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Commandant Cecil Cheeka_ Sr


									Olympia Marine Corps League
Detachment 482

The Straight Skinny
September – 2008

Vol. 7 No. 6

Commandant: Cecil Cheeka, Sr. Vice Commandant: Steve Ostrander, Jr. Vice Commandant: Dave Ball, Sgt. At Arms: Chuck Lang, Adjutant/Paymaster: John Britcher, Judge Advocate: Mike Partridge, Chaplain: Dave Grundl, PAO/Editor: Ken Clark, Quartermaster: Steve Sumsky. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN:
BOY SCOUTS -John Sager COLOR GUARD - Dave Grundl PARADE MARSHALL-Chuck Lang PATRIOTISM - Ken Clark ROSE SALES - Alan Hoover TOYS FOR TOTS: John Moysiuk Detachment Historian: Linda Clark Web Sergeant: Dave Ball SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS: Dept. of WA Representatives to the WA Veterans Legislative Coalition: Primary: Dick Marcelynas Secondary: Mike Partridge Member at Large: Ev Brown

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Upcoming Events Muster Minutes Short Rounds This Month in Marine History

Upcoming Events
Satturday,, Augustt 23rd -- Atttenttiion on Deck!! Alll handss,, ffalll outt tto wallk ((orr rriide)) iin tthe Raiiniierr Parrade.. Wearr tthe uniifforrm,, orr ass Sa urday Augus 23rd A en on on Deck A hand a ou o wa k o de n he Ra n e Pa ade Wea he un o m o a
much off iitt ass you have,, and musstterr iin Raiiniierr bettween 0900 and 1000.. The parrade kiickss offff att 1100. ALREADY Done much o a you have and mu e n Ra n e be ween 0900 and 1000 The pa ade k ck o a 1100 Satturday,, Augustt 23rd -- We wiilll be holldiing a Rose Salle att Cabella''ss.. Check wiitth Allan Hooverr iiff you woulld lliike tto hellp outt Sa urday Augus 23rd We w be ho d ng a Rose Sa e a Cabe a Check w h A an Hoove you wou d ke o he p ou fforr a couplle off hourrss. ALREADY Done o a coup e o hou Saturday, August 30th- We will be holding a Rose Sale at the QFC at the intersection of Yelm Hwy and College Street. Check with Alan Hoover if you would like to help out for a couple of hours. Should Be completed upon your reading this. Saturday, September 6th - At 0700 Commandant Cecil Cheeka will hold an EXECUTIVE MEETING of officers at Bailey Motor Inn at 3333 Martin Way East. At 0800 we will hold our monthly MUSTER AND DETACHMENT BREAKFAST MEETING at the ELKS CLUB just west of Ralph's Thriftway at 1908 4th Avenue. Saturday, September 13th - Detachment 482 has been asked to provide the Color Guard for the Military Family Support March, as we did last year. The event kicks off at 1000 beginning at Wal-Mart, get there around 0900. Parking will be on the right, as you look at the front of Wal-Mart, next to the freeway. The March will leave Wal-Mart turn right on Galaxy Way and proceed down Galaxy Way to Martin Way, turn right and proceed to Great Floors, we will march around Great Floors and then return to Wal-Mart. We will need 2 rifle bearers and 3 flag bearers; contact Dave Ball if you would like to participate.

