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Adeptia Integration Accelerator for Salesforce
Easy-to-use, cost-effective, process-centric SaaS Integration solution allows rapid implementation
OVERVIEW Adeptia Integration Accelerator for Salesforce is a comprehensive solution that provides an out-of-the-box ability to quickly and easily connect Salesforce to a company’s onpremise systems and applications. This ready-to-configure solution significantly improves implementation time while reducing complexity, risk and high maintenance costs of custom-coded solutions. BUSINESS NEEDS • • • • • • Automatically consolidate prospects and leads into Salesforce from multiple channels Automatically update Account Master and Customer data Automatically process and track orders based on closed opportunities Reflect billing and invoicing information in Salesforce Provide product inventory and pricing data to sales staff Improve up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by presenting purchase history to sales staff KEY FEATURES • • Integrate with Salesforce within hours or days Automate business processes including human WORKFLOW tasks rather than just moving data Process flow based and service oriented (SOA) approach to Salesforce integration Graphical, point-and-click approach to creating and deploying integration flows. Adeptia accelerator includes pre-built flows, templates and connectors that just need to be configured. Object-based architecture promotes reusable components and functionality across disparate custom, packaged and legacy applications No hardware or appliances need to be purchased, setup and managed. Adeptia requires just a quick software download and install on any computer. Leverages sForce Web Services API

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BENEFITS • • • • • • Improve productivity of sales and delivery teams Improve consistency, quality and access to critical business information Improve customer experience, satisfaction and profitability Improve reporting and decision making Leverage current technology investments by extending functionality of existing systems Enhance customer and partner relationships by making it easier to do business with your organization •


SaaS Integration



The information in Salesforce is silo-ed in an offsite location and it is difficult to get this data into back-end applications to automate business processes such as automatically triggering actions, notifications, workflow tasks for other business users and for generating consolidated reports. Adeptia helps by setting up either real-time or scheduled (batch) integration flows between Salesforce and back-end systems. These “deploy-and-forget” flows run automatically in the background to share information and require no manual intervention except to handle exceptions and errors. These integration flows can be bi-directional, so data can move in both directions into and out of Salesforce.

Account Master describes how systems share a notion of the account and related contacts. Usually, the ERP/accounting system serves as the “master” for existing customer accounts while “prospect” accounts are maintained only in Salesforce, with a process to promote them to customers when a sale is closed.





Product Master describes the information related to products and services including availability, inventory and pricing. This information is also usually maintained in the ERP systems and this process allows uploading of this product data to Salesforce for the sales staff to view when generating quotes, proposals etc. • ORDER INTEGRATION

Adeptia’s Business Process Management capability allows automating of a complete business process where interfacing with Salesforce is only one of the many tasks involved in overall process. So, human workflow tasks can be added into the overall flow for business users to interact with data and allow them to validate information before it is synchronized, correct errors and exception and take decisions. This provides more automation and control than just moving of data. • DATA REPLICATION

Information in this case flows from Salesforce to the ERP/Accounting systems when a sale is completed and order won. This can be fully automated or may require a user workflow step to configure the order. • BILLING AND ACCOUNT STATUS

Since customer information is vital for any company, it is imperative that this data be in control and possession of the company at all times. Adeptia provides an automated replication capability to copy and save this data behind your firewall from where it can be easily backed-up and recovered. This enhances security by creating an archive copy of the Salesforce database. This also ensures backup of Salesforce data to meet any regulatory requirements such as SarbanesOxley (SOX). Finally, this helps with Business Intelligence needs as well and allows companies to use their preferred reporting tools. • ONE-TIME MIGRATION

Sales and support staff need a complete view of an account and this process makes it possible by sending the billing and account status information from ERP/Accounting systems to Salesforce. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Salesforce Editions: Unlimited, Enterprise Adeptia Products: BPM Server, Integration Server and Data Transformation Server Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000+/XP, UNIX, Linux Database: Embedded DB included. Commercial RDBMS recommended for production environments. Java: J2SE v1.5 SDK ABOUT ADEPTIA For more information, please contact us. Adeptia Inc. 443 North Clark, Suite 350 Chicago, Illinois 60610 312-229-1727 x118
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Initial migration of existing customer information and data is usually the first step for new Salesforce customers. Adeptia offers wide range of application and format support for mapping and transforming data to meet these needs.

SaaS Integration

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