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By David R Morgan


In the hot Heartlands of Africa, as the Big River moved slowly by, a baby spotted Hyena was born, youngest of four cubs. Her name was Fisi; so cute her family and clan loved her at once. Fisi was bouncy, bright, but … Fisi couldn‟t laugh! Hyenas always laughed and spotted Hyenas laughed the most. Her family by the Den didn‟t understand. Fisi never made a sound. Fisi‟s family tried to make her laugh. Fisi‟s father balanced on his back legs; „whoops‟ he fell flat on his nose. Fisi‟s mother ran round and round tickling her tail with her tongue. Fisi‟s two brothers nipped each others ears: „ouch, haha, ouch.‟ Fisi‟s sister spun on her back making a funny face: „wheee.‟ Fisi‟s Clan went: „Chortle, chuckle, ho…Ho…HO.‟ Fisi never made a sound. Not far away, little Musonda the lioness, Born at the same time as Fisi, Roared to please her family. Roaring and ROARING as loud as she could. Through the hot air of the Heartlands Musonda‟s roars carried. Fisi sensed something; the sounds we make show who we are. Fisi worked hard to find her sound. Fisi‟s mother and father laughed: „Heehee; go on.‟ Fisi‟s sister laughed: „Heehee ; go on.‟ Fisi‟s brothers laughed: „Heehee; go on.‟ And Fisi did find her sound:

„Booellaming.‟ Small at first, then BOOM : „BOOELLAMING.‟ Fisi‟s brothers were shocked: „Ho, no!‟ Fisi‟s sister was shocked; „Ho, No!‟ Fisi‟s mother and father were shocked: „Ho, NO!‟ „Be quiet Fisi.‟ They all said. But Fisi had found her sound: „BOOELLAMING.‟ Fisi was pleased with her sound: „BOOELLAMING.‟ But no one else was. The clan backed away, not liking it one little bit. „ Booellaming… Booella… Boo… „ Fisi, upset, saw that she was different; different was bad. Fisi‟s sound was not needed. She would stay silent. The spotted Hyenas of her clan kept away. Fisi was different; different was bad. Her family loved her but they couldn‟t help. Fisi played by herself, growing up away from the Den. In the distance Musonda also was growing And she had seen the Hyenas. All around the hot Heartlands, Elephants trumpeted : „Hoooot,‟ Giraffes grunted: „Grrunt,‟ Ostriches cackled: „Cakcak,‟ Zebras barked: „Arfarf,‟ and Black Rhinos snorted; „Snorrt.‟ Always silent, Fisi loved listening, pretending to play with them. Not far away Musonda watched Fisi. A Hyena so alone, so quiet would be easy to catch. „ I can prove I‟m a hunter.‟ Pleased with herself Musonda „purrred.‟ It was another hot morning when Musonda set out to catch Fisi. Fisi saw Musonda coming towards her, she raced to warn the Clan. A lioness! Danger! The other Hyenas seeing Musonda dashed for the Den. But Fala, Fisi‟s sister, fell. Fisi rushed to her and Musonda caught them both. Fisi stood in front of Fala to save her. Musonda, smiling, made her sound: „ROAR.‟ So Fisi made hers: „ Booellaming.‟ Musonda‟s mouth snapped shut. Such a strange sound! „BOOELLAMING.‟

Musonda backed off. Fisi, gathering up all her strength, bellowed: „BOOELLAMING.‟ Musonda, shaking, shocked, bounded away. „BOOELLAMING.‟ Fisi‟s family and clan gathered around, as the Big River moved slowly by. Fisi‟s sound so strange but strong had made the clan safeIt had also given a nearby Ostrich an awful headache!Fisi was a hero, her sound now needed ( but not too often!) Different wasn‟t bad.

It was a sunny Summer‟s day; birds were singing, flowers smiling and Andy‟s Anger was here again. On such a wonderful sunshiny day Andy‟s Anger was here again; And Andy couldn‟t say why! Andy could clearly see his Anger, Growing face to face with him and his Anger was hopping mad. Spikey hair popped out all over Andy‟s Anger‟s head. A huge scowl fixed itself on its face And a little tail twirled out, twitching crossly. Though nobody but Andy could see his Anger, Everyone could see what it did. It kicked the cat and frightened the goldfish. At Reception Class it scribbled all over Miss Finpincher‟s Register. “Andy please, you naughty boy!” Andy‟s Anger stuck its long tongue right out at her. At Playtime the children in the playground were having a lovely noisy time. “QUIET!” yelled Andy‟s Anger. All the children stopped and stared at Andy. “Andy!” said Miss Finpincher, “Your voice is so cross today!” She wrote a note to his mum and dad.

