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					Pool Rules Effective June 3, 2002: Members will need to enter the pool area with the "member key". No exception! As stated in the Moorings Swim and Tennis Rule sheets for 2003-2004 the operating hours for the pool are 11:00am - 8:00pm Mon. - Sat. and 12:00pm - 8:00pm Sun. Due to recent events the pool is not available for "swim at your own risk" after operating hours. A Moorings Homeowner and member of the Moorings Swim and Tennis Association that is 21 years old or older may rent the pool between 8:00pm and 11:00pm. Contact the Pool Directors for available rates, rules, and fees for lifeguards. Anyone caught within the fenced pool area after operating hours will be subject to loss of membership and or prosecution. The Moorings Swim and Tennis Association 2003-2004 Pool Rules Pool Directors: Mike Barksdale 770-979-5562 Brian Burdette 678-344-9854 A. The Main Pool - Pool Hours 11:00am - 8:00pm Mon - Sat and 12:00pm - 8:00pm Sunday 1. No running anywhere on the pool deck. 2. No diving in less than 5 feet of water. 3. No sitting or standing on the shoulders of another swimmer. 4. No hard balls (tennis balls, racquetballs, etc.; all other balls must be kept in the pool. 5. No inflatable boats or toys larger than a one-man intertube. 6. No game or activity that, deemed by the lifeguard, is dangerous or inhibits others to swim. 7. Members may be bring 4 (four) guests. Moorings homeowners may not be considered as quest of another Moorings Swim and Tennis Association Member. 8. No one under the age of 10 (ten) is allowed within the fenced area of the pool without an adult. (No exception!) 9. No glass is allowed within the fenced area of the pool. 10. No admittance without a member's key.

11. Members letting people in the fence without a key will be asked to leave. 12. Members are responsible for trash they leave during their stay. 13. Lost and found will be kept in the guardroom for only 2 (two)weeks.

B. The Deep End 1. The diving board takes priority of the deep end when in use. 2. No swimmers are allowed in the deep end while the diving board is in use. 3. No type of floatation device (raft, noodle, floaties) will be allowed in the deep end or off the diving board. 4. No hanging or sitting on the diving board. 5. Only one swimmer at a time on the diving board. 6. The diver will not go until the previous diver has reached the ladder. 7. The diver will not exit the pool on the same wall that the diving board is mounted. 8. Only one bounce on the diving board. 9. No hanging or sitting on the diving board. 10. Games are allowed only at the lifeguard's allowance when the diving board is not in use. 11. No games allowed that break any pool rules or cause overcrowding in the deep end.

C. The Baby Pool 1. The baby pool can be filled upon request. 2. No lifeguard is on duty at the baby pool. 3. Parents Must watch their children in the baby pool at all times. 4. Swimmers over the age of 5 (five) are not allowed in the baby pool.

5. Babies must wear "water diapers" while in the baby pool or main pool.

D. Adult Swim 1. No lifeguard is on duty during Adult Swim. Adult Swim is called by the lifeguard every quarter (15 minutes) till the hour. 2. All swimmers under the age of 16 must exit the water completely. 3. This time is to be used for the lifeguard to take a personal break and check chemical levels.

E. Lifeguards 1. The lifeguards are hired by The Moorings Swim and Tennis Association and are there to keep the pool safe through rule enforcement. No one other than the pool director will reprimand the lifeguards while on duty. If you have a problem, then it needs to be brought to the pool director's attention and handled by the pool director. 2. Guards will have a high-pitched whistle to call the attention of the swimmers. 3. The lifeguards will reside in the guard stand regardless of the swimmers load. The only time they will leave the stand is for Adult Swim and emergencies. 4. The lifeguard will uphold community rules as well as stop any activity that looks dangerous or hinders another swimmer. Swimmers breaking the rules will be given a warning. If the problem persists after initial warning. If the problem persists after the initial warning, the swimmer(s) will sit out next to the lifeguard for 10 (ten) minutes. If there are any more problems after time out, the swimmer(s) will be sent home with notification to their parents and the pool director. 5. Lifeguards are hired to help maintain safety while swimming, but having lifeguards on duty does not relieve the parents from the responsibility of watching out for their children. Lifeguards cannot and will not baby-sit while on duty for any reason!

F. Miscellaneous

1. The pool is available to rent out to members only. The pool may be rented from closing time 8:00pm to 11:00pm. Call the pool director for available rates, dates, rules, and fees for lifeguards. 2. Every effort is used to maintain clean restrooms. Parents of small children should accompany their children to the restrooms. Please report unclean conditions to the lifeguard. 3. A phone will be maintained in the guardroom. The phone is for emergencies and for the lifeguard to report chemical levels to the pool company. No one may enter the guard room without the guards' permission.

2003-2004 Tennis Court Rules Tennis Director: Terry McWaters 770-978-8441 1. Only paying members and their non-Moorings guests are entitled to use these facilities. Moorings homeowners may not be considered as guests of another Moorings Swim and Tennis Association member. Anyone found using these facilities that is not a member will be considered a trespasser and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 2. Court sign-up sheets are posted on the courtside bulletin board. Court reservations cannot be made more than 48 hours in advance. 3. No glass allowed within the fenced court area. 4. ALTA and USTA Tennis Captains: Please call the tennis director for practice and match time court reservations. 5. ALTA and USTA matches and practices have priority use of the courts. 6. Non-Moorings players on Moorings ALTA or USTA teams will be required to pay a $35 per season court fee. This will entitle the player the use of the courts for the league matches and practices. 7. Proper tennis attire must be worn at all times when using the courts (tennis shoes and shirts must be worn!) 8. Members are responsible for leaving the courts and restrooms (if used) clean for the next person.

9. Out of respect for the neighbors, the courts are closed and lights must be out by 11pm nightly!

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