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From The Coming Real Estate

That Could Paralyze 72 Million Homeowners in 2006-2007
! US Foreclosures are UP 45% in Last 12 Months… ! US Foreclosures are UP 27% in Last 30 DAYS… ! US Foreclosures INCREASED Every Quarter in 2005… ! Southern California… Marion County… San Jose DRASTICALLY SLASHING ASKING PRICES… ! Massachusetts Foreclosures SHOT UP 34% Pricier Counties UP 40% According to Providence Journal…

“While Everyone Else Runs Like Chickens With Their Head Cutoff! Here’s How You Can…Survive or even Profit!”


Dear Friend… I am going to treat you like an intelligent human being and tell you up front what this is all about and why I am sending you this report. If it makes sense to you, take action. If not - throw it away. I call this the “Scary Report.” It is designed to do exactly that. As you read through this report, the numbers and circumstances are true. When you comprehend the situation that the majority of homeowners are in, if you are one of them, you should be scared. But of course, there is a tremendous light at the end of the tunnel, so read the whole thing and then decide. Most Scary Reports are created to motivate you to do something. Usually to buy the benefit of the product or service that is being sold that will solve the demonstrated problem. This Scary Report is different. Yes, it is designed to motivate you to want the benefit that we are offering, and to take action. However, there is a very BIG difference. The solution to the “problems” discussed is in YOUR best Interest NOT the lenders or anyone else. Ok, enough of that, let’s get SCARY… If you’re like most people…you’ve seen the value of real estate dramatically increase over the last few years…especially if you bought before 2004. Why did values skyrocket? The answer is simple… When the Federal Reserve needs to “spark” a slowing economy… they LOWER Interest Rates. Lower rates mean people can afford “more home” for their money. By the way, as you will see a little further on, when they are “fighting” inflation, you will see that they raise the rates. In 1999… every $100,000 you borrowed would cost you about $850 in monthly mortgage payments… but in 2001… that same $100,000 would cost just $620… or even less if you did an “Interest Only” loan! These “lower” rates meant many apartment-dwellers could now afford their first home. Also many homeowners could trade-up to larger homes for the same payment they were making on their smaller homes. The housing market then exploded with millions of NEW buyers… Limited housing supply… combined with enormous housing demand caused prices to SOAR… as they have for the past five or so years… And what’s worse is


mortgage companies were fueling the fire by funding houses with owners putting down just 10%… 5%… even NOTHING DOWN, many times based on “stated income! “ People were buying $400,000 luxury homes with just $20,000 down! That’s great if the property INCREASES in value by 10%. If that happened - as it did during 2003 and 2004… you’d make $40,000 on your $20,000 investment. A 300% ROI- excellent! In many parts of the country, the increases were 20-30%.

But What If The House’s Value PLUMMETS By 10%?
You’ll then have a $380,000 mortgage on a $360,000 home. You’ve lost your entire $20,000 down payment - and you’re another $20,000 in the hole! JUST LIKE THAT… you’ve lost $40,000. And at this point… you probably cannot afford to move out… since you’d want to recover your $20,000 down payment before saving up for another down payment. And even if you did decide to sell… you cannot forget about the 5% to 7% Realtor’s sales commission. Just a 6% commission would equal another $21,600 you have to shell-out! Now you’re $61,600 in the hole… from a simple 10% slide in home values! And I’m not being “hypothetical” here… this situation is happening to homeowners all over the country and it’s only going to get worse!

That’s Why Foreclosure Rates Are Soaring Right Now.
Many homeowners are one to two paychecks (or the loss of a job) away from defaulting on their mortgage payments. And when they’ve put just 5% to 10% down on their property… they cannot even afford to sell. And if you think it is bad now… just see what happens when Interest Rates continue to rise to 8% or more! That’s when many experts predict home prices to PLUNGE deeper than 10%!

When This Happens…You’re Either Going To Perish, Survive, or Profit .


