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					Page: 1 Record: 438 Collection: ACCESS ACQUISITION DONOR DATE RECEIVED SIZE BULK DATES SCOPE NOTE Douglas Valentine Vietnam Collection Open for research Donation Douglas Valentine 08/01/2006 4 1971 Documents and handwritten interview notes collected by author Douglas Valentine for his book "The Phoenix Program." The Phoenix Program,created by the CIA in Saigon in 1967 aimed at neutralizing the civilian infrastructure that supported the Viet Cong insurgency in South Vietnam through assassination, kidnapping and systematic torture. Y 6849183 Vietnam National Liberation Front (South Vietnam) Psychological warfare Pacification programs Brickham, Nelson Phoenix Program Montagnards (Vietnamese people) United States. Military Assistance Command Vietnam BOX 1: Acampara, Julius Abrams, Eliot Adams, Sam Aderholt, Heine Aderholt Ex Report Agee, Phil Akins, Dick Alley, Claude Amos, Harry Antippas, Andrew Armitage, Richard Auirgan, Tony Bach Thuy, Paul Baillergein, Paul Baker, Joe Bane, Howard Burke, Steve Baver, Clyde Beamon, Mike Behler, Chaplin Berkeley, Randolph Bird, William Bishop, Jerry Bird, Willis Blackburn, Don Burdinkirdher, Don Bradley, Ed


Bradesh, Richard Page: 2

Brewer, Robert Brickham, docs - notes Brogdon, James Broohs, Wendell Brown, Robert Buckley, William Bull, Konloch Burmester, Walt Bush Connestraru, Umeent Carr, Steven Casey, Bill Cavanough, Steve Channel, Carol Channon, Bob Chilil, Herold Cheng, Henry Clay, Farah Cline, Ray Collins, Richard Corsun, William Caughlin, Paul Craig, Frank Cunningham, Jim Dammann, Tom Davis, George DeComp, John Dexter, George Dillard, Douglas (Claude Alley) Dudds, Bill (McKierneen) Dunnett, William Dorey, Dick Drakulich, Jim Drunning, Bruce Eatley, Chuck Enders, Rudy Escola, Al Farhham, David Flannery, Corbett French, George Frevnel, John Fulcher, Stern Fuller, Ben Gleason, Ted Gregg, Donald Grieves, William Hamell, Jack Hamilton, Seal Team 6 Harrison, Reed Haynes, Robert Heewy

Helms, Richard Herbert, Anthony Page: 3

Hoekseman, Renz Holbrooke, Richard Haussmann, Steve Hudman, George Huefner, Don (re Buckley) Hunt, B/O James Huss, Mark Inman, Robert Jacobs, Don Jacqueney Johnson notes from Pitehell Constance Pithell CIT Review Ralph Johnson Counter Coup Johnson, Colonel William Johnstone, Craig Jones, Col. Rob Kingston, Gen. Kizirian Kleinn, Gerard Kolon, Walter Lundreth, Rod Lamsdeile Lapham, Louis Lairie, William Lawrence Leafy, Daniel BOX 2: Lemoyne, Charles Lowman, Sheppard Luce, Donald (Hostages of War) Kuckett, David Lyons, Scotty Malry, Gen. Mandich, Ben Manzione, Elton Mason, John McCann, Michael McCarthy, Roger McCloskey McCoid McCollom, Doug McCoy, Tom McGehee, Ralph McGrevey, Tom McManey, Clayton McWade, Henry Meagher, Tim Milloeg, Warren

Millett, Lewis Mize, Ola Marrison, Jim Page: 4

Muldoon, John Patrick Murphy, Ed Newman, Col. James W. Novak, Frank Ogden, Keith Ogg, Paul O'Keefe, John Olson, Stormin' Norman Osborn O'Shea, Connie Oszczakiewcz, Walter Owen, Robert Owen, William Ownby, MG Robert Ralmer, Bruce Parker, Evan (Picard) Parker, Larry Patten, Tom Peartt, Robert Perry, Mark Petersen, Barry Phillips, D. Atlee Phillips, William Picard, Bernard Pike, Douglass Pires, Manuel Polock, Jan Polgar, Tom Prefontaine Press, Don Prim, Billy Proffitt, Nick Pyle, Robert Reelel, William Reitemeyer Rhecuilt, Robert Roberts, Shelly Rodriguez, Feliz Rosenblatt, Lionel Roson, WB Sarticeno, Joe Sauvageut, Jean A Schwarz, Robert Scoggens, Paul Scotton, Frank Shackley, Ted Sherwood, John Simons ??? Singland, John

