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March 2007 - Download as DOC by lonyoo


									United Church of Christ
Rev. Beth A. Benson 206 North Locust Street Prescott, Wisconsin 54021 Phone 715-262-5668

Greetings in Christ! May the grace of God flow through you and bring you to times and places of great joy! We had a wondrous farewell and blessing service for Gary and Renee’ Afdahl. Thank you to all who ventured out on the snowy day! Gary served as our organist and then choir director for 10 years and his absence leaves a huge whole in our congregation and in our worship. The council has wisely chosen not to try to replace him immediately. During this interim time we will invite a variety of musicians to be in worship with us, allowing us to taste and try a number of things that will help us discern the new ministry of music God is dreaming of and hoping for us to have. We welcome your prayers, your open hearts, and your listening spirits as we ponder the possibilities and discover the future God has in mind for us. Please mark your calendars for Thursday, April 26th. We will be welcoming a high school choir from Kenosha, WI for supper and an evening concert. These talented youth will be on tour and their director is a member of a UCC church near Kenosha. We need people to provide a place to stay that evening (2 or more youth per household), so be thinking if you have room for some musical youth in your home! How lovely it is to be God’s people, learning the friendship and fellowship of Jesus and sharing it with everyone we meet. Thank you to everyone who has taken time from the hurry and hustle of daily life that we might worship together. It is so wonderful to look out on a sea of your shining faces as we gather to hear God’s word and tune our hearts to God’s grace, giving thanks for all the blessings that have been poured out upon us. Blessings and Grace!

COMMUNITY N EWS March 7 -Lenten Meal (6:00 pm) -Worship (7:00 pm) All are welcome! Ala-Teen meets here Wednesdays at 6 pm and AA meets Thursdays at 8 pm Pastor Beth will attend the Division of Church and Ministry on Thursday, March 8 Confirmation meets Sunday, March 18, beginning with worship at 9:30 am. Lenten Study group meets Sundays at 8:30 am Next Church Council meeting is March 13, at 6:30 pm The next Book Club meeting in on March 20 at 6:00 pm. We are reading Mutant Message from Down Under, by Marlo Morgan. Everyone is welcome to join us. To Our Friends at Prescott United Church of Christ: Renee’ and I would like to thank everyone involved in the wonderful dinner, gifts and cards presented to us on our last Sunday -- February 25th. We also want to thank the Church Council for the beautiful clock given

to us that day. We will always value the friendships that have developed while we were at the Prescott Church. We are proud of the service we have provided to the church and hopefully it was a good experience for the people of Prescott UCC as well. Having been involved in church music for well over forty years, I expect I will continue serving in that field somewhere in the area. Many Thanks again, --Gary and Renee’ Afdahl Our Mission To create a Christian community where all people are encouraged to make the journey of faith in the fellowship and friendship of Jesus Christ. Our Church Staff: Ministers: All Members of the Church Fax: 715-262-4868 email:

Pastor: Rev. Beth Benson Church: 715-262-5668 Pastor Beth: 715-307-0664

Lenten Schedule -- United Church of Christ
Wednesday, March 7
For you alone, O God, my soul waits in silence, from you comes my salvation. -Psalm 62:1 6:00 pm Light Supper and Fellowship 7:00 pm Worship - Evening Prayer

Wednesday, March 14
Jesus said, ‘You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’ -John 8:32 6:00 pm Spaghetti Supper -- Scouts 7:00 pm Worship - Evening Prayer

Wednesday, March 21
As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God, for the living God. Psalm 42:1 -2 6:00 pm Light Supper and Fellowship 7:00 pm Worship - Evening Prayer

Wednesday, March 28
Jesus said, ‘It is the spirit that gives life. -John 6:63 6:00 pm Light Supper and Fellowship 7:00 pm Worship - Evening Prayer

HOLY WEEK SERVICES: Palm / Passion Sunday, April 1 9:30 am Worship Thursday, April 5 7:00 pm Worship w/ Communion Good Friday, April 6 7:00 pm Worship at w/ S. John’s UCC Easter Sunday, April 8: 7:00 am Sunrise Service w/ Communion 8:00 am Breakfast 9:30 am Worship w/ Communion