At Lunchtime Andy‟s Anger sneezed on the children‟s food; “AAATCHOOOOOOOO!” Sausages shot across the floor, chips stuck to the ceiling And „ yuk!‟ saucy baked beans bounced into everyone‟s hair. Andy‟s mum and dad were asked to take Andy home. Andy‟s Anger made Andy sad; he was in BIG trouble. “Go to your room.” said mum and dad. At once it jammed the dvd into the dvd player And messed up his bedroom. “ Ha Ha Ha !” It went. Andy was really upset now. He tried to fight his Anger, But this only made his Anger stronger still. It boomeranged all around the house; Mum‟s computer crashed „BOOM!‟ Dad found eggs exploding all over his head. Light bulbs burst; toys tumbled everywhere And the dvd shot out cutting the head off teddy. This was going far too far. Andy‟s Anger threw Andy‟s sister‟s doll Straight out of the window And made Andy‟s sister cry : “Why? Why? Why?” “ NO! No more! ” said Andy, “ STOP!” Andy saw his Anger really clearly now, so so badly sad. “You‟re me right?” Andy said, “ So GO AWAY! ” Andy‟s Anger stared at him and stared at him And then jumped all over the place seeking attention, Hating everything. Andy turned his back on his Anger. “NO! “ screamed Andy‟s Anger, “ DON‟T!” “Yes.” Said Andy calmly “ Will.” Suddenly the whole family could see both And nobody could quite tell who was who. “Andy doesn‟t have a tail, does he ? “ said dad. “Not unless he‟s been hiding it!” Said mum, “ And look, he‟s spiky as a hedgehog! ” Andy turned and smiled. Andy‟s Anger scowled. Andy touched his Anger‟s foolish face. Andy‟s Anger grew smaller. Andy stroked his Anger‟s spiky hair. Andy‟s Anger grew smaller and smaller and… SCRUNCH ! …

Was gone. “ I promise you won‟t ever see my Anger again.” said Andy, “ Not this day or any other day. “ And Andy‟s family all said : “ HOORAY !”

(3) JO JO

“Is Jo Jo, starlight now?” asked Rebecca, the day after her grandma died. “Yes,” said dad, “I think she is.” Years before as a little girl Jo Jo had made friends with the night time stars. Like living fireworks, She understood their stories and so, as she grew, no whispering shadows could ever sneak through. Jo Jo told the stars stories to her son and then to her Little granddaughter Rebecca. “Look there‟s Ursa Major, there‟s Ursa Minor and there‟s Orion‟s Belt smiling at us.” Said Jo Jo dancing and as she danced It seemed as though she was surrounded by sparkling starlight. Rebecca‟s nights were magic. And then the magic died. “If grandma is starlight now,” Rebecca said, “ Can I see her?” “Perhaps,” said dad, “If you need to enough.” Rebecca gazed through her bedroom window. “Twinkle, twinkle Grandma Starlight, show me where you are tonight.” But still the magic was hidden from her. The following night Rebecca repeated her rhyme; Still nothing… But something was coming. The whispering shadow came as Rebecca lay in bed.

It was a strange little dog whispering in her ear; Naughty, playing with her toys, doing silly things. Rebecca hardly slept at all. The next night more whispering shadows came. They were big bugs; very naughty; Whispering all the time, bouncing off walls; Webbing ceilings, scuttling about never staying still. Rebecca got really fed up. On the third night whispering shadows flooded Rebecca‟s bedroom. They were large fish swimming in air, with nasty big mouths blowing bubbles that burst noisily : pop, Pop, POP. The crazy fish circled, looped, spun, darted and swirled. They surrounded Rebecca and she felt like she was trapped In some mad fish tank. She didn‟t know what to do. She pleaded : “Grandma Starlight, please, please show me your magic tonight.”

Suddenly starlight sparkled into her bedroom, zig-zagging it with magic. Each whispering shadow fell silent. Each whispering shadow became luminous as the starlight touched it. Each whispering shadow dropped to the floor flapping, Gasping and then „POPPING‟ like a burst bubble disappeared. “Thank you for coming back to me Jo Jo.” Said Rebecca. She got into bed and fell soundly, peacefully asleep… And in the night time sky, Grandma Starlight smiled.

