The Addendum to the Fannie Mae 1009 Application contains statutory by lonyoo


									HUD/VA Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application

PURPOSE The Addendum to the Fannie Mae 1009 Application is a HUD/FHA Application for Insurance under the National Housing Act that contains statutory and regulatory information and disclosures and certifications which are approved and signed by the borrower and lender or lenders authorized agent. The information collected includes the Borrowers SSN. The borrower certifies that the application and addendum were signed after all sections were completed. The lender certifies that the information was obtained directly from the borrower. Both parties certify that the information is accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge and belief. SUMMARY of SPECIFIC Form Provisions Part II – Lenders certification – The lender certifies the following to induce HUD to commit to insure the mortgage. Application information is:          true, accurate, and complete was provided by the borrower was obtained by an employee/authorized agent of the lender is true to the best of the lenders knowledge and belief credit report was ordered by the lender and received directly from the credit bureau Verifications of employment and deposits were requested by the lender and received without passing through the hands of third parties and are true to the best of the lender’s knowledge and belief Loan application and addendum were signed by the borrower after all sections were completed Borrower meets the incomes and credit requirements of the governing law Lender is are not presently debarred (or proposed for debarment), suspended, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from covered transactions by any Federal Department or agency. No civil or criminal offences within the past 3 years Federal, State, or Local (includes fraud, embezzlement, anti-trust, etc.)

Part III – Notices to Borrowers –     HUD is authorized to collect the information (including SSN number) on this application and addendum that displays a valid OMB number. Privacy act information. HUD may access you financial information. If delinquent or in default HUD may report the borrower to a credit bureau, access additional interest and penalty, access administrative charges, offset amount owed to you by other federal programs, refer you to a collection agency, foreclose the

mortgage-sell the property-seek a judgment for any deficiency, sue, if federal employee-take action to offset salary and benefits, collect owed amounts from refunds due from the IRS, report any written off debt to the IRS as taxable income. Part IV – Borrower consent for SSA to Verify SSA Number(s) only for the purpose of this loan application. Borrower(s) certifies that this is their SSN(s) Part V – Borrowers Certification –  22-22d- Borrower owned other real estate within the past 5 years financed with a HUD/VA mortgage.  22e,f- N/A to Rev Mtg. (If this mortgage is for property to be rented is it a part of a group of concentrated rental properties and other rental issues regarding the property).  24- N/A for reverse mortgages-Borrower must make payments and is liable for the loan until it is paid in full even if the loan liability is assumed by another party. Part V. Borrower Signature: (1) Has read and understands the foregoing (this addendum) (2) N/A (VA Occupancy) (3) N/A for re-financing – (Home value determination and understanding) (4) Borrowers non- discrimination certification future sale or rental of said property (5) All information in this loan application, given for the purpose of obtaining a loan to be insured by HUD (National Housing Act), is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. This will be verified by HUD. Do Not Sign unless application is fully completed.

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