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for COST Action P8 meeting “Materials and Systems for Optical Data Storage and Processing”, carried out as a parallel event to the International Conference on Holography, Optical Recording and Processing of Information Holography‟05, Varna, Bulgaria, 21-25 May 2005

On the basis of the MC decision, taken on the COST Action P8 MC meeting in Paris (17/09/2004), WG1, WG2 and MC meetings were organized and held as a parallel events to the International Conference on Holography, Optical Recording and Processing of Information Holography’05, in Varna, Bulgaria, from 21-th till 25-th of May 2005. The programme of Holography’05, presented as an Annex I to the report, includes six topics, as follows:

A) Materials for holographic and optical data storage B) Digital holography and 3D display C) Systems for optical storage and processing of information D) Holographic and speckle interferometry E) Application of holographic and optical coherence methods

Sessions A) and C) coincide completely with WG1 and WG2 scientific programs respectively, and include all reports of COST participants, as indicated below. The total number of invited, oral and poster presentations on the Conference were 130; their distribution within the sessions A-E is given in Table 1. The total number of Holography’05 participants was 154 from 30 countries from Europe, Asia and America, the distribution of participants from different countries is presented by the histogram.

The total number of COST participants, including invited speakers, is 44. Unfortunately, due to the transportation problems, the registered participants from Spain (Prof. R. Alcala, F. Martinez and Carlos Sánchez Somolinos) were not able to come.


Table 1 SESSIONS Invited Lectures Oral Presentations Poster Presentations Total


6 6 4 3 5 7 31

8 9 7 2 4 7 37

27 6 12 6 4 7 62

41 21 23 11 13 21 130


PARTICIPANTS: 154 GENDER Female: 32 Male: 122 Acc. persons: 13 (11 +2)









The total number of presentations within the sessions A) (WG1) and C) (WG2) including presentations of non COST countries is 52, as follows: A) Materials for holographic and optical data storage COST P8, WG1 – 22 May, Hall A Invited Lectures – 2 Oral Presentations – 8 Poster Presentations – 18 C) Systems for optical storage and processing of information COST P8, WG2 – 23 May, Hall A Invited Lectures – 4 Oral Presentations – 10 Poster Presentations – 10 In addition to the poster presentations, a special session for oral presentations of young scientists was organized on the last day (25-th May) of the Conference. All eight reports are connected with the topics of sessions A) and C), four of them presented by the young COST P8 participants from Belgium (2), Bulgaria and Italy.
TOTAL PRESENTATIONS: 52 + 8 reports of young scientists.

During the conference, MC meeting of the Action P8 was organized. The agenda of the MC meeting, hold on 23-th of May, is given below: Welcome and report of the chairman Prof. H. Eichler Report of scientific officer Dr. P. Swiatek Report of meeting organizer Prof. V. Sainov Report from WG1 – Prof. J.-M. Nunzi and Prof. F. Simoni Report from WG2 – Prof. E. Lorincz and Prof. G. Pauliat Short term scientific missions RTN proposal: Prof. V. Toal Date and venue of next meeting in Greece 2005 Meeting in 2006 Miscellaneous 3

The International Conference Holography’05 could be estimated as successful scientific event and as a forum for reporting and discussing the trends and new achievements in developing of light sensitive materials for permanent and dynamic optical recording as well for practical applications of new optical and digital information technologies for creation of systems and devices of new generation. The goals of MC decision to incorporate WG1 and WG2 meetings in the frame of Holography’05 program have been achieved. One of the most essential results is the meeting of three generations of holographers and successful presentations of young scientists. The accepted reports will be published in Proceedings of SPIE. Some remarks of participants, concerning the Conference, are given as an Annex II.