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It was an ordinary day. As usual, mum and dad were busy. As usual, Toby‟s sister Rebecca had eaten her scrambled eggs too quickly.

As usual, Toby wouldn‟t touch his spaghetti. Suddenly, he realised something… Toby climbed up between the kitchen door frame and touched the ceiling with his tongue. “I‟m Sticky Boy!” he said. Mum and dad were surprised to see Toby climb so high. “Clever boy,” they said. Rebecca tutted and fed her hamster, Sparkle, some carrot. Soon Toby was climbing walls and switching lights on and off with his toes. “Be careful please Toby.” Said mum and dad. “Boys are so silly.” Rebecca sighed and put her dolls to bed. When Toby hung upside down from the living room ceiling dangling a rather large spider from his nose, dad and Rebecca screamed: “ Ahhhh! NO!” Mum said : “Stop Toby, that‟s enough!” Rebecca‟s best friend Emma had come for a sleepover. They were in Rebecca‟s bedroom eating pizza and sweets. “Why,” asked Emma, “Is your little brother „stuck‟ outside your window smiling at me?” “Oh, he thinks he‟s Sticky Boy.” said Rebecca.

It became quite difficult getting Toby off the roof; especially when he was playing with sparrows! Toby hung off evening lampposts and climbed over houses, talking to bats and owls. “Toby. Time for bed.” said mum and dad, “NOW!” Rebecca watched from her window. “Boys are so silly.” she sighed. “He will grow out of it won‟t he?” said mum. “I do hope so. “ said dad, “Still, at least he‟s eating his spaghetti now.” “True.” said mum, “ even if he does do it upside down!” But when Toby stuck to the top of the No 32 bus that stopped right outside his house, And then disappeared for four hours, that was it! “You are NOT to be Sticky Boy any more.” said mum and dad, “go to your room.” “Serves him right,” said Rebecca, “ Boys are so silly!” Toby was very sad. “I am Sticky Boy.” he said.

Though as soon as he heard mum and dad he dropped down from the ceiling into his bed. “I bet he was „sticking‟ when you weren‟t looking.” said Rebecca spying into his room. The next day in the shopping centre, Mum , dad, Rebecca, Toby, a wacky woman and a young man, whose mobile phone wouldn‟t work, were stuck in the lift. Trapped! “Sticky Boy?” mum and dad said desperately. Toby didn‟t need telling twice. He went up the side of the lift and out of the trap door on the ceiling. “Cool.” said Rebecca, “ Go Sticky Boy go!” He climbed up the lift shaft to the top. “Wicked.” said the young man shaking his mobile phone. The wacky woman laughed and twirled around. It wasn‟t long before Toby brought help. The lift started moving. Mum, dad and Rebecca smiled. “Wicked.” said the young man, looking slightly surprised as his mobile phone started playing a very silly tune. The wacky woman clapped and hummed happily along. Now mum and dad just wave when Toby climbs up the side of the shopping centre Rebecca simply says “Cool!” Because Toby is Sticky Boy!


Orla is tired of being ordinary. One night, Mighty Melvin swoops down into her room and reveals the secret of being mighty.

(5) Or What ?
I have the most ordinary life and nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. My pals call me Orla. But Mum always calls me Or and it‟s always „Or What !?‟ “Or!” “What ?” “ Can you fetch the paper?” “Or!” “What?” “Help your dad in the kitchen.” “Or!” “What?” “ Will you take out the rubbish?” “Or!” “What? “Or!” “What?” “Or! “ …. Sometimes I wish I had superpowers. I wouldn‟t have to do household chores or even go to school. I‟d be too busy

