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					The Common Council for the City of Faith, South Dakota met in regular session on July 17, 2007 at 6:30 P.M. in the Community Room of the Community Center. Mayor Haines called the meeting to order, called roll call, and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Councilmembers present: Afdahl, Becker, Merriman, Rasmussen and Inghram. Councilmembers absent: Maxwell. Others in Attendance: Debbie Brown, Loretta Passolt, Eric Bogue, Paul Peterson and Donn Dupper. Inghram made a motion, seconded by Rasmussen to approve the agenda. Motion carried. Inghram made a motion, seconded by Becker to approve the minutes from the July 2, 2007 meeting. Motion carried. CLAIMS APPROVED: The following claims were presented and read:
Utility Department Finance Office Police Department Bar & Liquor Store Janitor Ambulance Department Swimming Pool Chamber/Community Development James Crockford Gloria Dupper Angela Ostrander Linda Olson Jim Selby, Sr. Dusty Schultes Jim Selby, Jr. David Delbridge Tyler Fisher Amy Ulrich Jim Selby, Jr. Glen Haines Karen Inghram Tom Maxwell Randy Becker Sandra Rasmussen Jim Sheridan Mike Merriman Joel Afdahl Lews Fireworks Combine Insurance Farmers State Bank Farmers State Bank Salaries Salaries Salaries Salaries Salaries Salaries Salaries Salaries Landfill Manager Meter Reader Library Supervisor Library Assistant Part Time Labor Part Time Labor Part Time Labor Part Time Labor Part Time Labor Library Assistant Councilman Mayor Councilman Councilman Councilman Councilman Councilman Councilman Councilman Fireworks Increase on Jon's Ins. Federal Excise Tax SS & Withholding $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 5,865.89 4,312.04 5,548.50 1,999.80 836.51 3,508.76 1,757.16 1,849.80 177.32 157.51 538.98 404.49 469.13 184.70 186.55 184.70 175.74 84.78 277.05 609.51 507.92 323.22 415.57 46.17 277.05 415.57 461.75 2,099.00 1.00 292.20 803.04

Farmers State Bank SD Secretary of State SD Municipal League Tooz Construction Sam's Club Child Support Payment Center Glenn Erhart Child Support Payment Center South Dakota State Treasurer AT&T Auto Center II Banyon Data Systems, Inc. Border States Brosz Engineering Butler Insurance Agency Chemsearch City of Faith Collins, Jon Consortia Consulting by TELEX Country Closet Dakota Business Center De Lage Landen Financial Services Dept of Revenue Dupree Oil Company Faith Booster Club Faith Independent Faith Lumber Farmers Union Oil FedEx Tyler Fisher Ron Frame Golden West Internet Solutions Golden West Technologies Golden West Telecommunications Patty Hauser HD Supply Waterworks, LTD Bill Hibner Hills Material Co. Chuck Jones Lynn's Dakotamart Mid America Computer Corp Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Mitel Corporation NECA TRS One Call Systems, Inc. Penworthy Physcians Claims Co Power House Qwest Communications Rapid City Laundry & Dry Cleaners

SS & Withholding Filing Fee-Articles of Incorporation Elected Officials Workshop Building & Structures Garbage Bags, Table for Bar Child Support Spraying Weeds by Sub Station Child Support Sales Tax Purchase of Accts Receivable Repairs & Maintenance Fund Accounting Support Electrical & Telephone Supplies Airport Project-Engineer Costs Liability Coverage for Derby Supplies Bulk Water Reimbursement for Label Maker General Consulting & Settlements Lifeguard Tank Tops Supplies for Library Copier Lease Drivers Licensing Aviation Fuel Sports Calendar Ad Publishing Supplies Gasoline Postage Professional Services @ Lone Tree Mileage DSL Internet Help Desk Special Access & T 1's Reimbursement for Bar Supplies Repairs & Maintenance Clean Trees @ Cemetery Oil Lunch-Getting Supplies @ Rapid City Supplies Toll Messages, Cabs Processing Misc Telephone Switch Support Telecommunications Relay Service Locate Fees Library Books Ambulance Billing Chain for Chain Saw Services Expenses Ambulance Laundry

