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									Serve-U-Best Mortgage, LLC was incorporated in September of 2003 with one goal in mind… to provide exceptional real estate financing for residential and commercial clients. As a Broker, we have an established network of industry lenders. If there is a product out there, we can access it! Here at Serve-U-Best Mortgage, LLC, we don't quote you a loan program until we understand your goals. We fund loans with many different credit and employment profiles. The majority of the lenders, in the industry, will quote you a rate up front without really listening to your needs. We structure first mortgages refinances, home purchases, seconds, and equity lines with any type of unique twist. - 20+ years experience writing all types of loans - In home appointments and documents to your door - Refinance to a lower rate and monthly payment - Consolidate credit card and other debt - Cash out for any purpose

Ask For Mike Wald
480-659-4514 - office 480-502-0496 - fax 480-241-2632 -cell

- Proud parent of a United States Marine
- Daughter in Law School in San Francisco (my hometown) - Married 28 years - Youngest son starting High School! (Chaparral)

9282 E Siesta Lane Scottsdale, AZ 85255 MB0905928

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