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									The Azzurri Journal
Oct.ober—January 2002/03

Bitter Sweet Bronze Medal for Under 18 at National Championships
For most teams it would be a great accomplishment to bring home a bronze medal from a National Championship. However, for this group, hungry to avenge their U 15 Bronze medal, it was a disappointment. This Azzurri U-18 team is probably the most decorated team in Ontario Soccer history and have accomplished more than enough to be extremely proud. Yet, the journey seems incomplete without that illustrious gold medal. Considering all the political red tape and obstacles that this group had to overcome it is amazing that they did as well as they did. The preparation process was interrupted with court cases and protests, and certainly hindered the process of having the best Azzurri ‗84 team they could have. The tournament was delayed a day when the athletes were greeted with the unpredictable Alberta weather. The second day, playing on a field covered in snow and ice the boys dominated the Alberta representative, however, finished in a 1-1 tie. In the second match the Ontario team survived a resilient effort from P.E.I. And won 2-0. This set the stage for B.C., who had qualified, even though dropping its first game to Nova Scotia. The semi-final, was a physical battle with each team finding solutions to every attack, until, deservingly the B.C. team scored in the 75th minute. Azzurri battled to provide many unfinished attacks but did not leave the field with their heads down. ― I‘ m not embarrassed losing to a team as prepared as B.C. was, they were at their best we weren‘t.‖ (Carmine Isacco) One can make many excuses to ‗why‘, ‗how‘ and ‗because‘, but ultimately they didn‘t get it done. The Azzurri club is extremely proud of our under 18 unit and hope that they will take with them great memories and life lessons from their years as developing youth with C.S. Azzurri. We look forward to watching these exceptional studentathletes as collegiate and professional players. Thanks & Good Luck!!!!!!!

Letting Go of the Azzurri
Mr. Alberto Di Giovanni spoke briefly but deeply about letting go of the Azzurri at the awards banquet. He spoke about raising a baby then letting him go to a brighter and better challenge. Since 1983 Mr.Di Giovanni and his band of brothers fought diligently to keep Italy‘s game strong in the hearts of our community. Over the years of passion and sacrifice Mr. Di Giovanni, Mr. Feritto, Mr. Romano, and Mr. Fanuzzi, have had many successes, failures but most importantly stories that will be shared for generations to come—’AZZURRI—AZZURRI-AZZURRI –AZZURRI will live in their minds and hearts forever, and their legacy will shine through the thousands of youth they have helped developed throughout the 20 years of diligent work.

High Performance Toronto C.S. Academy (16—19 age groups)
The Toronto C.S. Azzurri boasts probably the 100 best athletes at the Under 16—Under 19 age levels in Ontario. The High Performance Centre‘s main objective is to provide these exceptional athletes arenas to become stronger and more prepared for the next level, professional or collegiate. The Toronto C.S. Azzurri High Performance yearly plans concentrate on providing our student-athletes with a) b) Full comprehension of the diverse dynamics of tactical play; including, systems of play, patterns of play and within these, offensive and defensive objectives. A level of physical and mental fitness that will allow our athletes to excel as individuals and a team in the most highly competitive circumstances.


An opportunity to grow not only as a student-athlete, but as a total person on and off the field, ultimately understanding that the challenges on the field become a microcosm of real life.

The Toronto Azzurri vision is to develop this group of student-athletes and prepare them for the future.

