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February 2009


There were no Friday winter blahs for 22 Morehead Afterschool Program children when they descended upon UNC’s Exercise and Sport Science Labs in Chapel Hill! Children from kindergarten through fifth grade learned what it was like to be a sport scientist. The exercise science theme, “Are you Ironman Strong?”, had kids testing their grip strength and lung volume capacity in a creative effort to learn about the importance of muscle mass and lung function for healthy bodies as part of “Physiology Week”. Making exercise science fun was a major thrust where the children put their grip strength and lung function test scores to practical use by attempting to squeeze juice cans and blow colorful ping-pong balls across a laboratory table. Learning Archimedes Principle that muscle sinks and lungs filled with air floats was simulated by dropping water-filled balloons into the Applied Physiology Lab’s 5-foot deep underwater weighing tank – and comparing that to the floatability of air-filled rubber ducks. A big hit was sitting in the outer-space looking Bod PodÔ, a body composition device used to determine muscle mass for research as well as for testing future NFL-bound players, and romping around in the Sports Medicine’s 3-D Motion Analyses Lab. They even learned about laboratory safety and were taught how to recognize biohazard safety signs. The field trip to Fetzer Gym’s Exercise and Sport Science Labs was part of Morehead’s Afterschool Science Program organized by Morehead Afterschool Science Program Manager Jonathan Frederick and Dr. Bonita Marks, Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology and Director of the Exercise Science Teaching Lab at UNC. Dr. Marks recruited fellow exercise scientist colleagues (Drs. Claudio Battaglini, Anthony Hackney, Kristin Ondrak, Meredith Petschauer) to assist in pulling off this first-time event with the Morehead’s Afterschool Program. “I don’t know who learned more, us or the kids” quipped Dr. Marks. “Bringing exercise science alive and making it fun for elementary school children was certainly a change of pace from teaching college students. It was truly a rewarding experience. The kids asked fantastic questions and really seemed to have fun. ”

Thanks to Campus Rec for donating giveaway prizes for the event!!

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T i m e s

P r o j e c t

t o u c h d o w n

Dr. Stroman journeyed to Tampa in December with four EXSS students for an experiential learning experience at the ACC Football Championship. The students were selected by faculty to assist the ACC in game operations, marketing, and event planning. Their post-event report was forwarded to the ACC to enhance future events. Due to their outstanding performance, the ACC has invited each student to participate in future ACC championship events.

Tiki Barber, Che Mock, Ronde Barber, Jasmine Hepburn

Che Mock, Megan Mabry, Deb Stroman, Michael Kelly (ACC Associate Commissioner for Football), Jasmine Hepburn, Graham Ashe

EXSS Upcoming Events:

Blyth Lecture– March 24th 11:00, Fetzer 109 Speaker: John Swofford, ACC Commissioner College Sport Research Institute “Scholarly Conference on College Sport” April 15-18, 2009 at the The William and Ida Friday Center


Campus Recreation Upcoming Events
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Kids ROCK!: Climbing at RHRC– February 7th Women on Weights (Program begins Feb 16)Women on Weights (WOW) is a 5-week, 10 session program designed to provide women with an introduction to resistance training. Each participant will receive a fitness assessment and tutorial of the machines and exercises available at the Student Rec Center and Rams Head Rec Center. Group training sessions will be held every Monday and Friday from 12pm-1pm. Register Feb 3-13 in 101 SRC. [registration form] Sessions will run from Feb 16-March 27. Contact: Jordan Albertson


SHOW OF STRENGTH & ENDURANCE Wednesday, Feb 18 at 3pm

This annual competition is designed to test muscular strength and endurance. Individuals may enter to compete in one or both of the event's activities: a one-repetition maximum bench press competition and push up endurance competition. Register Feb 2-12 in 101 SRC. [registration form] Contact: Meghann Martinez

Baby Olympics 2009
Congratulations to all our expecting couples in February/March, Battaglinis, Ondraks, Aguilars, and Yeargans! The Baby Olympics were held on Tuesday, February 3rd and fun was had by all. The couples competed in four activities:
Baby animal game (winner- Team Ondrak 25pts) Baby Trivia Contest (winner- Ondrak 50pts) Baby Bottle Drinking Contest (Winner Team Aguilar 125 pts) Dress & Diaper Baby Contest (Winner Team Battaglini 100 pts.) Gold Medal Winner: Team Aguilar Silver Medal Winner: Team Battaglini Bronze Medal Winner: Team Ondrak We wish all these couples the best for their future deliveries!!!! Also to note: Paul Dunlop and his wife are expecting in August. We will honor them in the fall.

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WELCOME– Warren Perry!!
Warren S. Perry has come on board as our new Aquatics Director. Warren comes to us from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, where he was Assistant Swim Coach and Exercise and Sport Science Instructor. Warren earned BAs in Communications and History in 2003, and a Masters of Arts in Teaching 2004, both from UNC-Chapel Hill. He also earned a Master of Science in Exercise & Sport Science in 2007 from East Carolina University. Warren earned an Ernie Schwarz Sport Management Fellow at ECU during his time there and was an ACC Honor Roll varsity swimmer here at UNC-CH. Warren’s hobbies include sailing, camping/hiking, triathlons, and listening to folk music on the front porch of his farm. Warren’s grandfather was a varsity swimmer for UNC in Bowman Gray Pool in the 1940s. Warren has worked as a sailboat captain during the summers in the Caribbean and he is very interested in sport hisHappy tory and sociology. Warren’s contact info is warren.perry@unc.edu and 962-2268.

Good News
Researchers receive NFL Charities Grant

February Birthdays Ted Crawford February 4 John Silva February 7 Alain Aguilar February 25

Researchers from the SMRL (Kevin M. Guskiewicz; Johna Register-Mihalik; Stephen W. Marshall) recently received a research grant for the study entitled "An Assessment of High School Athletes' and Coaches' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Concerning Concussion." The study is funded by the National Football League Charities Medical Research Grant program. The overall goals of the study are to assess the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding sports-related concussion among high school athletes and coaches. In order to achieve these goals, we will also assess the relationship between responses among coaches and their athletes to a piloted survey instrument. Finally, we aim to assess the factors most predictive of athletes not reporting a possible concussion to their coach or a medical professional. A secondary purpose is to examine the influence of a Certified Athletic Trainer on these characteristics. We suspect this study will lead to a better understanding of the influence of coaches on athlete’s knowledge, attitudes, and practices concerning sports related concussion and give insight into components to be included in prevention initiatives and interventions.

Lindsay Distefano receives Impact Award
Lindsay Distefano is one of the most recent recipients of the Impact Award sponsored by UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate School's Graduate Education Advancement Board. The Impact Awards recognize graduate students whose research provides special benefits to the citizens of North Carolina.
IBM Donates Equipment to Get REAL & HEEL Get REAL & HEEL staff and participants wish to express their sincere gratitude to IBM for donating 4 laptop computers, a laser printer, and $1,000 in cash to purchase monitors and docking stations. The equipment will replace the outdated computers used by the recreational therapists during biofeedback and allow the exercise trainers to input data down in the gym. Thank you IBM for helping us provide the best care possible to our Get REAL & HEEL participants!

Troy Blackburn receives NATA New Investigator Award Troy Blackburn, PhD, ATC is the most recent recipient of the New Investigator Award given by the National Athletic Trainers' Association Research and Education Foundation. The award recognizes a researcher who has earned their first doctoral degree within the past 5 years and who has made, and is likely to continue to make, significant contributions to the body of knowledge in athletic training and health care of the physically active. Congratulations to Dr. Blackburn for this prestigious accomplishment.

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