ALL ARE WELCOME February Sightings by Sedgwick, our Church Spider Sedgwick sleeps in dark corners around the church, noticing acts of kindness and gifts of grace. Sometimes Sedgwick sleeps and misses things--if you have noticed something happening in our church that you are thankful for, please leave a note or call us! Thanks to our February Ministry Team: Ted & Loretta Ewing, Carol & Larry Fischer, Joan, Jeremy, & Mason Koller, and Peggy Kosin Thanks to Matt Feiten, Vince Actenberg, Matt Filkins, Hallah Jensen, Shaylean Moss, Carol & Larry Fischer, Anita & Floyd Miller, Mary Peterson, Karen Moss, and everyone who helped with the February 28 th Lenten Supper! Thanks to all who ministered at the Care Center in February! Vince Achetenberg, Matt Filkins, Matt Feiten, Lori Feiten, Jeremy Koller, Allie Mossong, Hallah Jensen, Anita Miller, Shaylean and Karen Moss, Betty VandeBerg, Marlys Friedrich, Linda and Mike Mossong, Mary Peterson, Muriel Mercord, and Pastor Beth. Thanks for helping us share our mission of growing the friendship and fellowship of Jesus with the lovely people who live and work at the Prescott Care and Rehabilitation Center. Many people helped with the Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper, those spotted by Sedgwick include: Lori Feiten, Matt Feiten, Vince Achtenberg, Nancy Marx, Jeremy Koller, and Lynn Wright. The supper was put on by the Board of Education--Marvin Johnson, Sue Hildebrandt, Joan Koller, Julie Woodman, and Anita Miller...Thanks for the wonderful feast. The pancakes and sausage were delicious. Thanks to the 55 people who came to eat and share in fellowship with one another. The Sweetheart Dinner was a marvelous success. The food was delicious, the music beautiful, and the companionship wonderful! Thanks to Eric and Kris Sampson for donating the food from their Green Mill Restaurant and for all their hard work. Thanks to Mavis & Gary Melstrom, Phyllis Hatten, Lori, Michelle, & Matt Feiten, Anita & Floyd Miller, Nancy Marx, Linda Langenfeld, Marlys Fiedler, Derek Schmidt, Larry & Carol Fischer, Jan & Ed Peterson, Mary Peterson, Lynn Wright, Pastor Beth and the many people who helped in various ways! The church received $959 for our mission of growing the friendship and fellowship of Jesus in our congregation and in our community! Thanks be to God! Thanks to Jack Ewing for clearing up so much snow from around the church in the wee hours of the morning on February 25! Thanks to Mary Peterson, Anita Miller, and Carol Fischer for helping in the church office! Thanks to Nancy Marx for all her hard work keeping our financial house in order! Thanks to Mark Most and Dennis Eaton for working with Jim Kariesch on the plans for a handicapped accessible bathroom in the church! Thanks to Fred Benson, Phyllis Hatten, Gary Melstrom, Carol Fischer, Lynn Wright, and all those helping to keep our church clean and beautiful! Thanks to Julie Woodman for organizing our Book Club! Thanks to Margaret Flower and Anita Miller for providing food for the first gathering! Thanks to Terry Flower for all the work on getting a church website up and running!