$ 3,536.16 $ 25.00 $ 60.00 $ 4,869.05 $ 134.14 $ 177.00 $ 100.00 $ 177.00 $ 3,018.55 $ 356.64 $ 259.29 $ 770.00 $ 1,014.06 $ 10,924.97 $ 214.00 $ 530.76 $ 21.68 $ 26.48 $ 2,790.00 $ 45.00 $ 103.92 $ 44.46 $ 80.00 $ 3,657.50 $ 125.00 $ 324.49 $ 2,091.09 $ 2,248.98 $ 9.60 $ 2,000.00 $ 224.07 $ 1,451.33 $ 171.91 $ 2,998.85 $ 167.55 $ 1,431.33 $ 200.00 $ 32,464.26 $ 18.00 $ 955.29 $ 739.15 $ 58.00 $ 4,340.85 $ 586.67 $ 3.00 $ 142.24 $ 588.16 $ 24.00 $ 31.89 $ 140.40

Reliable Corporation Rick's Auto SD Dept. of Environment & N.R. Schwan's Sales Ent. Servall South Dakota Network State Property Management The Pool & Spa Upstart Vilas Health & Variety Wells Fargo Brokerage Services, LLC

Supplies Repairs & Maintenance Drinking Water Fee Misc Mats, Mops, Fresheners 800 Data Base Query, Call Name Delivery 2000 Chev Pickup Pool Supplies Library Supplies Supplies Lease Purchase Agreement

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

192.79 276.50 220.00 53.28 504.63 94.90 2,000.00 10.31 78.68 63.82 8,578.88

Inghram made a motion, seconded by Becker to approve all claims as presented. All yes votes. Motion carried. The June revenues were $179,842.13 and the June expenditures $141,494.05. ORDINANCES & RESOLUTIONS: Becker introduced the following resolution and moved for its adoption: RESOLUTION NO. 07-17-07-01 WHEREAS the City of Faith needs to transfer and that the Finance Officer be authorized to transfer funds as of June 30, 2007 in accordance with the adopted Budget Plan: 510.00.............. from General to Ambulance Restricted Cash 250.00.............. from Water to Capital Outlay 250.00.............. from Electric to Capital Outlay 8,800.00.............. from Telephone to Capital Outlay 1,000.00.............. from Sewer to Capital Outlay 1,087.55.............. from Liquor to General 15,000.00.............. from Electric to General 23,000.00.............. from Telephone to General Seconded by Inghram. All yes votes. Motion carried. 7:15 P.M. – Temporary Malt Beverage Hearing: Faith Stock Show had submitted an application for a temporary malt beverage license for August 6 – 12, 2007 for Lot 2 of Lot A of the Fairgrounds Addition and August 8 – 12, 2007 for Main Street, Between 1st and 2nd Streets. Mayor Haines allowed for those in favor or against. Afdahl made motion, seconded by Rasmussen to approve the Temporary Malt Beverage License to Faith Stock Show. Four yes votes. Inghram – no. Motion carried. Executive Session: Inghram made a motion, seconded by Rasmussen to retire to executive session to discuss possible litigation at 6:50 P.M. Motion carried. Mayor Haines declared the council out of executive session at 7:20 P.M.

