Show how to calculate the following without a calculator by yyx10738


									Algebra 2
Review 10.1 – 10.4                                                 Name________________________

 1.   Show how to calculate the following.

           a. 4!                                b.       P2                          c.       C2
                                                     6                                    7

 2.   How many full letter arrangements of “POPCORN” are there?

 3.   How many arrangements of the letters in “SENSES” are there?

 4.   A game requires you to correctly order eight marbles. There are three identical green, one red,
      and four identical blue marbles. How many different possible arrangements are there?

 5.   Hawaii is considering a new license plate format: two letters, followed by four numbers. The
      letters may be repeated, but the numbers cannot. How many different license plates can be

For 6-10, tell if the problem is a permutation or combination. Then solve.
 6. Your band has created 12 songs and wants to record 9 of them on a CD. In how many ways can
     you arrange the songs on the CD?

 7.   In a television game show, 9 people from an 80 person audience are chosen to come on stage.
      How many different groups of contestants can there be?

 8.   A basketball team has 13 players on the team. Five players start the game. How many different
      starting squad options are there?
9.   Four students sit in the back six chairs. How many arrangements of the four students are there?

10. Ten students are auditioning for three different roles in a play. In how many ways can the 3 roles
    be filled?

11. How many different ways can the following 5 card hands be made from a 52 card deck?

          a. 3 diamonds                          b. At least 3                          c. At most one
             and 2 non-                             king                                   diamond

12. If you throw a dart at figure 2, what is the probability that you will hit
    the shaded area?                                                                        7 in

                                                                                                         6 in
                                                                                 3 in

                                                                                           Figure 2

13. If one card is drawn from a deck of 52 cards, find the following probabilities:

          a. P (face card and diamond)

          b. P (spade or 4)

          c. P (diamond or club)
14. Find the following odds using figure 1

          a. For drawing a black marble

          b.   Against drawing a striped marble

          c.   For drawing non white marble
                                                                                  Figure 1

15. You are performing an experiment to determine how well plants grow under different light
    sources. Out of the 30 plants in the experiment, 12 receive visible light, 15 receive ultra violet
    light, and 6 receive both visible and ultraviolet light. What is the probability that a plant in the
    experiment receives either visible light or ultraviolet light?

16. Mr. Lloyd’s class has 13 tenth graders and 17 eleventh graders in his class. What is the
    probability that the six students in the front row are all tenth graders?

17. If you threw a dart a figure 2, what is the probability that you will hit the shaded area?

                                                                                                 6 in.

                                                                                    Figure 2

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