Thanks to Brenda Geister for her timely, accurate minutes at Council meetings! Thanks to Jeremy Koller for helping prepare and serve lunch to our Confirmands at their February meeting! Thanks to Gary Afdahl for 10 years of awesome music ministry! Thanks to Renee Afdahl for 10 years of sharing in our congregation! Thank you to everyone for supporting our congregation spiritually, financially, and with the many gifts of your hands and hearts! Thanks for the gift of vacation--time to spend with my family and have adventures that renew and sustain me so that I can continue to be in joyful ministry with all of you! --Pastor Beth Prayers of the People Gordon Ahlgren passed away, Tuesday, February 20, and a Memorial service was held on Saturday, February 24th. We give thanks that Gordon is home with God and we pray that his wife Dorothy and his family, and friends will be held in God’s most tender embrace during this time of loss. Betty House fell at her home in Texas, we pray that God’s healing will flow through her with strength, health, and a speedy recovery. She is hospitalized at Knepp Medical, 1401 East 8 th St. Weslaco, TX 78596. Her room # 956-969-5227 Please pray for our music program and for the people who will offer a ministry of music to us in the months to come, as we discern what God is calling us to do and be in terms of our ministry of music. March musicians are Judy Belland and Dee Jensen. We give thanks for their help during this interim period. Please keep John Peterson in your prayers as he continues to recuperate from injuries he sustained while serving in Iraq. Please keep the family of Linda Cain in your prayers. Please keep the family of Grace Neinstadt in your prayers. Grace passed away March 1 st. We give thanks for her 100 years on this earth. Please keep Donna Johnson in your prayers, she is hospitalized after breaking some vertebrae in her back. (She is Renee’ Afdahl’s mom)

Note: These Meeting Minutes will be reviewed at the next Council Meeting.

Church Council Meeting Minutes
Date: February 13, 2007

Attendees: Dorothy Algren, Ted Ewyng, Brenda Geister, Phyllis Hatten, Margie Kariesch, Nancy Marx, Anita Miller, Gary Most, Mike Most and Pastor Beth Meeting Called to Order 1 The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by moderator Mike Most. 2 Pastor Beth led the group in prayer.

Minutes from Previous Meeting 1 The minutes of the last meeting, January 9, 2007, were approved upon a motion by Anita Miller and seconded by Margie Kariesch. Treasurer’s Report 2 Reviewed the Balance Sheet from January of 2007. No issues were noted. Church Business 3 There will be an AA Annual Gathering on March 17 in our church. 4 The Sweetheart Dinner was a success. 87 people attended. The Church was wonderfully decorated and the food from Green Mill was excellent. We will continue to discuss how the proceeds will be used. Bathroom Remodeling Project: Reviewed the plans for our bathroom remodel. The bathroom will be remodeled so it can safely accommodate a wheel chair. There were a couple of changes noted.


Old Business 1 We have the following Sundays covered for the organist: March 4, 11, 18, 25, April 15 and 29. We will continue to look for people to fill in as we look for our permanent organist. Still need someone to play on Easter Sunday. 2 We will continue to look for someone to take over as pianist. We need to determine what the scope of the job will be. We will have an interim period where we have temporaries filling in until we determine what is needed. A potluck brunch honoring Gary will be held February 25 – immediately following the 9:30 Service. All are encouraged to attend and bring something to share. The worship service that day will focus on Thankfulness.


New Business 1 After the Worship Service on Sunday, a group of youth and adults will be going to the Nursing Home. The event will consist of singing and reading. This will be a wonderful opportunity for our confirmands. 2 3 Strove Tuesday will be Tuesday, February 20 from 5:00 – 6:30. We will serve pancakes with lots of butter. The Lenten Services will be held on Wednesdays at 7:00. There will be a light dinner served before the services starting at 6:00. The following groups will be involved in the meal preparation. All are welcome to join in: February 21 – None for Ash Wednesday February 28 – Confirmands, Carol Fischer and Anita Miller

March 07 – Naomi Circle will make Sandwiches / Anita Soup March 14 – Boy Scouts to prepare Spaghetti Dinner March 21 – Church Council March 28 – to be determined  In order to make sure our Church is properly maintained, Phyllis will lead a group to prepare a list of what needs to be done. These will be prioritized. All Church members will have the opportunity to help. A sign up sheet will be posted in the back of the Church The next Council Meeting will be Tuesday, March 13, at 6:30. Respectfully Submitted, Brenda Geister January Financial Report -- from Treasurer, Nancy Marx Income $7,340.85 Expenses $8,656.82 [$1,315.97] The balance in the checkbook from 2006 took care of the deficit this month. The property taxes on the church home of $1,498.64 are paid. Quarterly health, dental, and pension are due for the 1 st quarter of 2007. Health $2,170.23 Dental 236.25 Pension 1,821.25 $4,227.73 *******

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