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					YMCA of Dane County Adult Flag Football Rules Adult Sports Philosophy
The YMCA Adult Sports Department was established to assist each participant develop to their highest potential. We are committed to providing quality programs that improve the mental physical and spiritual well being of each person.

There will be NO abusive language, swearing, fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind by the players, coaches or spectators. Anyone violating this rule will be asked to leave the field and play will be suspended until the violator has complied. For unsportsmanlike conduct, ONE (1) warning will be issued. If a second offense occurs the violator will be asked to leave the playing area, if the violator does not comply, the game will be a forfeit.

A Call in Question
It is the policy of this league that if there is a questionable call or a need for a rule clarification, it is the responsibility of the team manger only to approach the officials.

Playing Field
1. East YMCA field is 60 yards long and 40 yards wide. End Zones are an additional 10 yards. (30 yard line is Midfield) 2. Sun Prairie is a 100-yard regulation field.  Playoffs and Super bowl will be played out in Sun Prairie.

1. Adult teams consist of seven players at a time on the playing field. 2. A minimum of five players is required to start and continue a game.

3. Unlimited substitutions are allowed during a dead ball.

1. The YMCA will furnish game balls and flags. Bring your own equipment for warm ups. 2. Rubber soled athletic shoes must be worn by all participants. Rubber cleated shoes may be worn provided the cleats are short and molded into the shoe. ½ inch screw in rubber spikes will be acceptable. 3. Casual eye wear such as glasses or sunglasses are not permitted. If glasses are worn, they must be safety glasses with safety frames and must be worn with glass straps. 4. Watches, rings, necklaces, chains, earrings and other jewelry are prohibited. All items stated must be taken off before game time. NO EXEPITONS! HATS MAY BE WORN BUT NEED TO BE TURNED BACKWARDS!

Game Times
1. The clock will start at the scheduled game time. 2. In the event that a team is late, a five-minute grace period will be allowed before the game is declared a forfeit.

Playing periods and time outs
1. Each game consists of two 20-minute halves with a five-minute half time. The clock does not stop except for the last 2 minutes of each half, and injuries. A team is allowed 2 time-outs per game, which can be used at anytime during the game. Time-outs are 1 minute in length. 2. In case of a tie game at the end of the regulation time, each team will be given the ball with 4 downs form the 20-yard line to score. If the teams are still tied after equal possession a tie will be declared.  During playoffs the process will continue until one team wins.

Kick offs
1. The team winning the coin toss prior to the start of the game must choose to take first possession or defer to the second half. 2. There will be no actual kick-off; the team with first possession will start at their 10-yard line.

Punt/Free Kicks
1. Prior to fourth down, the kicking team must notify the referee if they are kicking or not. The defensive team must have at least four (4) players within one yard of the line of scrimmage. Rushing the kicker or raising the hands to block the kick is not allowed. 2. On all punts and free kicks the play is dead except for the punter and the receiver. Teams cannot run down field. 3. All caught balls by receiving team with a clear catch and possession will automatically be award a 5-yard advance to the maintained possession. All catches must be caught on the fly. 4. A muff ball will be placed where possession is gained. NO BATTING THE BALL FORWARD WILL BE ALLOWED.

1. Only one forward pass is allowed per down. Any passes that occur in a clear backwards lateral will not be considered a forward pass. Forward passes are only allowed behind the line of scrimmage. 2. All players are eligible to receive a pass. 3. A completed pass is constituted by ball control and ONE foot in bounds.

Down and Zones
1. A team will have four downs to advance to the next zone. Zones are 20 yards in length. Players not in the game will be asked to assist with working the chains.

Offensive and Defensive Sets
1. Defense can play with any set. 2. The offensive set must have at least 3 players on the line of scrimmage within 15 yards of the ball on either side of the ball. 3. The quarterback must be at least two (2) yards behind the center. The center can snap the ball either between his legs or directly from the side. 4. All offensive and defensive players must be in an upright stance, except the center on offense. All players cannot go below the knees in there stances. 5. Only one offensive player may be in motion (movement lateral to the line of scrimmage) before the snap. 6. A team has 25 seconds to put the ball in play. The referee will give a courtesy call to the offensive team to inform them when there is only 10 seconds left to get the ball in play.

