Wellness by lonyoo


									Wellness Pool toys Pool noodles First Aid supplies Administration Computers – Pentium 4 or higher USB memory keys Aluminum extension ladder Heavy Duty Shredder Vacuum Cleaner Floor Sander Resident Housing Dorm sized refrigerators Matching towel sets in pastel colors Bed-in-a Bag Sets (twin size) Fans – Oscillating floor fans on pedestals / Oscillating desk fans Upright vacuum cleaner- bagless Cleaning Supplies (brooms, dust pans, mops, cleansers, pine-sol, scrub brushes, spray bottles, sponges, etc.
Child Care Baby Wipes Wii Game System Four-Slice Toaster Waffle Maker Spoons and Forks Digital cameras (for children to use) Mini DVD video camera with a set of mini DVDs Two-way radios / walkie-talkies (2 pairs) for teachers to use when taking children for walks around town Rechargeable batteries: AA and AAA sizes Plastic storage baskets / containers of varying sizes Umbrellas A 27” or larger TV set for the school age classroom Little Tikes Home Improvements 2 sided workshop Clear plastic sweater and shoe bins with lids (50) Toys, books from other countries Bean bags; soft, squishy balls Nerf toys (balls of all shapes and sizes) Koosh balls (of all shapes and sizes) Tape recorders (3)/ blank cassette tapes Puppets (for under age 2 without button or removable eyes) Fisher Price farm house

Multicultural dress up clothes Preschool Puzzles Magnetix CD player Tent for kids ABC stamp set Quiet Time Music CDs Kids Songs Music CDs Educational software for ages 6 to 12 (Windows XP) Set of plastic storage containers (Tupperware & stronger) 3-D puzzles Wipe off boards (white) all sizes Dry erase markers Nok hokey table

Adult Care DVD or VHS movies from the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, and musicals. Karaoke CD’s Stereo with CD player VHS/DVD player (simple model) 48” television (HD) Chair exercise tapes (VHS) Bread Machine 4-slot toaster Universal remote control Plastic forks, spoons Small paper plates Paper napkins Paper towels Clorox wipes Baby wipes Portable propane grill Ice cream maker Wood craft projects Craft paints Paint brushes Craft kits/items

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