VERMONT CHURCH COUNCIL MINUTES DATE: 06/28/07 Meeting called to order by council president, Peter Antonie at 6:30 PM. PRESENT: Peter Antonie, Bonnie Dauck Patty Herrling, Gary Olsen, Don Parrell, Pastor John Shep, Julie Wright , Jeff King, Klover Schafer, Jon Urness ABSENT: ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANTS: Marlene Ludolf COUNCIL VISIONING: Devotions, led by Pastor John, were followed by discussing the second chapter in Discovering Hope; Building Vitality in Rural Congregation with focus on the vital role of developing a culture of prayer in a Christ centered congregation. Pastor John encouraged the council to initiate an intentional prayer ministry at Vermont. Tuesdays (at Noon and 5 PM) during the month of July was selected for communal prayers for our church and its ministry. Anyone able to attend any of the 15-20 minute sessions are invited to participate. Announcements will be made at worship services during July. Council and other members are invited to submit written prayers for our church to share with other participants. Council members should read the chapter 3 prior to our next council meeting. SECRETARY’S REPORT: Approved (Gary Patty). TREASURER’S REPORT: Reviewed and approved. (Don, Jeff). Discussion highlights: o Plumming Bill for Ladies’ Bathroom paid o Air conditioning $400 o Septic System maintenance verification for State of WI done o Fuel Payment $3500 (Sept-May) o ELCA Mission Support: $2500 donation commitment paid from our Mission Budget.

PASTORS’ REPORT: (608) 513-9885
     Hospital, Nursing Home and Shut-In Visitations: no info No Funerals or Weddings 4 Weddings anticipated between June and October so far. 2 dates confirmed: June 30 and October 13 (Ben and Jenny) Baptisms: no info Bible Study: We hope to resume study sessions in the fall. Important Dates: o July 8: Joint Berry/Vermont worship/potluck picnic at Festge Park with Ukrainian guests. Starts with 10:00 AM orthodox Ukrainian worship service. No service at Vermont that Sunday. Bring a dish to pass for the picnic following the service. There will be a free will offering for the mobile medical mission in the Ukraine. All community members are welcome. Vacation: o June 14-24 o July 24-August 3 o 4 weeks and 3 Sundays left of vacation Mt Zion Baptist Choir: Plans need to be finalized for a date, possibly September 23. Confirmation: Pastor John was contacted by Peter Jonas from Cross Plains with the suggestion of combining our confirmation classes using a format of study one week alternating with community service the next. Will discuss confirmation more at future meetings. Old Business: o Personnel Needs: Pastor John has suggested Vermont would benefit from hiring a part-time youth director to help better focus on our young peoples’ spiritual, educational and relational lives at Vermont. o Equipment Needs:  Chairs for Pastor’s Office  Overhead Projector and Screen  New Microphone for Worship Services (Peter to make call to Select Sound)  Crusifer (Cross on a staff): for worship services.


  


    Bicyle Breakfast: $500 donated. Half given to Christians in Action Food Pantry and half to Vermont Youth Ministry Sign Outside Church: Terry Dewitt working on final design and estimate. Church Directory: Glitch in lead page needs to be resolved. Kim Haugen and Julie Wright are working on it. Stewardship/Vision Team: Next Meeting 6-7 PM before Council meeting on July 18. o New mission statement: Input from congregation to be solicited at the August Mission Fair. May use “Vermont CARES” acronym and ask congregation for input on what each letter could represent as key-stones of our mission at Vermont. o August Mission Fair: Brainstorming session: 1-2 Sundays at the end of August during coffee time after worship. o Set up Mission/Idea Kiosks: Church, Community Global Missions o Post information in Sunday bulletins, newsletters and on the web site so that all members know about mission opportunities they might support with time or resources. Include important dates in a published church calendar (in newsletter and on web) that is kept current. Keep mission activities and dates very visible to all congegants. o Idea/Mission Development: Members inspired to mission should develop their idea, gather other people interested in the idea, come to council to present information and to get approval for any other necessary support, implement, update council. Web Site: Will add monthly event calendar to web site that will be updated by Linda as needed with new information. Can have a 12-month calendar and select desired month to see/schedule what is happening at Vermont. Would also include schedule of church use for weddings, family reunions, etc… so that everyone can schedule events more efficiently. New Visitor/Member Packets: Marlene Ludolf presented ideas with Jill Brisky. Data being collected to determine active membership: Should have a years worth of information by the end of the church year. Membership team (Don Parrell, chair) has written a letter to send to inactive members to encourage them to resume worship and church participation. This will be sent out prior to our annual meeting in January. Secretarial Job Description: Peter presented. Linda would like there to be a single volunteer coordinator to solicit workers and call them for specific projects (e.g. newsletter collating/assembly)so that she does not have to assume this duty. Phones: Wireless phones at church have not been working properly.


