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									STATE OF TEXAS COUNTY OF BRAZORIA CITY OF LAKE JACKSON BE IT KNOWN that the Traffic Commission of the City of Lake Jackson met in regular session on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 7:00 P.M. at Lake Jackson City Hall with the following present: Locke Sanders, Chair Madeleine Felsted Larry Rosenbohm Robert Orr Jack Rudder Modesto Mundo, Asst. City Manager Robert Turner, Police Lt. Robert Stark

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Jack Rudder led the pledge of allegiance to the flag. APPROVAL OF MINUTES On motion by Madeline Felsted second by Robert Orr with all members present voting “aye” the minutes of the May meeting were approved as presented. VISITORS’ COMMENTS There were no visitors to speak on a non-agenda item. CONSIDER REQUEST FOR SCHOOL ZONE ON CROCUS FROM PETUNIA TO ANCHUSA – BOB MEAGHER Bob Meagher, 522 Daffodil stated there are a large number of cars traveling along Daffodil along with a large number of children on bicycles. Mr. Meagher asked for a school zone to try to slow the cars down at least during the school hours. The Commission felt this needed looking into in August when school started and reviewed again at the September meeting. CONSIDER PLACEMENT OF TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGN ON BUMELIA AT ITS INTERSECTION WITH CORKWOOD On motion by Madeline Felsted second by Larry Rosenbohm with all members present voting “aye” approval is granted to place notification signs on Bumelia at its intersection with Corkwood for the placement of a yield sign. CONSIDER PLACEMENT OF YIELD SIGN ON RED OAK COURT AT CROCUS On motion by Larry Rosenbohm second by Madeline Felsted with all members voting “aye” recommendation is made to City Council to place a yield sign on Red Oak Court at its intersection with Crocus. DISCUSS PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC IN THE DOWNTOWN AREA Discussion followed on the amount of pedestrian traffic downtown and the difficulty of mainstreaming it with the center parking throughout downtown. Also discussed was the speed problem in the downtown area and who had the right of way, the pedestrian or the motorists. Mr. Mundo reviewed the downtown rehabilitation plans for the downtown area intersections. Concerns were expressed about placing too many signs in the downtown area. The Commission felt signs stating yield to pedestrians were needed at: 1. Circle Way and (south intersection) Oak 2. Circle Way and (north intersection) Oak 3. Center Way and Oak 4. Parking Way and Oak 5. That Way and Oyster Creek Drive 6. This Way and Highway 7. West Way and Highway On motion by Madeline Felsted second by Robert Orr with all members present voting “aye”

recommendation is made to City Council to place signs at all entrances to downtown stated “yield to pedestrians”. ACCIDENT REPORT – MAY The May accident report was accepted with thanks. COUNCIL ITEMS Mayor Sipple stated a letter has been sent to TxDot requesting no trucks in left lane. The city of Clute requested a copy of our ordinance and letter. COMMISSION ITEMS Locke Sanders stated the no standing or parking signs along Oyster Creek Drive are not being enforced. He suggested the school be invited to a future meeting and an interpretation from the City Attorney on the sign. Madeline Felsted stated that the pedestrian button at the light at Yaupon shocked her daughter. ADJOURNMENT On motion by Jack Rudder second by Robert Orr with all members present voting “aye” the meeting adjourned at 8:06 p.m. These minutes read and approved this _____ day of ___________________, 2006.

______________________________ Chairperson

_____________________________ Secretary

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