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               Auto Insurance - Buying
Collision, liability, comprehensive… what does it mean?

                                                                            Medical payments

          ost people know
          some-thing about                                                      insurance…
          automobile insur-
                                          It is important to                Provided through auto in-
ance, but many don’t under-              understand your               surance companies pays for
stand all parts of an automo-           policy… Here are               medical expenses resulting
bile insurance policy. Here               some ideas you               from accidental injuries. Medi-
are some things you may need           need to know about              cal payments cover you, mem-
to know.                                 automobile insur-             bers of your family and guests
   Bodily injury liability              ance policies and              in your car. Medical payments
         coverage…                       the coverage of-              also would be made if you
                                                 fered.                were walking or riding a bi-
     Designed to provide
                                                                       cycle and were hit by a car.
money to pay claims against
you and for the cost of your                                              Collision insurance…
legal defense if your car in-                                               Pays for damage to your
jures or kills another person.                                         car resulting from a collision or
     Property damage                                                   from a car overturning. You
          liability…                                                   can collect regardless of who
                                                                       was at fault in the accident. If
     Provides money to pay
                                                      the other driver appears at fault, however, your
claims for damage by your car to various
                                                      insurance company may collect from the other
types of property. This will also provide money
                                                      insurance company.
for your legal fees if you are involved in a law-
suit as a result of a liability insurance claim.                Comprehensive physical
                                                                   damage insurance…
     Both types of liability protection provide
coverage for you (and your car) as long as                 This pays for damage when your car is
you drive your car or your car is driven by mem-      stolen or damaged by fire, flood, hail or other
bers of your family or others who drive with          perils such as a rock breaking a windshield. It
your permission. This coverage also applies           doesn’t pay for damage done when you are
to you and your immediate family when driv-           in a collision.
ing another person’s car with permission.                For more information on buying auto insurance,
                                                         contact your local county Extension office.

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