Signatures: Prof. V. Sainov, Charman of Organizing Commitee of Holography’05 and member of MC of COST Action P8 June 11, 2005 Sofia Assoc. Prof. E. Stoykova Scientific Secretary of Holography’05


Annex I

International Conference on Holography, Optical Recording and Processing of Information

Holography 2005
21 – 25 May 2005 Varna, Bulgaria

20th May FRIDAY Arrival of participants 1700-2100 Registration 21st May SATURDAY 830-1000 Hall A: Chair: Registration Opening ceremony Prof. V. Sainov

1000-1030 Welcome to the participants: Prof. V. Sainov, Org. Com. Chair, CLOSPI-BAS, Bulgaria Prof. Y. Denisyuk, International Program Committee Chair, Ioffe Physico- Technical Institute, Russia Prof. N. Sabotinov Vice-president of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 1030-1100 Coffee break Hall A: Chair: Novel developments in holography Prof. A. Michaelian

1100-1140 Dynamic holograms Y. Denisyuk, D. Stasellko


1140-1220 Explosion with a slow burning fuse: the origins of holography in Ann Arbor, Michigan S. Johnston 1220-1400 Lunch Hall A: Chair: Novel developments in holography Prof. P. Boone

1400-1440 Observation of femtosecond light pulse propagating in space and time T.Kubota, A. Komatsu, M. Yamagiwa, and Y. Awatsuji 1440-1520 Coherence Holography: Holographic Imaging with Coherence Function M. Takeda 1520-1600 Coffee break Hall A: Chair: Materials for holographic and optical data storage Prof. Y. Renotte

1600-1640 Photochromic Liquid-Crystalline Polymers for Optical Data Recording and Storage V. Shibaev 1640-1720 Photochromatic Systems for Holographic Data Storage R. Lessard, C. Lafond, O. Pouraghajani, A. Tork, M. Bolte 1720-1800 Interactivity Holography/Photochemistry: how the combined understand and optimize the holographic recording M. Bolte, R. Lessard, Y. Israeli and A. Rivaton 1800-1900 Registration of COST participants 1900-1910 Opening of exhibition V. Monovski, DEMAX 1910 2000 Exhibition Welcome party approach helps


22d May SUNDAY Hall A: Materials for holographic and optical data storage (COST Action P8, WG1) Prof. V. Toal Multistate polarization addressing using incoherent light in an azopolymer film S. A. Kandjani, R. Barille, S. Dabos-Seignon, J.-M. Nunzi, E. Ortyl and S. Kucharski Optically inscribed surface relief gratings on azobenzene polymer films P. Rochon Hall B: Digital holography and 3D display Prof. L. Onural Optical Transforms in Digital Holography L. Yaroslavsky

Chair: 900-940

Chair: 900-940



Computer acquisition of 3D images utilizing dynamic speckles A. Kamshilin

1020 - 1050 Coffee break 1050-1110 Replay at optical commu-nications 1050-1130 wavelengths of holographic gratings recorded in the visible V. Toal, M. Whelan, A. Volcan, S. Martin Two way diffusion model for the recording mechanism in a self developing dry acrylamide photopolymer S. Martin, I. Naydenova, V. Toal, R. Jallapuram, R. Howard Holographic recording in nanoparticle-doped photopolymer I. Naydenova, H. Sherif, S.Mintova, S. Martin, V. Toal Diffraction and Holography from a Signal Processing Perspective L. Onural and H. Ozaktas


1130 - 1150

1130-1150 Capture, Encryption, Compression, and Display of Digital Holograms of 3D Objects U. Gopinathan, D. Monaghan, A. Shortt, T. Naughton, J. Sheridan, B. Javidi



Examination of the temporal and kinetic effects in acrylamide based photopo-lymer using the nonlocal polymer driven diffusion model (NPDD) J. Kelly, J. Sheridan, M. Gleeson, S. Gallego, F. O‟Neill, C. Neipp Pulsed light induced holographic gratings in a liquid-crystalline azopolymethacrylate F. Rodrígue, C. Sánchez, B. Villacampa, R. Alcalá, R. Cases, P. Forcèn, L. Oriol

1150-1210 Efficient Numerical Algorithms for the Special Affine Fourier Transform B. M. Hennelly, D. Monaghan, J. Sheridan


1210-1230 Shot noise perturbations in digital holographic microscopy phase images F. Charrière, E. Cuche and C. Depeursinge

