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									The Rotary Club of Port Nicholson

President - Joy Durrant Secretary - Jane Mitchell Treasurer - Peter Whittington

12 August 2009

Rotary District 9940

District Governor David Watt

ACC – the Biggest Insurance Business in NZ
19 August Melissa and Clare Ambassadorial Scholars Grace Dean Bradley Intro Barry Suckling Thanking Jon Neilson Parting Thought Mary Cull Desk Rod Dimmock Brenda Lazelle Sergeant Tony Fullerton Smith
Keith McLea’s presentation opened our eyes to the enormous scope of ACC’s business. It deals with billions of dollars and millions of people. Keith has been with the Corporation for 13 ½ years and, as General Manager of Levy and Scheme Management, is one of the longest serving senior managers. ACC became operational in 1974 and now covers all claims resulting from any accidents which may befall any members of our population of 4.2 million as well as any of the 2.5 million visitors who come here each year. No one in New Zealand has the right to sue for personal injury. ACC’s focus is on injury prevention programmes, the funding of treatment and rehabilitation and the paying of weekly compensation to those who cannot work, either temporarily or permanently. In the 08/09 year, 1,500 people were killed, there were

330 serious injury claims, 1.86 million claims and $2.7 billion in total claim costs. ACC’s revenue of $3.7 billion comes from levy payers, the Government (who pays on behalf of people not working and children), and investment income. The assets of ACC amount to $13 billion and the claims liability total is $22 billion. The areas on which the most money is spent are social rehabilitation (16%), medical treatment (20%), acute services in public hospitals (12%), and income maintenance (32%). Only 1% is spent on lump sums. ACC is working to reduce its costs by putting more effort into injury prevention and by

26 August Gertrude Matshe International Motivational and inspirational Speaker The Power of Visualisation Grace Andrea McIlroy Intro Brenda Lazelle Thanking Noel Winsloe Parting Thought Bob Moffat Desk Andrea McIlroy Morgan Williams Sergeant Jessica Graham

Weekly Meeting Hotel InterContinental Grey Street, Wellington Wednesday 7am for 7:15am

PO Box 555, Wellington


identifying ways to reduce the amount of time people stay on ACC following an injury. On August 6, the Government announced a stock take of ACC, which was an election promise. ACC itself is doing a review of its investment strategies and reviewing case and claims management. The aim is to increase the value for money being achieved by looking at administration and scheme costs. A new service delivery model is being piloted and better management of the gateway into ACC is being explored. The implementation of the serious injury service is becoming more tailored in order to make it more cost effective.

There is also a long term claims project. ACC is now on line and new products are being developed. Consultation on a new schedule of levies for the 2010/2011 year is to start in September. If you are a levy payer, you can have a say on the proposed rates during this annual levy consultation process. Jan Hains, Club Reporter.

Joy's Jottings
Another great attendance last week – good to see you all! A most interesting address by Keith McLea of ACC. They certainly do work with big numbers in terms of assets and liabilities and claims handled, whether small or large or somewhere in-between! It was for me an eyeopener. Board Meeting last week – 11th August In response to requests from Club members for feedback from Board meetings, here is a summary of last week’s meeting: • Goal setters are on track for a major function in March next year – likely 23rd or 24th. We intend to support two award recipients this year, rather than three. • Support continues for our Peer Support programs in Wellington College and Wellington Girls. We have just authorised payment of our support for the Wellington Girls’ program, and I have been asked to attend a presentation ceremony, probably on 3rd September, together with Phil Shannon, Youth Director. • We will continue our support of Books in Homes at Miramar South School and also explore with the Principal of that school the feasibility of providing Year 4 students with their own personal copy of the Bill Boyd inspired Usborne Dictionary. It is a major Rotary initiative internationally to provide all year 4 students at a Decile 1 schools, with a copy of the dictionary. I have a copy for review if anyone would like to see this (it is a beautiful pictorial dictionary), as does our Youth Director, Phil Shannon. • The motor-bike ride in support of Polio Plus from one end of the country to the other, has been put back from November to early March next year. More details when available. • The first global ‘Day in the Life of a Rotary’ is planned for 10 October. On this day, Club members throughout the world will take photographs of members in action. The Rotarian magazine is looking for a variety of photos that showcase the activities we get involved in. It may be that we use this date for working at the Karori Sanctuary; a beach clean-up, or working with our Cluster group and holding a barbeque at Chaffers Park, or similar. More news later. • Advance notice. We have been approached by Young New Zealander’s Challenge as to whether we would be willing to host a lunch on Wednesday 4th November, at the Hotel Intercontinental (in place of our usual breakfast meeting) at which Prince Edward would be guest of honour. Prince Edward is international President of the Young New Zealander’s Challenge. Not surprisingly, we have said yes, and are honoured to have been selected to bring this event to fruition. It will be a lunch instead of our usual breakfast meeting, and will raise funds primarily for the Challenge. However, we will also raise some funds for our Goal Setter Awardees. As noted, this will take place at The Intercontinental and will include an auction of a small number of special items. Please note the date in your diary – more details will follow shortly. Ticket numbers are obviously limited