Sizer, Smith, Shepp, Stein,

Henry "Big" Joe Frank Jeff Page: 5

Stockwell Stone, Howard Sullivan Taylor, William Thompson, Fanny Tillon, John Timmes, Charles Todd, G Towle, Sue Tracey, LTC Lawrence L. Trente, D Uhl, Michael Vann Wagner, Gunther Wagnet, Harry Walton, Frank Ward, Jim Waterman Westmoreland West, Dave Wall, Bob Whipple, Dave Wilbur, John Williams, Neil Wolf, Lou Wisner, Frank Yoh, Bernard Yothers, Charles Young, Stephen Big Mack Program and Special Collection and History of Estimating VCI Can Lao ARVN Corruption CIA 1963 CIA Weekly Report August 1964 Pacification CIA memos 9/19/64 re Buddhist/Catholic discord 1/10/65 re Thich Tri Quang and Can Lao Special NIE The Pacification Effort in Vietnam Combined Action Platoon Kit Carsons (ex-VC) Richard Kriegel Commie Offenders Corral and Combat Ops Center COSUN Green Book GUN (June 1965) Montbatten/PHX MACCORDS Montegnard RD Son Thon Cadre National Archives material on MACV

National National National NPDTSS National

Police Statute Police Graphs Betts/Bibliography Police Aiminal Information Service NPCIS and Identity Registration Program Page: 6

National Police IS Follow-up Subsystem NPIASS-I Neutralization Stats PAAS PAAS : PHX Scotton PAAS : NP PHMIS Resources Control PIC diagram and route of suspect Refugees Revolutionary Development report by USAID Rural Construction Cadre SACSA Screening Chart and CTSC BOX 3: Senate Hearings, 1973 Senate Hearings, 1970 Strategic Hamlets Technical Assistance in Vietnam Training of Phoenix People Organization of UCI PSDF Lesson Plan VCI Command and Control VCI Target Personality Target Form Vietnam Task Force Detailed Functions Ward Paper on Phoenix Pyle, Robert Dillard Paper on Phoenix Glass, Muru The Failure of Pacification From the Ashes Geyer: Killers Kolon Briefing Maclear CIA's Biggest Problem LAST Flight Master of Deceit Mysterious Project Newspapers articles on Phoenix, Ramparts 100 Year Flight Operation Ohio Prados Rogues Gallery, Drosnin Trail of Ashes, Calabro University on the Make The Phoenix Murders UC Memoir

Naval Imaging Command Analysis of Mosquito Operations in Korea Night Pacification Patrolling SE Asia, Rand OSS Phoenix Galula Page: 7

Evolution of American Military Intelligence Montagnards U.S. Foreign Relations ASIA, Rand Vietnam '72 Offensive, Ramparts Village of Ben Suc psywar First MI Battalion 149th and 135th MI Group 500th MI Group 519th MI Battalion 525 MI Group MAASTER MI Groups - General 716th MP Battalion Montegnards 101st Airborne 160th Task Force OPREA 1962-1973 Air missions over SE Asia SIAT CIA/assassinations debate, newspaper articles CIA lenhed terror incidents Tinh Sang Tonkin Gulf AID FOIA Requests FOIA Correspondence with State State Dept. FOIA correspondence ICEX Phoenix CIA ICEX FOIA CIA FOIA Op Phoenix PH Handbook, Inspection Guide CIA Public Affairs CIA FOIAs OPLAN 34-A SOG AISA Joint Table Nastys MACCORDS Phoenix FOIA Phung Hoang BOX 4: CIA Privacy Valentine v. CIA lawsuit Privacy Act Case correspondence

CIA Privacy Request Old Privacy Act Docs DOJ DEA FBI ONI Privacy Act Requests Cartoon Book MACV 1965 and 1967 SACSA ICEX Briefing NMCC ICEX Memo Page: 8