saving the world! Surely Mum would understand that! But I‟m just Orla Ordinary. Just Or to my friends. I am nothing special… But Mighty Melvin can fight like a dynamo… …and bolt like a torpedo. He freezes crooks with a single look. He can memorize a ton of books. He might be a pigmy hippo, But he‟s also the ultimate superhero. Then, one night, something strange happened. I was in my night things, clutching my stuffed Mighty Melvin when I heard… “Wake up, Or.” Huh? I rubbed my eyes and saw him. I blinked twice. Yes—it was really him! “Mighty Melvin!” I gasped. Mighty Melvin, in his magnificent pigmy hippo glory, was hovering about my room. “Want to fly for a bit, Orla?” I bobbed my head eagerly. Mighty Melvin took my hand and pulled me up in the air. We flew through my window and zipped into the night. And then we landed somewhere. Black smoke was thick in the air. A building was burning nearby! “Those are firemen. They rescue people and put out the fire,” Mighty Melvin pointed towards a group of men holding big hoses. “But they can‟t freeze the fire like you!” “I know, Orla,” Mighty Melvin said quietly. Next, we flew alongside a rushing ambulance. The red sirens wailed loudly. EEEWOOO! EEEWOOO! “We‟re on our way to the hospital. The person inside the ambulance needs help,” Mighty Melvin whispered urgently. “Those are doctors and nurses. They look after our health and help save lives,” said Mighty Melvin. “Some of them look tired. They‟re not a dynamo like you!” Mighty Melvin looked me in the eye and said, “I know, Orla.” We took off again and flew inside a funny smelling room. Several animals were making noises. “A veterinarian is another kind of doctor,” Mighty Melvin pointed at a

woman who was peering into a baby rabbit‟s eye. “She‟s an animal doctor.” “I bet she doesn‟t have x-ray vision like you.” “No, she doesn‟t,” agreed Mighty Melvin. Mighty Melvin swished his bright blue cape. We spun round and round until everything was a blue blur. Then we stopped. “Where are we?” I asked, quite dizzy. “We are at the dentist‟s. Dentists take care of our teeth. They use special tools to fix our teeth.” “Well, you don‟t need special tools to do your job. Right, Mighty Melvin?” “Right, Orla,” Mighty Melvin nodded silently. “Help!” someone outside screamed. “Someone is in trouble. We‟ve got to help them!” I clambered on top of Mighty Melvin‟s back and we swooped towards a street. Just below us, uniformed men were chasing a robber. “The police catch crooks and help protect people,” said Mighty Melvin as the policemen seized the thief. “But they can‟t run as fast as you.” “No, they can‟t,” Mighty Melvin sighed. Mighty Melvin put me on top of his shoulders. In a flash, we were standing inside a room I know very well. “Hey—that‟s Miss Penny!” I said, surprised. “Teachers help children like you become doctors or policemen someday.” “But she can‟t memorize 10 books in a minute like you.” “No, she can‟t,” Mighty melvin glanced at me again as if he wanted to say more. “The people we‟ll meet next are very special,Orla.” Mighty Melvin took my hand and we zoomed back to my house.

Dad was cooking in the kitchen and Mum was fixing the lights. But they didn‟t notice Mighty Melvin and I were there. “Your parents love you and they want to help you become the grownup you want to be,” said Mighty Melvin as he ruffled my hair. Mighty Melvin knelt down so his eyes levelled with mine. “The people you‟ve seen today are not superheroes, Orla But they‟re still special people. You know why?” “Uh…,” I screwed my face in concentration. They are certainly ordinary people. But they certainly don‟t act ordinary. “They are able to help people even if they don‟t have powers?” I asked more

than answered his question. Mighty Melvin‟s eyes twinkled at my answer, but he didn‟t tell me why. “Close your eyes, Orla. And I‟ll tell you a secret we superheroes keep.” “Oh! Okay,” I said, a bit puzzled. Maybe he‟s going to tell me the magic word that will turn me into Mighty Or! I closed my eyes and waited. Mighty Melvin whispered these words that I will never forget. “When you help people without asking for anything back—you get a superhero‟s heart. You stop being ordinary. You become mighty special.” My eyes sprang open. I found myself still tucked in bed. Soft sunlight spilled in my room. Mighty Melvin was nowhere in sight! It Must‟ve been a dream! But it seemed so real! I looked at my stuffed Mighty Melvin. A golden heart was pinned on its chest. Superhero‟s heart! He gave me a superhero‟s heart! “Or! Time to eat breakfast!” Dad called. I stretched a bit and bounded down the stairs. Mum and Dad were already at the table. I gave them each a quick kiss. “I‟ll wash the dishes later!” I chirped. Mum raised a brow and smiled. “You are mighty cheery today. What‟s gotten into you, Or” “A superhero‟s heart!” I beamed. And from then on, I stopped being Orla Ordinary… and started being Orla the Mighty.

David R Morgan

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