Should we sacrifice Development for Results? A word from the Technical Director
Inherent in every human being is the desire to win. Yet, more often then not, the proper process to compete and win gets neglected. So the question here is not about the ’want’ to win but the process or preparation that we offer our youth to have the opportunity to compete that may lead to winning. Before I start my analysis, I must make it clear that we as coaches must be committed to ‘teaching’. As teachers we must be prepared to give direction in all facets of the game; technical, tactical, physical, and psychological. Assuming we have the ability to do so we must take this to the next level and provide the proper guidance to make our athletes better prepared for future endeavours as ‘soccer players’ and ‘people’. Ultimately my argument stems from not claiming that development should be preferred over results, but we need to give a higher priority to the proper results. Rather than concentrating on the score, we should concentrate on making better technical athletes and organized teams, and give our individuals and teams better opportunities to develop as professional or collegiate athletes. Proper development and proper individual and team planning may be different for every club. However, I will concentrate on the Toronto C.S. Azzurri plan. The Toronto C.S. Azzurri plan concentrates on a ‗total game’ possession oriented style of play, in which the player is challenged to find solutions, not by direct long opportunistic safe play but via patterns and options that are developed through understanding the teams tactical system. Thus, every movement of the ball and player has an offensive or defensive objective, not dictated by chance or individual skill alone. In implementing a more organized possession game the players become more comfortable with finding solutions and in turn more adept with the way the game is being played at higher levels. In implementing the possession oriented system, mistakes will be made, and at the same time, learning inevitable. The defensive transition moves away from a man marking system, and implements a zonal system. Again, the zonal teaching will better prepare the athlete for the game at higher levels. Understanding the zonal system, for a youth may take them away from the familiar man to man ideas of tight marking. Zones concentrate on team defense where by the player must first consider where the ball is secondly where his teammate is positioned then lastly where the opponent is. Defensive systems depend on a team‘s cohesion. Offensively the game implements schemes and patterns that develop methods in attacking. Finally the team and individual must understand transition both from offense to defense and vice-versa. The game is more complex and detailed, and more care should be given to teaching and competing rather than winning.

Baby Azzurri “Patience is a Virtue”
The Toronto C.S. Azzurri S.C. has implemented a Developmental plan that, especially at the younger ages, puts winning a far second to technical and skill development. The vision for our 4-9 year olds is based on a school of soccer where the youngest take with them a great enjoyment of the game and a developing understanding of their motor skills and ball skills. The implementing of this program will focus on proper coaching, There are few coaching programs that concentrate on the little things of running, jumping, and body awareness, but the Azzurri program is going to implement developing athletes in a soccer atmosphere. Technical development will concentrate on the understanding of the ball at their feet, concentrating on suppleness, ball familiarity, dribbling and getting as many creative touches and movements as possible. Games will all be concentrated to small groups, encouraging taking players on and a flair that will add to the total enjoyment of the game. The Baby Azzurri learn to love the ball and enjoy the techniques while becoming better athletes.

Toronto C.S. Azzurri Soccer Academy The Dream of a Soccer Festival
The Baby Azzurri will then graduate to the Academy, where by the individual attributes gained will be harnessed to develop within the team concept of play. Thus, the Azzurri will implement the teachnig of Skill-understanding when to use the skills of dribbling, passing, shooting… The soccer academy will move from individual principles to teach offensive and defensive principles in groups of 2 –4, while also encouraging the philosophy of ‗team‘ The soccer Academy will introduce combination play, and simple team patterns of play. At this point of development some physical needs will be touched upon, however, most fitness will be gained with the ball. Ultimately, the Azzurri will be providing a soccer institution, where by our youth are immersed in an education of soccer, accentuating enjoyment, development, passion and exposure for the Azzurri students. The vision is a centralized facility, where our community youth moves directly from the classroom to the soccer field, on one section of the park we see the first touch pulcini working hard not to let the ball run off their feet. On the next section we see our Academy trying to perfect the ―step-over‖ or the ―Beckenbauer‖ developing an individual flair for the beautiful technical aspects of the game. Finally on the last section we see our youth developing physically and tactically preparing for their on-coming opportunity to succeed.