Mission Weekly Komer Report Reporting Format UCI Processing Evaluation 89 - Th.T/VP/M Prime Minister's Decree Geneva / Colly Statement MACV 381-46 Loc Directive MNCC Memo ICEX/SIDE PHX Year End Report MNCC Feb 1968 Phoemucum II Corps Col. Lacon RD Phung Hoang Decree MACV 384-41 NMCC Memo re Decree 280-A/TT/SL J2's replay to DePuy Parker on Phoenix Lemire Fact Sheet Kolon/ICEX CORDS PHX Evaluation Colby Background on Phoenix MOI #757 Information Notes on Pacification MOI 22122 Futterman memo on Detention: Phoenix Detention of Suspects under Phoenix, State memo 2122 Memorandum for Chairman of Joint Chiefs of State on Phoenix From Abrams to Wheeler Phung Hoang Phoenix Program Memo for the SecDef, Phung Hoang and PRU Programs 1970 Pacification and Development Plan Senate Hearings McManaway State Memo State Hearings Feb 1970 Phoenix Training LTC Storey Memos for SecDef from Stanley Resor re District Advisors Village Chief Decress MOI Circular on Pacification and Development Councils Prosecutors MACV on Phoenix Operations Bunker on Phoenix into Separate Bloc MACV Directive 525 National Security Law and Procedures Handbook Memo for Chairman JCOS re Phung Hoang/Phoenix request for FBI consent

From CINPAC to JCS re Phoenix Capture docs National Military Command Center to CINPAC (Contains PIOC job description) Memo for SecDef Subject Phoenix and PRU From JCS to CINCPAC re Phoenix Red Cross Prison Review - Berger SecDef to JCS 7 Nov 1970 Subject Phoenix LTC Hunt re Phung Hoang Advisor Training Page: 9

Training Phoenix Advisors Hunt documents Funkhouser memo PSYOPS Report Riddle Financial MACCORDS - Conditional Release Program National Police Inspection Activity National Police Re-deployment Prisons Con Son Battalions MACV re Ps Corrections and Detention 1971 Pacification and Development Plan Parole HES Aggregation Logic Hyde to Engel PH Stats Feb 1971 Internal Security (very detailed) Declassification of PH Statistics COMUSMACV 099211 Embassy to State on Phoenix High Value Rewards Directive 1223 Bunker on HVRP Colby Statement for Record Phoenix Organizational Charts Geneva and Phoenix The Geneva Convention and Phoenix Colby Phoenix Statement and Charts Berger on HVRP Times article on Stats Constant memo to Colby Red Cross into Prisons Stats - Aug 71 and memo re COMUSMAU Nutter memo to Morgan Phoenix Stats Aug 1971 Nutter letter to Gallagher re Geneva An Tri Provence Security Committee Stats and History 1971 An Tri Reform Geneva Statement for record MOI Circular 1042 Geneva and Phoenix, Farnham to Starr Sweet on McAfee and 1042 McAfee Report Reid Amendment Geneva to Bunker from Starr High Values Rewards State Telegram re: Kennedy criticism

HVRP Sept 71 High Value Rewards Bunker memo HVRP Bunker cancels it Bunker on 1042 SecState to Embassy re MSG MACV 129816 Stats Oct 71 Bunker re PHREX Phoenix Phase out recommendations Joint CIA/MACV on PHREX Phoenix Stats 18 November 1971 Page: 10

Phoenix Stats 17 December 1971 Phoenix to Special Branch memo An Tri Power of PSC reduced An Tri Reform State Telegram Starr to Sullivan on An Tri Reforms PHREX December 1971 Hydle on Carver memo Phung Hoang to Special Branch State Summary Jan '72 Nguyen Troung Con case An Tri reforms Phoenix Reorganization An Tri - Bunker March '72 Geneva and An Tri An Tri March 71 SecState Rogers Con Sun March 72 Tilton on An Tri An Tri Winship An Tri John Craig Green Legal Officer An Tri Sizer draft An Tri 10 Aug 72 Summary F6 April 72 Decree Law 020 F6 Jan 73 Bunker Decree Law 020 Bunker comments End of F6 and Decree 020 Chaton 020 An Tri Winship to Sievert Jan 73 #85 on An Tri Political warfare Committes Quinn/Lowman memo Nguyen Van Nghien Phu Bun P. Chief Decree Law 090 Phoenix Goes Underground Decree Law 093 19 May 73 Phoenix in Danang goes underground Lehman on Chieu Hoi Kissinger to Hague re F6 and Tiger Cages Phoenix Feb 1974 Martin on article End of report

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