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Tips For Buying Travel Insurance By Matthew Kepnes

Travel insurance is something you will need to have traveling. You never know the problems you could face and many regular insurance plans won’t cover you overseas. Check with your health care provider or insurance company to find out if you are covered for accidents and sickness when you travel overseas. If you aren’t covered, you should buy travel insurance. Moreover, travel insurance cover more than just you but also covers the things you take with you on the road, any accidents that might occur, or trip cancellations that might happen. A good travel insurance plan should cover the following: • Covers the majority of countries in the world. • Make sure they cover your electronics. • Cover injury and sudden illnesses within the country and abroad. • Twenty-four hour emergency services and assistance. • Cover lost, damaged or stolen possessions like jewelry, baggage, documents, etc • Cover cancellations such as the trip, hotel bookings, flight, and other transportation bookings. • Cover emergencies, strife in the country visited, and other emergencies that cause you to head home early. • Cover hazardous activities such as jet skiing, scuba diving, sky diving, paragliding, etc. • Policies should include personal accident coverage. • Cover any legal expenses if incurred. • Financial protection if any company you are using goes bankrupt and you are stuck in another country. You should also know what is not protected and is excluded. Travel insurance policies do not normally cover alcohol or drug related problems, or carelessness in handling your possessions and luggage. You won’t get reimbursed if the problem occurred because you were inattentive. Additionally, travel insurance often covers health problems. Don’t buy a plan that doesn’t. If you get sick on the road, you want to make sure you are covered, especially if you are injured during an outdoor trek and need to be airlifted somewhere. You do not want to have to cover the costs of that yourself. Make sure your insurance company provides at least 500,000 dollars in health coverage. If you make a claim, remember travel insurance companies, no matter how good, are there to make
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money and will try to avoid paying out as much as they can. Make sure you have all your receipts and necessary forms. Be prepared to wait awhile to receive your money too. Even the best companies drag their feet. There are a lot of great companies out there. Two of the best travel insurance companies are STA Travel and World Nomads. Depending on what your needs and requirements are, one of these companies will meet your requirements. Make sure you read the fine print in any contract and agreement before you sign it because if something does go wrong, you don’t want to be the victim of a legal loophole. Another way to get travel insurance besides signing up for a specific insurance coverage is via your credit card. The majority of credit cards offer travel insurance. American Express, Capital One, and Citi all offer various degrees of protection depending on the card you have with them. American Express offers the most comprehensive coverage but if you have a high fee card or good credit, usually any company offers good insurance. Just remember though that this credit card coverage does not include health insurance. No matter what kind of trip you take, it is important that you buy a travel insurance plan before you go abroad, especially if you are going away for an extended amount of time. You never what could happen while traveling, what could get misplaced or stolen or who could get ill with what. It is better to be safe than sorry for the few extra dollars travel insurance costs per day. It is a advisable expense for some peace of mind. Matt is a long term traveler with a lot of experience. He runs a travel website where you can find more information about travel insurance at

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Guide To Cheap Annual Travel Insurance By Stanley Emerson

Vacations are for fun, it means leaving behind your job and responsibilities for a while. Having travel insurance is one way of putting your mind at complete rest. It's a lot easier to enjoy your trip if you know that you are covered from luggage lost to sickness. The further your trip will be, the more you will need travel insurance. This is common sense, as international trips are costly, so there's a need to protect your hard earned travel money. So wherever you go, to a local or international destination, it's very important that you have the necessary insurance coverage. Cheap annual travel insurance is an alternative choice for those budget- conscious travelers who are making more than one trip a year. The main feature of the annual travel insurance against regular travel insurance is that it saves you money. For a once annual payment, you become covered whenever you travel during the year. The terms and conditions vary between companies, but annual insurance for unlimited travel is also available. Cheap annual travel insurance provides substantial cost savings than any regular type of travel insurance. Here are some tips for choosing your best cheap annual travel insurance: 1. Sign up with a reputable insurance company that has worldwide offices which can easily be contacted during emergency needs. 2. The insurance company should have a 24/7 customer assistance which is an essential for international travelers. 3. Always make your office's 1-800 number available to you when you are abroad. 4. The cost of the insurance should not be more than 10% of your investment. 5. Read the terms and conditions of the policy to make sure you aren't buying unnecessary or inadequate coverage. 6. Look for refundable policy, especially if you have the history of changing your mind too often. 7. A good insurance should cover at least the following: a. Flight cancellation or delay b. Luggage loss and delay c. Sickness and accident during the trip. d. Evacuation support during an emergency situation such as natural calamities Cheap annual travel insurance is good for you if you take vacations more than once a year. Instead of taking several insurance each time you travel, you can make use of a single travel insurance that could save you a lot of money and time. On the other hand, if you travel less often, an annual insurance policy is not for you since you will not be able to recover the cost.

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