-25, 4 Wednesdays 129: Session Three: Dec. 2-23, 4 Wednesdays Time: 4pm-6pm Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages 7-11. Produce quality art all year round! Studies show that creative children are successful children. There’s a different, innovative project each week. We’ll create acrylic paintings on canvas, clay sculpture, paper maché, watercolor, pastels, collages, work with wood, make jewelry and more. $88M/$96NM October 7-28, 4 Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30pm.

Taught by Nicole Thomas. Ages 8 and up. Make a date with art! Jazz up your old jeans with jewel patches and paint. Turn an ordinary pair of jeans into a work of art. Come spend the evening creating your own designer jeans and we’ll take a break and have pizza dinner too! $32M/$35NM (Includes food) Dec. 28-30. Mon.-Wed., 9am-12pm

Vacation Art Camp: “Life’s a Beach!” /137

Taught by Malissa Reese. Ages 7-11. Presents are all unwrapped and the kids are bored already? Come join us for this three-day camp with a tropical theme. It may be cold outside, but we’ll be warm inside wearing leis, listening to summertime tunes and creating 3-D seaside scenes, painting beach totes, and crafting a unique “fishy” sculpture. Aloha! $90M/$99NM

Painting in the Twilight Zone! /130

H ART TO GO sponsored by the Newark Arts Alliance

Taught by Jen Mrozek. Ages 12-15. Are you a fan of the Twilight books and movie? This class will create artwork inspired by books and films. We will paint beautiful landscapes inspired by the Seattle setting of Twilight, paint moonscapes and character portraits. Learn to paint with oil paints, charcoal, and India ink. This is a great class for anyone who loves the Twilight books and is inspired to create beautiful, dramatic works of art. $84M/$9NM October 16, Friday, 6-8:30pm

Join us for a fun art activity at the following Newark locations: • Sunday, Sept. 13, 10am-2pm at the Newark Co-op Farmer’s Market, Market East Plaza, 280 E. Main St. (next to the NAA) • Sun., Sept. 20, 10am-5pm, Newark Community Day, • Saturday, Sept. 26, 10am-1pm, George Wilson Center Fall Flea Market, 303 New London Rd.

H HARVEST ARTS FESTIVAL sponsored by the Newark Arts Alliance

Fancy Feet Art Date Night /131

Taught by Nicole Thomas. Ages 8 and up. Bring your own canvas or denim

Saturday, October 10th, 11am-4pm at the Academy Building Lawn, Main St. Newark. Join us for a fall celebration of the arts. 18 artisans booths, live music, kids art activities and the Sidewalk Chalk Festival. Activites range from $1-$8. Event is free. Raindate: 10/17

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