Welcome the Toronto Azzurri Vision
On October 16 th the Toronto Azzurri, including the likes of Robert Iarusci, Carmine Marcantonio, Lucky Raso, Richard Morandini and other note worthy names, joined with C.S. Azzurri to finally make good on their ultimate vision of giving back to the game that gave them so much. The Toronto Azzurri including 28 founding members is a group rich with soccer tradition. This group molded and developed in local communities, became National Team participants, played in the NASL with icons such as; Pele, Chinaglia, Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Eusebio and other greats. These men anchored what was the most successful era of Canadian soccer. Although, as time passed their loud soccer voices became only whispers. Today with a rejuvenated spirit, these ambassadors to the game are rolling up their sleeves to hopefully make as strong an impact as directors and coaches as they did as players. ― Ultimately we want to create an on-going festival of soccer and become the most credible and respected soccer club in Toronto, driven to establish benchmarks and standards related to the game of soccer, ultimately for the development of our community youth.‖

Centro Scuola Sport‘s tradition of bringing great teachers to our community continued in the summer of 2002. Pasquale Viscido and Aldo Raimondo travelled from Salernitana Club, directed by the great Zednek Zeman, to the fields of Esther Shiner to enlighten over 100 athletes and coaches, implementing knowledge about co-ordination, technique, skill, and tactics. Every morning these highly motivated instructors brought our youth years worth of words and demonstration. The young soccer players were provided with a wide perspective of the game, extending from simple running and jumping and extending to zonal principles in a defensive system. The instructors passionately filled these boys with knowledge that will last throughout their careers and a new enthusiasm that will surely shape their dreams of scoring that golden goal in the World Cup final. After leaving the field the Salernitana group headed for the classroom, and educated our coaches on the importance of proper progression, co-ordination training, technical, physical, and tactical training in the development of the young

soccer player. Our coaches were left with an Encyclopaedia full of soccer knowledge, and more importantly a more precise and proper guide to training and individual and team development. The perspective gained by Pasquale Viscido and Aldo Raimondi was irreplaceable, our coaches learned, our athletes developed and fun was had by all.

Centro Scuola Awards Night
Celebrating our Community Youth’s Passion for Sport & Culture
Amidst all the ―joy de vivre‖, gift giving, and acknowledgements of excellence in the field of sport, culture, education, dance, and music, it is hard not to be in awe of the grand impact that one small, yet versatile, institution has on our community. Centro Scuola has become an icon, shaping what cultural communities aspire to, ultimately creating a healthy and resourceful environment for our community to learn and grow. Centro Scuola does not only encourage but implants those intellectual, athletic, and moral values necessary to shape the minds of our impressionable youth, and keep our older generations proud. It was evident on the night of October 18, 2002, that over 800 passionate young minds were touched by their new cultural awareness and that Alberto Di Giovanni and his colleagues at Centro Scuola had successfully brought cultural, athletic and intellectual importance to the forefront. The Centro Scuola Awards night was a special celebration honouring past achievements, but more importantly, portraying a bright future and solidifying the work already done. Well Done Centro Scuola Youth!!

Congratulations to the 2002 Centro Scuola Awards Night Winners Valedictorian (awarded to the best student-athlete) Athlete of the Year (Scholarship from Alitalia) Gold Medal Winner at the Giochi della Gioventù Italy 2002 Scholarship awarded from the office of the Consulate General Steven Tacconelli Memorial Award Victor Angelosante Scholarship in Memoriam Alex Rosati Memorial Mary Lou De Fina Memorial Award Sportsmanship Scholarship Stephen D‘Aversa - Centro Scuola Sport U-15 Nicholas Di Iorio - Centro Scuola Sport U-16 Frank Iaizzo C.S. Azzurri U-18 Frank Bruno C.S. Azzurri U-18 Steven Rubacha Anna Lisa Romano

Jeffrey Raso ( Centro Scuola Sport U-14 ) Anthony Volpe - Track & Field Davide Di Iulio - Centro Scuola Sport U - 17 Lisa Iantri - C.S. Calcio Vaughan

Centro Scuola Sport Scholarship
Francesco Barbieri C.S. Azzurri U-17; Luca Forno - C.S. Azzurri U. 18, Pasubio Seminara C.S. Azzurri U 14.