1230 - 1400 Lunch Hall A: Materials for holographic & optical data storage (COST Action P8, WG1) Prof. F. Simoni Doped Bi12TiO20 and Bi4 Ge3O12 photorefractive cryst als for holographic applications K. Hsu, V. Marinova, H. Lin Hall B: Digital holography and 3D display Prof. J. Watson

Chair: 1400-1420


1400-1440 Volume holographic recording of narrow-band information Prof. J. Shamir

1420-1440 Enhanced photorefractive properties of Te-doped Sn2P2S6 T. Bach, M. Jazbinsek, G. Montemezzani, P. Günter, A. Grabar, I. Stoika, Yu. Vysochanskii 1440-1500 Direct microscopic observation of hologram build-up in photorefractive crystals I. Bányász, G. Mandula

1440-1500 High resolution coherent optical reconstruction of digital holograms and their applications G.Wernicke, S. Krüger, A. Langner, H. Gruber A. Hermerschmidt 1500-1520 Spectral Selectivity Investigation of Volume Holograms by Means of Laser Radiation O. Andreeva, L. Kaporskiy, A. Kushnarenko, A. Paramonov


1500-1520 Interband Photorefraction in Pure and Mg-doped Near-Stoichio metric LiTaO3 F. Juvalta, Ph. Dittrich, G. Montemezzani, M. Jazbinsek, P.Günter, S. Takekawa, K. Kitamura 1520-1600 Coffee break Hall A: Systems for optical storage and processing of information (COST Action P8, WG2) Prof. G. Pauliat Injection-Moldable Thermoplastic Media for High-Capacity Holographic Storage B. Lawrence, X. Shi, E.Boden, C. Erben, K. Longley, M Dubois, M. Nielsen Applications of dynamic volume holography in data storage and motion detection C. Denz, G. Berger, W. Horn, V.Krishnamachari, O. Grothe, H. Deitmar Improved readout procedures for bitoriented holographic memories G. Maire, G. Pauliat, G. Roosen Hall B: Digital holography and 3D display

Chair: 1600-1640

Chair: Prof. J. Watson 1600-1640 Applications, Challenges, and Approaches for Electronic, Digital Holography Dr. J. Trolinger, V. Markov, A.Khizhnyak 1640-1720 Interpolation and resampling in image processing and holography A. Gotchev



1720-1740 The Reconstruction of Digital Holograms on a Computa-tional Grid J. J. Nebrensky and P. R. Hobson 1740-1800 Computer Generated Holograms for Real- time Creating Prof. M. L. Hsieh 1800-1820 A Novel Photo- Acoustic System for Tomographic Imaging of Dental Pulp Tissue K. Najarian, R. Splinter


Quantifying Superresolution in Phase Space B. Hennelly, D. Kelly, J. Sheridan High-Numerical Aperture Holographic Data Storage F. Crompvoets, F.Schuurmans, M. Balistreri, T. Tukker, G. „t Hooft, S. Stallinga


1830-2030 Poster session A, C 2030 Cocktail – COST meeting


23d May MONDAY Hall A: Systems for optical storage and processing of information (COST Action P8, WG2) Prof. E. Lorincz Near-field optical data storage using highly efficient C-shaped nano apertures L. Hesselink Hall B: Application of holographic and optical coherence methods

Chair: 900-940

Chair: 900-940

Prof. Ch. Stojanoff Remarkable laser beams formed with computer-generated optical elements: properties and applications V. Soifer, V. Kotlyar, S. Khonina, R. Skidanov Color holography: its history, state-of-the art and future H. Bjelkhagen


Evanescent- wave Holography S. Sainov


1020-1050 Coffee break Hall A: Systems for optical storage and processing of information (COST Action P8, WG2) Prof. E. Lorincz Organic materials for UV holographic and digital storage P. Ramanujam, R. Berg Hall B: Novel developments and applications of holographic and optical coherence methods Prof. S. Sainov

Chair: 1050-1130

Chair: 1050-1110



Recent development in microholographic data storage Ch. Mueller, E. Dietz, S. Frohmann, J. Gortner, R. Henze, S. Orlic