and I have already sold tickets to other Rotary Clubs who are keen, so if you wish to commit now, please let Christopher know. • Data-show projector. For some years now we have relied on the goodness of various Club Presidents to provide a projector for speakers to use. This is not entirely practical and we would now like to purchase a projector – whether new or second-hand – for the Club’s exclusive use. A new projector starts at some $1300 pricing. It may however be possible to secure a better deal or get a good second-hand one. Is there a member or members out there who would be willing to (a) donate an older projector to the Club or (b) sponsor the purchase of a new one? Please let me know. • Subscription notices have been sent out (if you did not receive your copy please let Peter Whittington know) and a good number of people are also including a donation to Polio Plus – which is great and thanks for supporting this Club goal!! Other matters Melissa Moon’s fund-raising evening this Tuesday 18 August 6.00 p.m. Holiday Inn Please support this evening if you can. It is specifically fund raising for Melissa – she has to meet all her own costs to go the World and Commonwealth Mountain Championships – even the cost of her own uniform – imagine that!!! Cost is only $25, which includes drinks and nibbles. A special auction will be held to help Melissa raise funds. She will be providing a motivational presentation on her Blue Planet Run and the highs and lows of performing at World championship level. Please support our Honorary Member – email Christopher if you can join us at this great evening. Wellington on a Plate – Sunday Lunch – 30th August – Shed 5 – 1.00 p.m. – Welcome to Spring! A reminder that we have a lunch table booked for Sunday lunch – 30th August – at Shed 5 - to take advantage of Wellington on a Plate offers and also fund-raise for Polio Plus. Cost is $50 total which includes a two course lunch, a glass of wonderful wine, and a $15 donation to Polio Plus! Seems like a win/win to me! If you are not yet registered, please put your name on the clip-

board on Wednesday or email Noel Winsloe. Also, please bring funds in payment on Wednesday if possible. Thanks. Support for Rotary Youth Enrichment Program (RYPEN) Whilst support for this program has not been included in the budget, at the relatively modest cost of $180 per person, plus $60 for transport to and from Taihape we may be able to make this happen. RYPEN is a programme for 14 – 17 year old young people of both genders who possess qualities of decency, sincerity, persistence and application that deserves further development. It is organised in Rotary District 9940 by the Rotary Club of Taihape and held at the Kawhatau Outdoor Education Centre near Taihape. This is a facility owned by the Rotary Club of Taihape and administered by a local Trust made up of Rotarians and local outdoor enthusiasts. When: Friday 9th, Sunday 10th and Sunday 11th October. The program is planned to challenge all participants in situations that develop: confidence – leadership – team co-operation – physical limits – social skills and bush craft. It is intended for young people who have not experienced other outdoor pursuit experiences, and who may have difficulty (as a result of their family background) experiencing these. This is a ‘chance’ for us to give some-one a significant hand-up. If you know of a suitable candidate, please let me know soonest – time is short. Thanks. National Science and Technology Conference Again, we did not have a budget allocation for this, however two members of the Club have offered to sponsor half of the cost of a person attending this intensive Conference, at a cost of some $635. This is sufficient for us to go ahead and we are now actively sourcing suitable candidates. Ruchi Support We have had great results from our support of the Ruchi water project – thanks to the efforts

of the Club, spearheaded by Jean Phipps. Attached is a photo of persons working on the dam project, plus a photo of the plaque installed recognising the contributions of the Rotary Clubs involved. Well done! Thanks to our support, the dam continues to provide water to the villages.

Volunteers cleaning the front of the dam

Sally Paterson’s Funeral Sally Paterson’s funeral will be held at the Wellington Cathedral of Saint Paul, Molesworth Street, at 2.00 p.m. this coming Tuesday 18th August. It would be fitting if you can support this occasion. If not, and you would like to make a donation to the Malaghan Institute as requested by the family, we will be facilitating this.

Congratulations! To Phil Shannon who celebrates his wedding this coming Saturday 22nd August – our best wishes go to Phil and his partner for a fabulous day and married life together.

Apologies for 12 August
Jessica Graham Bob Moffat Penny Robson Jane Mitchell Jean Phipps Tony Fullerton Smith Nick Dangerfield Andre Lategan Rod Dimock Mark Pickering Andrea McIlroy Leave of absence – Libby Kemp


If you can not meet your duties, please arrange a

Paul Harris Quotes:+ “This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it.” + “Perhaps dreaming is not so bad if one dreams good dreams and makes them come true.” + “Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse and power to bless.” + “Ignorance is a menace to peace.”

Advise apologies to Paula Smith by texting/calling 021 398-145 or you can email ppmck@xtra.co.nz by Tuesday at 5pm Make-ups to Richard Brodie: richard.brodie@xtra.co.nz Bulletin information to André Lategan at portnicholson@gmail.com


2011 RWC Home Hosting
Anyone interested in hosting International Rotarians during the Rugby World Cup, September - October 2011, please contact Howard Tong. Ph 3848507 or 027 2012400, email howard.tong@xtra.co.nz or send your Name, Address, Email and Club name to P O Box 11-835, Wellington You can get full details fo the hosting programme on www.rotarydistrict9940rugbyhosting.com

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The 50th anniversary of Rotary Youth Exchange for District 9940 is next year and a Reunion is being held from 21-23 August 2009. If you were, or know any past exchange students please urge them to contact: rye9940_reunion@xtra.co.nz for more info.

Calling all past Exchange Students!

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