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Timing The Stock Market By Marvin J Markus

The conventional wisdom is that what really matters when you are buying stocks is the value of the company that the stock represents. While that may be true for very long term investing it is definitely not true for short term trading. With day trading or momentum trading the biggest key is timing. A great example of this can be seen with some big name stocks that have taken some big tumbles over the past year: Citigroup, AIG, & GM. You probably think that nobody could have made money on stocks like these but that's definitely not true. I know from personal experience because I recently made a great return on both Citigroup & GM and I wanted to get into AIG (but was short on cash at the time.) I think people learn best through example so let me run you through the possibilities with each of these stocks. I will show you how you could have both made huge gains or huge losses with each of these stocks depending on when you bought and sold them. Citigroup: If you had bought C at $23 in October of 2008 and sold it for $1 in March of 2009 you would have lost about 95% of your investment. If you had bought $10,000 worth of C stock you would have had only about $430 left! But if you had bought Citigroup at $1 and sold it just two weeks later at $3 you could have trippled your investment. A $10,000 investment could have sold for about $30,000! Do you see how in the case of Citigroup timing is the difference between having $30,000 or $430 in your bank account? GM: If you had bought GM for $23 in May of 2008 and sold it for $1.50 in March of 2009 you would have lost 93.5% of your initial investment. If you had invested $10,000 you would have had only $650 left. But, like with Citigroup you could have made huge returns with General Motors if you had bought (and sold) at the right moment. If you had bought GM at that $1.50 price in March you could have sold it at $3.50 just three weeks later for an awesome 133% gain. Your initial $10,000 investment would be worth over $23,000 in such a scenario.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
AIG: Probably no other company has been a bigger symbol of the economic collapse than AIG and yet even with this company you could have made big profits if you had got in and out at the right time. Again timing is everything. If you had bought AIG stock for $49 in May of 2008 and sold it for 35 cents in March of 2009 you would have lost over 99% of your initial investment! If you had bought $10,000 worth of AIG you'd have less than $70 left. Sadly this scenario is all too real for a lot of people who were heavily invested in AIG. But if you had bought AIG at 35 cents and sold it at $1.62 just two weeks later you could have made an amazing 363% profit. The $10,000 worth of stock you had bought could have been sold for nearly $50,000. Yes, in the case of AIG timing could have been the difference between $70 and $46,000. I think my point has been made. Those that do very well on the stock market are those that know how to best time their buys and sells. For the momentum trader it's not so much about which stocks are bought but about when they are bought and just as importantly, when they are sold.

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The Importance of Timing in Stock Market Investing By Jack Benson

When it comes to stock market investing, timing is everything. The only option that exists for a successful stock market investor is to aim for the best timing for maximum profits and fewer losses. Companies issue their stocks to raise capital and invest in the business. Stocks are made available to the public so they can buy and sell them. The price of stock depends on the supply and demand involved, much like the cost of any other item. The stock market takes full advantage of the concept of supply and demand. Getting into the business of stock market trading often yields more significant profits to investors as opposed to entering into an ordinary stock enterprise. There are a wide variety of stocks to choose from when any investor embarks upon stock trading. Among thousands of registered stocks, there is also always a moving stock out there. Those who go about carelessly proceeding into the stock market are certain to have undesirable results. Large losses may be incurred if the market trend is not properly predicted. On the other hand, small profits are frustrating to the purpose of stock market trading and earning major money. Uninformed stock traders can wind up waiting around for a decisive moment that might not ever arrive. Timing The Market Investors use market timing to predict when the market will change its course. By using market timing, investors seek to avoid the negative effects of poor stock market trading. When using market timing, it is automatically presumed that the decisive point can be predicted ahead of time. By examining pertinent economic data and the price, the direction of the market is predicted to encourage more lucrative stock trading. Having The Best Timing The aim of those seeking to be successful at stock investing is to have the best timing. The consistency of such trend prediction is subject to a variety of factors. While market timing sounds like a certain way to make big money, it is not without serious effort. Serious exertion is required involving persistence in studying various market factors and ongoing effort to remain knowledgeable about current market trends. Mere speculation must be avoided. Speculating is a desperate move used when a stock investor has not done the proper homework. Sometimes investors purchase stocks based on a hot tip they got from someone else. Unfortunately, the majority of these hot tips wind up being false since they are usually offered by parties with their own vested interests. To have effective market time, investors must get actively involved in research about the company’s history so they can calculate the trend by charting the movement of the stock’s price. The value of the stock must be analyzed to make a fairly accurate prediction about the market trend. By using this method, investors develop standards for when to purchase and when to sell so they can accurately time their investments.

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Other considerations as a stock investor include when to resell the stock purchased when it reaches peak value. With analytical research and knowledge, investors can realize maximum profits by taking calculated risks. For more information on stock market timing -- including a growing collection of stock investing tips, strategy and advice -- visit: http://stockinvesting101.net

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