Afdahl made a motion, seconded by Becker to approve paying one third of the $5400 owed to Tooz for the lift station with Tooz paying one third and Architectural Concepts paying one third. Motion carried. Afdahl made a motion, seconded by Merriman to approve a Settlement Agreement with Creative Crete, LLC on the overlay of the bar floor to pay 30% of the agreed amount of $8,500 if Creative Crete, LLC will sign a ten year warranty on the floor with any cracks being repaired and if a piece ten inches square would break, the floor would have to be tore out and redone at no cost to the City of Faith. Motion carried. Dino Stories Unit: Ron Frame had explained the Dino Stories Unit for July 2008 at the last meeting. Rasmussen made a motion, seconded by Becker to approve utilizing the unit during July of 2008 to work with the “Traveling Sue Exhibit” at $500. Four yes votes. Inghram – no. Motion carried. Travel for Bullock Days: Tabled until more information from Ron Frame. Pandemic Flu Grant and Meeting: The City of Faith was awarded a grant for the Pandemic Flu Planning that needs to be done. There was a mandatory meeting in Sioux Falls on July 17, 2007 that Ron Frame is currently attending. Afdahl made a motion, seconded by Becker to approve the grant and travel. Motion carried. Building Permits: Kelly Daughters submitted a building permit for Lots 9 and 10, Block 22 for a 28’ X 70’double wide house. Rasmussen made a motion, seconded by Inghram to approve the building permit. Motion carried. Painting Project: The building committee met and went through the gym for paint specs. The exterior of the Municipal Building and old shop are also in need of paint. Merriman made a motion, seconded by Rasmussen to bid out the painting and have it done right away and open bids at the August 7, 2007 meeting. Motion carried. Signs (Welcome): Horizon’s II group would be able to pay half on three new welcome signs made of metal. Two land owners on the east and west end were called and agreed and the third sign is on City property. Zane King submitted quotes. Afdahl made a motion, seconded by Rasmussen to approve three new welcome signs at $650 a piece not painted. Motion carried. Scrolling Sign:

Rasmussen made a motion, seconded by Afdahl to approve a $600 frame for the scrolling sign. Motion carried. Minimum Wage: Minimum Wage changes from $5.15 an hour to $5.85 an hour as of July 24, 2007. Becker made a motion, seconded by Afdahl to approve changing jailer/matron to $5.85 and changing Jaci Hellekson to $6.00 and Randall Smith, Jozelle Fordyce, Dusti Varland, Brittani Lemmel and Brianna Lemmel to $5.85 and need to change the pool wage scale to $5.85 to $6.50 and Library Aide from $5.50 to $5.85. Motion carried. Prairie Dogs: Afdahl made a motion, seconded by Inghram to approve D & S Prairie Dog Control at $9.50 an acre to do the pasture by the dump. Motion carried. Hire Meter Reader: Inghram made a motion, seconded by Becker to hire Jon Collins for meter reader due to knowing the meters. Motion carried. Purchase at State Property Management: Merriman made a motion, seconded by Becker to approve the purchase of a 2000 Chevy pickup for $2,000 from State Property Management. Motion carried. Surplus Property: Becker made a motion, seconded by Rasmussen to declare the following as surplus property: Lot 13, Block 24 Bar Stools Pabst Blue Ribbon sign Bacardi bottle sign Wooden Shelves Old Door Old Sink Electronic Dart Board Work Bench with grinder Sweeper for sidewalks Rug Cash register ribbon and tape Price marker Bar Counter Old transmission Dar Machine Motion carried.

Faith Chamber: Paul Peterson, on behalf of the Faith Chamber discussed with the Council about revisiting the issue of reimbursing the Chamber for some salaries. Afdahl made a motion, seconded by Inghram to approve reimbursing salaries up to $1500. Motion carried. Arrears List: Council reviewed and discussed the arrears list. Committee Reports: Fire: Merriman stated he is on a task force for a Severity Team for sixty days so may be gone for a few meetings. Bar Committee: Bar Improvements: The bar committee met and discussed more of the remodeling ideas.  New Sinks in the Bathroom need ordered with possibly a cabinet  New Mop Boards around the bar need to be ordered and installed  Swinging doors need ordered  Discussed the water coming in under the floor  Discussed tin on the bottom of the bar.  Foot rail was discussed  Personnel issues were discussed  Approve Hiring Carrie Collins as a fill in bartender  Ventilation was discussed and look into a exhast fan.  Tables and Chairs need ordered Afdahl made a motion, seconded by Merriman to approve the committee’s recommendations. Motion carried. Building Committee: Library: The Library will have the east end painted by our part time extra help. Other Items to be Discussed: Some concern about the use of City equipment and the rates were discussed and will be brought up at the next meeting. Randy stated that Dave Gebhart was talked with about spraying at the Lake for weeds.

Mosquito spraying was brought up and Donn Dupper stated it will be done as weather permits. Inghram made a motion, seconded by Afdahl to adjourn. Motion carried.

___________________________________ Debbie Brown, Finance Officer

______________________________ Glen Haines, Mayor

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