1. All fumbled footballs are dead on contact with the ground. The team who had last possession will continue with control. Any ball fumbled forward will be place back to the point the fumbled occurred. The ball cannot be advanced on a fumble. 2. Muffed snap to the quarterback play will be dead and a loss of down. The ball will go back to the line of scrimmage.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Touchdown…………………………………………. Extra point (from the 2 yard line)…………………... Two point conversion (from the 10 yard line)……… Defenses returns interception on conversion……….. Safety……………………………………………….. 6 points 1 points 2 points 2 points 2 points

Flag Guarding
1. All players must wear a flag belt that is provided or approved by the YMCA. 2. If a belt or flag inadvertently falls off, one hand touch above the knee and below the shoulders is in effect. 3. Only players who have possession of the ball may be deflagged. If a person is deflafgged intentionally without the ball, a personal foul will be assessed. (10yard penalty). 4. If a flag is improperly secured by any means, or intentionally covered, an unsportsmanlike penalty will be assessed. (10 yard penalty) 5. Runners shall not flag guard by using their hands, arms or the ball to deny the opportunity for an opponent to pull or remove the flag belt. Flag guarding includes: A. Swinging the hand or arm over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from defalgging. B. Placing the ball in possession over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from deflagging. C. Lowering the shoulders in such a manner, which places the arm over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from deflagging. D. No flag tucking. (Inside shorts) E. All shirts need to be tucked in shorts or pants.

1. Offensive - Blocking is done above the waist and in front of the defensive player with your hands. A blocker may use his hands to break a fall or to retain his balance. A player must be on his feet before and after the block. A. Offensive players may not attempt to push, strike or intentionally nock over an opposing player.

B. If an opponent is on the ground you may not attempt to keep them on the ground by continually pushing that player into the ground. 2. Defensive – Players may use their hands to lead around a block but not to push, strike or intentionally nock over an opposing player.

Pass interference by the defense
1. The ball is marked off 10 yards from the pervious spot and the offense is awarded an automatic first down.

Pass interference by the offense
1. Loss of down and a 10-yard penalty form the previous spot.

Quick or inadvertent whistle
1. The ball is in player possession – the team in possession may elect to put the ball in play where declared dead or replay the down.

23-point mercy rule
1. Any team that is ahead by 23 or more points the clock will not stop in the last two minutes of regulation.

Penalties Loss of 5 yards
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Required equipment worn illegally Delay of game (Dead Ball) Unfair tactics Infraction of free kick formation (Dead Ball) Encroachment of free kick lines (Dead Ball) Free kick out – of – bounds Infraction of protected scrimmage kick formation – line players Infraction of protected scrimmage kick formation – kickers Invalid or illegal fair catch signal Encroachment (Dead Ball) False start (Dead Ball) Illegal snap (dead Ball) Offensive player not within 15 yards of the ball on either side of the ball (From the line of scrimmage offensive and defensive) 14. Infraction of scrimmage formation 15. Player out – or – bounds when ball is snapped 16. Offensive player illegally in motion. 17. Player receiving snap within 2 yards of scrimmage line 18. Illegal shift 19. Illegally handing ball forward (Loss of down is by team A) 20. Intentionally fumbling the ball out – of – bounds 21. Illegal forward pass (Loss of down if by team A) 22. Illegal forward pass – 2 consecutive male to male forward pass 23. Helping the runner

Loss of 10 yards
1. Delaying start of either half 2. Quick kick without clear notification to opponent and referee 3. Forward pass interference – offensive (Loss of down) 4. Forward pass interference – defensive (Automatic first down) 5. Illegally secured belt (Loss of down) 6. Spiking, kicking, throwing or not returning ball to official during dead ball 7. Steal, strike, or attempt to steal ball 8. Tripping an opponent 9. Contact with opponent on the ground 10. Unnecessary contact of any nature 11. Clipping 12. Tackle runner 13. Roughing the passer (Automatic first down) 14. Illegal offensive screen blocking

15. Guarding the flag belt (Point of infraction and loss of down) 16. Stiff arm 17. Obstruction of runner 18. Illegal use of the hands offensively and defensively 19. Illegal flag belt removal 20. Hurdling players – It is ok to avoid a player who has fallen down to be able to step over that player.

Loss of 20 yards
1. Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind a. Offense 20 yards and a loss of down b. Defensive 20 yards and a automatic first down for the offense

Extra Notes
Spinning – Shirts – Belts – is automatic dead ball on the spin. need to be tucked in at all times. need to be over the shirts.

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