Here’s Why...
There is a man who is a big shot in the billion-dollar national mortgage lending industry. Using years of historical date from and a sophisticated computer-forecasting model… he extrapolated the future of interest rates over the next three years…

Brace Yourself. What I’m About To Reveal May Unsettle You A Bit…
The results of his study found interest rates could hit 8% by September 2006. And that’s a very BAD thing for the housing market… here’s why: Greg McBride, a CFA at says… “Most economists and housing experts repeatedly cite 8% as the TIPPING POINT, one that could trigger a widespread DROP in home prices.” It’s simple to understand - when interest rates go up… as they are now… buying power falls. And lowered buying power leads directly to falling housing prices. The Bottom-Line: All those people who bought homes with 16% DOWN or less are in trouble… BIG TROUBLE! You see… if the average realtor’s commission is 6% and if housing prices drop 10%… this 16% loss far exceeds the homeowner’s down payment. Heaven forbid these homeowners have the slightest “hiccup” in their earnings… and cannot afford their mortgage payment or, as some pundits have predicted – home prices drop 40-50%… their ONLY WAY OUT is to…

And what about all those poor families that have adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) or interest only loans? They have it the worst! People with adjustable rate mortgages don’t even have to have money problems to lose their homes. They’ll get pummeled when their monthly mortgage rate “adjusts” as ARMs do.


When rates soar… their payments are instantly going to go up… AUTOMATICALLY. And when we’re talking rates going up one to two points… their payments are going to skyrocket $500, $750 and more! They can no longer afford their homes… and they have to sell. But they cannot sell because their home’s value has also dropped. It’s a catch-22 no matter how you look at it.

A Ticking Time Bomb…
"ARMs are a ticking time bomb," Brad Geisen, president and chief executive of property tracker, told the AP. "Through 2006 and 2007, I'm pretty sure we'll see a high volume of foreclosures." As has previously reported in MoneyNews, over the last few years, millions of American homeowners have used adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) to take advantage of historically low interest rates and record-high home prices. "Many of them chose to refinance into hybrid ARMs that lenders were aggressively pushing. ARMs, which featured a low introductory interest rate that resets upward after a set period of time, were easier to qualify for than traditional fixed-rate loans," the AP reports. Experts now, "…fear the market has turned and interest rate numbers are headed upward," according to the article. "ARMs are now starting to fall by the wayside as the difference in interest rates narrows. The average rate on a 30-year fixed rate loan in May was 6.60% compared to 5.63% on a one-year ARM, according to Freddie Mac. In 2003, rates on a 30-year fixed were at 6.54%, while ARMs carried a 3.76% rate." Right about now, hundreds of thousands of ARM holders are preparing to find out exactly how they will be affected by the first rate increases on the mortgages they took out a few years ago. According to, "over the next 18 months, more than $1 trillion of adjustable-rate mortgages will be hitting their first reset date." For example, in an AP article by J.W. Elphinstone, Anita Britten refinanced her two-story brick cottage in Lithonia, GA., using an adjustable rate mortgage. Her lender reassured her that she could refinance out of the riskier loan into a traditional one when her interest rate started to reset. Three years later, Britten can’t get a new mortgage and her monthly payment has jumped from $1,079 to $1,340 at the beginning of 2006. It rose again on June 1 by another $104 and is scheduled to increase again in December. Britten, who is also paying off student loans has gotten rid of all her credit cards. “All I can do is tread water right now, hope and pray.”


She can’t afford her payments now and may face foreclosure if her financial situation doesn’t change. People with 5 year interest only loans, got them because they could buy more house with lower payments. The truth is they would have been unable to afford the regular payment for the bigger house. The idea was to pay the lower payments, wait for the value of the home to increase and sell the home making a huge profit. But again, they will not be able to sell because the value has dropped. Their low payments are coming to an end and they will have to start making higher payments, which they can’t afford.

So what about those interest rates, are they really going up?
Just today, the dollar is plunging, gold is up again and it looks like oil is heading for new, all-time highs. The interest rate markets dwarf the stock market. The typical daily trading is many times larger than the daily trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange. The interest rate markets are at the core of the world's financial markets. Every bank, every large corporation, every local, state and federal government is intimately involved in these markets….”

After Reading The Above Do you think interest rates might go up?