Cuore Azzurri Mario Fanuzzi - Treasurer C.S. Azzurri Angelo Romano - Vice-President C.S. Azzurri Sam Ferrito - Director C.S. Azzurri Galleria dei Camponi C.S. Azzurri Under 18 - Carmine Isacco, Frank DeLuca, Frank Bruno, Juan Arango, Kofi Boateng, Dustin Chung, Luca Forno, Marco Caprara, Frank Iaizzo, Kayin Jeffers, Nick Macri, Daniel Panicci, and George Polyzois. Giochi della Gioventù 2002 ( diploma ) Centro Scuola Sport Gold Medal: Swimming, back stroke - Steven Rubacha Silver Medal: Track & Field boy‘s relay - Pietro Di Pinto, Antonio Fanelli, Domenico Leo, Antonio Volpe. Bronze Medal: Track & Field - High Jump - Alana Battiston Arts Scholarship Music: Claudio Santaluce Vocal: Giovanna Carini, Joey Niceforo, Alessandro Pietropaolo, Jessica Scarlato.

Melissa Piacente, and

Academic Scholarship Abruzzi Region Alison Pearce ( 90% ) Giuseppe Fuda ( 90% ) William Di Santo (93%) Giancarlo Soppelsa (95%) Paolo Malczewski (96%) and Marco Racco (94%) Ambassador Scholarship - Abruzzi Region ( awarded to the student that comports himself or herself with passion for the Italian culture and presented an overall positive attitude.) Claudia Cappuccitti Academic Scholarships Calabria Region Assia Moretti (95%), Valeria Gaspari (94%), Giovanna Lancione ( 94%), Angela Romano (93%), Elysia Caprara (91%), Kassia Da Silvia (91%), Francesca Andreacchi (90%), Amanda Kunowski (90%), Matthew Pontes (90%), Giulia Uguccioni (90%), Pierluca Collia (88%), Rosemary Formusa (88%), Alicia Pegoraro and Domenico Servello(88%). Ambassador Scholarship Calabria Region Erika Frasca (90%)

Team of the Month C.S Azzurri U-17 B
The C.S. Azzurri Under 17 B team has won two consecutive championships to find itself challenging the elite teams in their age division. Managers Angelo Zito, Enzo Sasso and coach Rocco Panetta has managed to collect a very cohesive group of young athletes that work hard and know how to win. This group comes into every game focused and resilient. The under 17 B group also finished the year by winning the illustrious Canada Cup Tournament and winning the League Cup. The team is currently undefeated in their indoor league and is looking to improve on their already impressive roster. Manager Angelo Zito explains that we have a good bunch of guys and enjoy spending time as a group it is important to win but more important to enjoy the time with people you spend a lot of time with. I think next year we might surprise many top programs and believe that we will be more focused to achieve our ultimate goal of getting our group to the top level and competing in the Ontario Cup.

Azzurri Players Abroad
The Canadian soccer market? Yes I said soccer market. The European scouts are very impressed and drawn to the Canadian athletes. Most agents are comparing the Canadian soccer environment to the Australian, where the multicultural influence has kept soccer a big part of youth development. Toronto C.S. Azzurri has taken full advantage of this European influence and sent many of their top athletes to England and Italy. Frankie Todaro and Jaime Peters have made an immediate impact playing on trial in England for Leyton Orient. These boys have caught the eye of many high profile clubs but choose to develop in an atmosphere where more care will be taken. Derek Rios and Domenic Oppung have shown amazingly well in Lutton Town and after passports are obtained will be offered 5 year and 2 year academy contracts respectively. Basi Seminara continues to flourish at the Italian club Salernitana. Striker Andrea Lombardo chooses not to go back to Coventry, to honour his National Team duty. Gabrielle Mauriello, showed well on trial with Leyton, and phenom Junior Hoilett, currently pursued by Blackburn has scouts across England salivating over his potential.