Producing method and optoelectronic system for reading of the coded hidden images from security hologram D. Lushnikov, V. Bobrinev, S. Odinokov, A. Pavlov, A. Nikolaev Polarization Gratings in Sol-Gel Thin Films Investigated through the Moving Grating Technique R. Raschellа, I.-G. Marino, D. Bersani, P. Lottici



Generation of Surface Relief Hologram and Nano Structure on Azobenzene Polymer Films and its Numerical Analysis by Moving Particle Method T. Yatagai, D. Barada, M. Itoh, K.Harada


Formation of Polarization Dynamic Holograms in Saturable Absorbers and Frequency Conversion of Coherent Image O. Ormachea, A. Tolstik, O. Romanov, J. L. A. Diego, D. P. Cubian, F. F. Velez A previsualization program for pictorial holography K. Bazargan


Bidirectional Beam Propagation Method for Modeling Optical Storage Systems R. Petruskevicius Dynamic memory material requirements for fast optical array processors Sz. Tokes, L. Orzo




.Nonlinear Holographic Record of Diffraction Structures at Twowave Mixing on High-order Spatial Harmonics in Photopolymer Materials E.Dovolnov,


Read-only holographic versatile disc system using laser diode H. Horimai, X. Tan 1300 - 1430 Lunch

Hall C:

Materials and systems for holographic and optical data storage Prof. H.Eichler

Hall B:

Application of holographic and optical coherence methods



Prof. H. Bjelkhagen

1430-1630 MC meeting of COST Action P8 Welcome and report of the chairman Prof. H. Eichler Report of scientific officer Dr. P. Swiatek Report of meeting organizer Prof. V. Sainov Report from WG1 – Prof. J.-M. Nunzi and Prof. F. Simoni Report from WG2 –

1430-1510 The effects of the film manufacturing techniques, of the exposure procedures and of the development and post-treatment thermo-chemical processes on the holographic properties of HOEs in DCG Ch. Stojanoff 1510-1550 The 3D road map: the history of three-dimensional imaging and the development of Holography M.Richardson


Prof. E. Lorincz and Prof. G. Pauliat Short term scientific missions RTN proposal: Prof. V. Toal Date and venue of next meeting in Greece 2005 Meeting in 2006 Miscellaneous

1550-1610 Digital Holographic Microscopy, a new imaging technology applied to nanotechnology and life sciences C. Depeursinge, F. Charrière, A. Marian, T. Colomb, F. Montfort, J. Kühn, N. Aspert, M.Botkine, F. Marquet, S. Bourquin, E. Cuche, Y.Emery, P. Marquet, and P. Magistrett Polarization digital holographic microscope: a single acquisition for a complete determination of polarization state T. Colomb, E. Cuche, C. Depeursinge


1630-1700 Coffee break 1700-1930 Poster session B, D, E, F 2000 Reception


24th May TUESDAY

Hall A: Chair:

Holographic and speckle interferometry Prof. K. Hsu

930-950 National Holiday 24 th of May – Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment, Culture and Slavic Literacy 950-1030 Underwater holography – J. Watson 1030-1110 Self-organizing laser cavities with photorefractive crystals Prof. G. Pauliat, N. Dubreuil, G. Roosen 1110-1140 Coffee break 1140-1220 Speckle interferometry: refining the methods for taming disorder P. Jacquot 1220-1240 Comparison of three electronic speckle pattern shearing photopolymer holographic optical elements E. Mihaylova, I. Naydenova, S. Martin, V. Toal interferometers using

1240 - 1300 Non-Destructive Evaluation of Materials by Holographic Interferometry Techniques in Complex Media Kh. Habib 1300-1400 Lunch 1400 Excursion

25th May WEDNESDAY Hall A: Chair: 900-940 940-1020 1020-1050 Application of holographic and optical coherent methods Prof. M. Takeda Holographic model of the brain neural memory A. Mikaelian Building of 3D Scenes from Sequences of 2D Images P. Cristea Coffee break

1050-1110 Holographic portraiture of people, leaves and visions in Flanders P. Boone 1110-1130 Results from bilateral collaboration BAS- FWO in the field of holographic interferometry V. Sainov 13