Are you scared yet?
Okay, enough of that. Hopefully, you aren’t really “scared,” just maybe concerned enough to want to see the solution and take action - if it makes sense. If so, you’re going to want to pay attention to the rest of this letter! Here’s why:

There is a Secret – Well, at least some not very widely known information that mortgage companies and your other creditors, hope you’ll never discover. Here it is:


There are multiple, sound financial strategies and powerful software, which can analyze all interest bearing debt. By utilizing the program, we are able to help families become completely debt free within 6-12 years. Paying off mortgages, car loans, credit cards, student loans, and signature loans etc., etc.
By now, you might be saying, “Getting out of debt would be nice but, at the beginning you also mentioned something about profit?” Yes I did. Let’s use an example. The typical American Family has a $165,000 mortgage at 8% interest for 30 years which results in roughly a $1,200 per month payment. They also have about $32,000 in consumer debt (car loans, credit cards, etc.) with combined payments of $1,200 per month for a total of $2,400 per month. Using these numbers - here is a before and after table.

Monthly Payment Interest to be Paid Time in Debt Potential Savings TOTAL BENEFIT $2,400 $270,848 27 yrs 0

$2,400 $105,339 10 yrs 11 mo $544,645

Savings 0 $165,509 16 yrs 1 mo $544,645 $710,154

The table shows how fast we are able to get you out of debt, and how much wealth accumulates if you invested the same amount of money ($2,400 per month at just 6%) for the same amount of time you were already contracted to pay. You pay off your debts really fast, and make a huge difference in your retirement fund (or wealth accumulation). I know, I know, “It sounds too good to be true.” But, that is not the problem. It’s really true - it really works. There are no hidden gimmicks. This has been going on for years. Here’s the short version of how it works: Using the strategies mentioned above, the software finds ways to convert money that was going to be paid to interest and pays it on the principal.


But, that’s just one of the strategies! Click Here to view more of our advance strategies on how we are able to get the results that we get! Now after seeing all that, it’s time to make a no cost, no risk decision.
If you have read this far, there must be enough interest to see if it is really true and if it can really benefit you. Here are some options: 1. Fill out the Debt Elimination Application: Click Here For Your Application Form. We will review it and then have a customized plan prepared for you. You will be notified when the plan is returned in about 3 business days. It will be the best plan to get you out of debt the fastest. 2. You can contact us at 1-800-706-3460 if you have further questions or send an e-mail to 3. 4. Or if you prefer, ask for more information. 5. Go to our web site at to obtain more information. Pay particular attention to the “button” that is labeled “about.” That area will tell you about our strategic partners. It will provide credibility and confidence that these benefits are real and can work for you. 4. Go to our “Company process and overview” conference call held every Tuesday @ 5pm PST/8pm EST. The call gives a brief overview and then is opened up for questions. The phone number for that call is: 1-712-432-3000; Pin #: 179396

Okay, here we go again.
The options outlined above are what you need to do to get more information and find out if we can help you. 1. It doesn’t cost you to find out. 2. We have a program to cover the majority of financial situations people find themselves in. 3. For most of our clients there are no up front fees, no out of pocket costs and no increase in what they are already paying now. If you still have not seen our presentation
Click Here to get a better understanding of the INCREDIBLE programs that we have!

4. There is absolutely no risk to find out if we can help you.


But, there is a risk! It is the risks talked about in the SCARY part of this report. Interest rates are going up! Real Estate values are going down. Mortgage companies are tightening up!

Quite frankly, The risk is doing nothing!
Here is another quote from Mr. Vukas’ scary letter. “A decline (in home values) could be a real problem for Americans who have taken advantage of the run-up in prices to do cash-out refinancing. They could very well owe more than their house is worth. Bad news if they are forced to sell.” Before you risk doing nothing, I respectfully suggest that you step back and look at the big picture. Do you have a mortgage? Is it adjustable? Is it interest only? If rates continue up and values continue down – where will that leave you? Don’t take that chance. Don’t wait and get caught! Protect yourself and your home while you can.

To Your Financial Success! Your FFG Team “The Debt Elimination Experts”


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