Player of the Month: Shane Lammie
This athletes face says it all; every emotion, glory, and disappointment is written on his every facial expression. However, the most evident expression is resilience. Shane Lammie is a big part of the Azzurri U-15 team coached by David De Donato. ― Shane is a silent leader and brings the level of the team higher by his work ethic and determination alone.‖ (David De Donato). Shane is also part of the Provincial program. Shane is a starting striker for both teams, and has even excelled playing a year up. Shane has a great change of pace, incredible skill and will definitely be a big part of this clubs and Nations soccer growth. Shane explains ― In the future I want to travel to Europe and have the opportunity to play for a top club.‖ ― My most memorable moment was being asked to represent my province.‖

An Overview of a Testing Season
―Growth does not come without its challenges‖, are words that the technical and managerial groups of Azzurri have come to understand very well. ― The Soccer School groups of C.S. Azzurri (U9, U 10, and U 11) made great progress in technical development. All teams competed well on the field, using the developed skills at the soccer schools during the games. The indoor season will be very important as the soccer school program will continue on the technical criteria but adding simple tactical components, concentrating on two and three man defensive principles and two and three man combination play. The soccer school group will begin to impress team and small unit play to accompany the skills learned.

The Soccer Academy group began to translate tactical and technical awareness into results. The 90 A group finished tied in first in the CTYSL, and competed strongly at high level tournaments. The 90 B group won the district championship. The 89 A and 89 B finished first and second respectively in the CTYSL. The 89A team went to the semi-final of the Ontario Cup, and and squeaked by the B team in the League Cup final. The High Performance group had from 14— Men competing at the highest level, each team faired very well. The U-14 group playing a zonal 4-4-2 quickly learned the principles of an organized defensive system. The U15 struggled to find a competitive edge, learning quickly that a team needs to be successful as a sacrificial unit rather than individuals. The U-16 took a while to put a lot of talent together but, when they finally did they provided an explosive attacking unit. The under 17 had an aesthetically impeccable group that figured out that technical abilities need to be complimented with organization and system. Quality of play is dictated by the quality of the unit.

C.S. Azzurri Men: A Great Debut
Roberto Quadrini , once again performed magic to get the most out of a young unit predicted to flop from the beginning. Robert organized a Azzurri alumni to make it to the final of the Ontario Cup, one result away from participating in the National championships. The Azzurri mixed local talent with those looking for a place to get a good soccer education and stay fit during their time off from University, to assemble a dedicated unit of young men who knew what it takes to win. Individual programs and team programs were impeccably organized to provide a product and result that complemented the High performance group greatly. Hopefully a prelude of things to come.

Centro Scuola Sport is a group of qualified athletic instructors who believe that experiences on the playing field are valuable tools for life’s challenges. Ultimately the game is a microcosm of the fair competition within every day life. Our group has a vested interest in developing young student-athletes and exposing these athletes to future outlets. The Centro Scuola Sport Future Opportunities Program has sent many athletes on scholarships in the U.S. and has placed others in professional programs.

Soccer & Italian Development Program
Scuola Sport moves to Dante‘s gymnasium and classrooms during the fall and winter months. The Indoor program concentrates on skill development during a Saturday program, and also moves to the classroom for Italian Language and Heritage classes. The program also offers a competitive outlet with a house league program.

Charity 3 on 3 Tournament
Every year Centro Scuola Sport celebrates the true meaning of giving for Christmas with a 3 on 3 soccer tournament. Each participant must bring 10 non-perishable food items for the Daily Bread Food Bank as their admission into the tournament. In the years past this tournament has proved to be a most enjoyable and respectful show of competition and charity. We encourage all to get involved.

Bringing our Community Together through the passion of sport and culture.

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