1130-1150 Holographic Investigations of the Dynamics of Current Sheet Plasma in 3D Magnetic Fields with X-lines G.Ostrovskaya, А.Frank, S.Bogdanov, G.Dreiden, V.Markov 1150-1210 Multiple Object Recognition by Digital Holography with a Diode Y. Ishii and T. Takahashi 1210-1230 Real-Time Hologram Generation P. Mash, T. Wilkinson 1230-1400 Lunch Hall A: Chair: Oral presentations of young scientists Assoc. Prof. E. Stoykova Wavelength-Tuned Laser

1400-1500 Oral presentations of young scientists 1500-1530 Coffee break 1530-1630 Oral presentations of young scientists Hall A: Chair: Closing session Prof. P. Atanassov

1630-1700 Closing ceremony Prof. P. Atanassov, Chair of SPIE Bulgaria Chapter


Annex II
“Dear Prof. Sainov, As I mentioned in my email of a few weeks ago, I will not be at Varna. I am now out of the hospital, although I am not yet able to travel. I regret not being able to go to Varna, but I hope that your symposium is going well. Give my regards to my colleagues who are perhaps wondering why I am not in Varna. Yours truly.” Emmett Leith Michigan University, USA “Thank you very much again for your kind invitation to Holo05 and for taking care of me in Varna and Sofia. I spent very pleasant and valuable days in Bulgaria. I would like to thank the organizing committee for wonderful arrangement of the conference. You reported the number of the participant and the country at the conference. Would you please send these data to me.” Prof. Toshihiro Kubota Department of Electronics and Information Science, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan “I would like to say thank you for the warm hospitality that I have received during my visit in Sofia. Congratulations for the big success for the Holography'05. It is the most rewarding conference that I have ever attended.” Prof. K. Hsu Chiao Tung University,Taiwan “We had an excellent and very useful meeting in all aspects. The HOLOGRAPHY 2005 conference was a great success under your leadership.” Prof. Levent Onural, Bilkent University, Turkey “It is a pleasant duty to thank you and your crew for the way you were looking for us, before, during and after the congress, it was really fantastic.” Prof. P. Boone, University of Gent, Belgium “It was very exciting week in Burgaria. Thank you very much for your kindness. I could never forget the Conference and Burgarian friends I met there.” Prof. Toyohiko Yatagai, Institute of Applied Physics, University of Tsukuba, Japan “First of all, I want to thank you and your commitee for the very efficient organisation of the meeting in Varna. I had a very pleasant and interesting stay there. It gave me the opportunity to discuss with colleagues fruitfully.” Prof. Michele Bolte, Universite Blaise Pascal, France “I have come back to Tokyo safely with a lot of pleasant memory of the conference. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your very successful conference. Indeed, it was extremely well organized, and we all enjoyed the scientific discussions and the wonderful nature and surroundings in the conference venue.” Prof. Mitsuo Takeda 15

The Univ. of Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering, Japan


“You did a fantastic job with the conference. I met and had discussions with many good scientists and came away with new ideas and enthusiasm.... Prof. Denisyuk, who was the inventor of this type of holography, stated that the holograms in this room were the best in the world “. James D. Trolinger, Ph.D. Vice President and Director of Research MetroLaser Incorporated, USA “The Holography 05 conference was a significant and memorable event, rewarding both by the high level scientific level of the work presented in its framework, and by its warmth and freshness of human and social contacts.” Prof. Paul Cristea, University “Politechnica” of Bucharest, Romania "Holography 2005 was a great success. There was a diverse range of quality speakers which made the conference not only relevant to a large audience, but also extremely profitable for everyone who attended. Many people after the conference agreed that this was indeed one of the best organised and planned conferences there had been for a long time. We eagerly look forward to the next Holography Conference in Bulgaria." Peter Mash, Cambridge, UK “About Holography 05: I am very glad to say to you that your efforts on organizing Holography 05 resulted in the first class International Conference that demonstrated the most modern achievements of many countries in the important fields of this science. There is no doubt that Holography 05 is a great event that will stimulate many other new conferences on this problem.” Prof. Y. Denisyuk, International Program Committee Chair, Ioffe Physico- Technical Institute, Russia