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					Teacher Housing Authority of New South Wales

Inspection Checklist

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All personal items/belongings to be removed. Stove, griller, drip trays, oven and burners as well as the general body of the stove to be cleaned (and behind the stove where possible). Kitchen and all other drawers to be emptied and wiped out. Exhaust fans (kitchen and bathroom) protective covers to be removed and cleaned. Air vents to be dusted. All marks on walls to be removed with light sponging. Windows, sills and screens to be cleaned thoroughly. Doors, skirting and architraves to be dusted and washed where necessary. Light fittings to be dusted and cleaned and globes and tubes to be in working order. Floors, lino and floors to the wet areas (laundry, bathroom and toilet) to be washed. Carpets to be cleaned of all marks and stains. Cleaning to be carried out by a recognised carpet-cleaning contractor. If you are in an area where this is not possible, please discuss with your TLS Agent what action should be taken Blinds to be dusted and where necessary cleaned. Bathroom wall tiles, bathroom cabinets, shower recess to be scrubbed and grouting to be free of all soap residue and mould. Shower screen to be washed. Laundry tub to be washed to remove any stains or soap residue. Cobwebs to be removed throughout the premises (internally and externally). All garden areas to be presented neat and clean in appearance with all debris and rubbish removed. Concrete verandahs and garage floors to be free from oil and grease stains. Garage, carport and storeroom to be left empty and cleared of all personal possessions. Washing machine to be cleaned (inside and out) where applicable. Refrigerator and freezer to be left empty, defrosted and cleaned. Power switched off and door left ajar to prevent mould – where applicable. Furniture upholstery to be left in clean/dusted condition – where applicable. Cupboards, drawers to be left empty with shelves washed and Wardrobes and face panels cleaned.

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Please remember that if your rental premises are not presented to the above standards at the time of the arranged inspection, you will be responsible for all cleaning charges.