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Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 PM with the Lords Prayer. Next Vermont Council Meeting: Thursday, July 19, 2007 7:00 PM at Vermont Respectfully Submitted by Bonnie Dauck, Vermont Council Secretary


VISION FOR THE FUTURE What do we want our church/congregation to look like in 5 years? Knowing that growth involves change, what changes do we foresee? Are we willing to change; in what ways? What do we want to accomplish? How will we get there? WORSHIP:  How can we use our worship services to attract and keep new and continuing members  What changes, if any, do we want to make in our services BUILDING and PROPERTY:  Remodeling projects  Maintenance projects  Planning for growth; potential need to expand facilities  Funding EDUCATION:  What kinds of educational opportunities can we create/use to enhance scriptural instruction and faith lives of our congregants.  How can we devise and use educational programs to enhance ministry and provide community outreach YOUTH/FAMILY:  How can we involve children and youth more in the life of the church  What comes after “graduation” from confirmation; transitioning from childhood to adulthood in the church  How can we make our church more family inviting  How can we foster more parent involvement in the development of their children’s faith lives EVANGELISM:  How do we communicate our mission to the community  How do we attract and keep new members of all ages  How do we assure that our “service teams” are successful  How do we become a welcoming home for anyone/everyone (“all are welcome”)+ STEWARDSHIP:  How can we increase giving to sustain ministry and mission at Vermont  How can we devise useful time/interests/talents surveys and then make optimum use of the information we get from them  How can we integrate our faith with everyday life MISSION:  What ministries are already in place  How do people find out about current and new projects so that they can get personally involved  How can people in the congregation get new projects rolling  How do we encourage individuals to create new ministries  How do we find out about needs, locally and globally, that could be addressed with mission projects  How can we inspire members to become more involved in God’s work in the world (Habitat for Humanity, Adopt a Highway, Food Pantry, etc…) ENDOWMENT:  How do we increase awareness and giving



Goals for 2007: Some of the projected goals for 2007 included (but are not limited to): o We will review and implement suggestions from the Time and Talent Surveys and give feedback to the congregation. We have begun this process with the Adult Bible Study and the “Walk with Jesus” Stewardship Event in February. A council team will be formed to further this process. o We will foster the faith journey of men in our community through programs offered by the men’s ministries that provide “points of entry” into a faith community. This might include the joint area Lutheran Men’s Ministry and the Men’s Night Out, as well as other community events and projects. o We will encourage parents mentoring their children’s faith journeys as they deepen their own through confirmation participation, Sunday School and family events (e.g. a Mallard’s Game, Sunday on the Farm Picnic, Golf Event), or perhaps by having the Men’s Ministry present fathers with copies of the Master Builder Bible when 3d graders get their first Bibles. o We will improve communication using the web site to publish council minutes, the Messenger and monthly calendar. We will also include more information in bulletin inserts and during temple talks/announcement times following worship. o We will help members to connect with meaningful ways to live out their faith in service to God and the world by increasing their awareness of current missions Vermont (e.g, the, Tape Ministry, Quilting, Knitting, Highway Clean-Up, Prayer Chain, Youth Ministry, Men’s Ministry, WELCA) using announcements, bulletin boards, the Messenger, press releases, and our web site. We will also create mechanisms for members to initiate new missions and ministries (e.g, Kitchen Ministry, Prayer Life). We will also create mechanisms for members to find out about projects and missions that might inspire their participation outside of Vermont Church (e.g., Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, Synod Offerings). o We will invite new members to join our faith family by increasing public awareness of Vermont Church (who and where we are and what we are up to), by warmly welcoming visitors and providing follow-up to encourage them to come again, and by encouraging members to invite friends and neighbors to worship with us. o We will invite inactive members to rejoin our faith family at Vermont by updating our membership data and contacting inactive members. (Don Parrell and Joan Haugen have offered to get this process going this spring). o We will update mission and vision statements


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