Olympia Marine Corps League
Detachment 482

The Straight Skinny
September – 2008

Vol. 7 No. 6

Muster Minutes
Minutes of August 2nd, 2008: Commandant Cecil Cheeka opened the meeting at 0840. Sergeant At Arms Chuck Lang, secured the quarters and led us in a Pledge of Allegiance. Chaplain Dave Grundl offered an opening prayer. OFFICER REPORTS & OLD BUSINESS: Guests/New Members. Dan Brennan introduced MSgt Tim Linn, who retired from the Corps after serving from 1975 to 1998. Tim was a DI and a distinguished rifleman. John Sager introduced Gary Comstock, who served from 1998 to 2002. Gary used his expertise as a member of the D.C. Drill Platoon to help the Boy Scouts with their rifle drills. Both of these men joined our Detachment before the end of the meeting! Welcome to both of you! Report of the Paymaster. Adjutant/Paymaster John Britcher was in Texas, so Junior Vice Commandant Dave Ball gave the report of the Paymaster. Dave reported that the Detachment made about $500 last month, and that Tim Collins became a Life Member. Dave also reported that the Detachment received a $100 donation following our Color Guard's performance at the Capitol Rotunda last month. Rose Sales. Alan Hoover reminded everyone that we had two Rose Sales scheduled for August. The first will be on the 23rd at Cabela's, and even though it conflicts with the Rainier Parade we had plenty of volunteers to handle both duties. The other Rose Sale is set for the 30th at QFC. Alan arranged the roster for both Rose Sales during the meeting. Dave Ball noted that Cabela's is very friendly toward us because we stepped forward at the last minute to perform the Color Guard ceremony at their grand opening and saved the opening when the rain moved in just before the ceremonies began. Report of the Parade Marshal. Chuck Lang needed flags for the two upcoming parades. Tim Collins moved that we order 14 units of flags for the upcoming parades; Jim McCallum seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Chuck read a nice letter from the Director of Tumwater Parks and Recreation thanking us for stepping up at the last minute and leading the parade with our Boy Scouts Color Guard. Chuck will write back and offer to lead the parade next year. Gilman Pelkey moved that we send a thank you note to Les Schwab for opening their shop and fixing our flat tire in time for us to lead off the parade; Tim Collins seconded the motion, which passed with one "nay". The 2009 State Convention. Senior Vice Commandant Steve Ostrander reminded us that we will be co-hosting the 2009 State Convention with the Tacoma Detachment. They plan to have a meeting after they get bids back for lodging from several hotels. Color Guard Report. Junior Vice Commandant Dave Ball announced that he has received a request from officials of the Military Family Support March asking us to be the color guard for their March on September 13th. The event kicks off at 1000, and we will need 2 riflemen and 3 flag bearers. Flag Folding Report. Chaplain Dave Grundl has no flag folding events on the horizon, but showed us the recruiting packets he has put together to be handed out at Rose Sales to potential members. He offered them to members to keep in their cars in case we meet former Marines or Corpsman in our travels. Report of the Scout Master. John Sager reported that he now has a current list of all of the Scout Masters of the various troops we support. Toys – For – Tots. The Commandant reminded us that Former Commandant John Moysiuk ran our T4T program the first two year it was unofficially ours, John Sager was in charge the first official year, and Bev White the second year. John Moysiuk has volunteered to take over T4T this year with the support of the Detachment members. He will travel to D.C. September 11-14 for training, and he planned to hold a meeting right after our Muster ended. Tim Collins reminded us that he has a lot of boxes and toys left from last year. Chuck Lang has contacted CCTV and they will let us run an advertisement on their station. Commandant Cheeka noted that last year we helped some 4th Stryker Brigade people and the 2nd Stryker Brigade the year before. Dan Brennan got a call from Topping Volvo asking where their award was. John said we should present the awards to the companies that donated last year when we deliver boxes; it will be late, but not TOO late. John Sager moved to nominate John Moysiuk the Toys For Tots Chairman; Tim Collins seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. NEW BUSINESS: Flag Repair. Paul Klenk moved that John Sager should be the lead in acquiring up to $250 to get our flags squared away for the next parade; Chuck Lang seconded. John Moysiuk made the friendly amendment that we request funding from the Marine Corps League to replace our fading 30 year old flag. The motion passed unanimously. Departure Ceremony. Commandant Cheeka received an email from Phil Rumshottel asking for volunteers to help out at the departure ceremony for the 81st Brigade on August 19th at 1500; they are leaving for Iraq. Tim Collins volunteered to chair that effort. John Moysiuk is in contact with them and will work with Tim.

Olympia Marine Corps League
Detachment 482

The Straight Skinny
September – 2008 Vol. 7 No. 6 GOOD OF THE ORDER: Ev Brown announced that a friend of his who had died recently had many gold magazine and videos that he gave to the wounded warriors at American Lake. He asked that if we have anything we would like to donate, we should get it to him or Dan Brennan and they will take it to American Lake as well. Steve Ostrander noted that there is a website called "Friends of American Lake". Chuck Lang reported that he has a new printer for our business cards, but that we will have to cut the cards apart ourselves. Cecil Cheeka came across some dress blue trousers he would sell for $20 to anyone who can fit 34L. Tim Collins will buy them if no one else wants them. Carl Provine's brother is coming up from Texas for a visit; he was a machine gunner at Guadalcanal. Following a raffle and a prayer by Chaplain Grundl, and a rousing verse of the Marines Hymn, the Commandant closed the meeting at 1000. Our next Muster will be at 0800, September 6th at the Elks Club.

Short Rounds
The flag should be displayed on all days; the FLAG HOLIDAYS in September are LABOR DAY on Monday the 1st and CONSTITUTION DAY on Wednesday the 17th.

"Beware the fury of a patient man."

– John Dryden, 1680 – Jean de La Bruyere, 1688 – Jonathan Swift, 1738

"Most men make use of the first part of their life to render the last part miserable." "He was a bold man that first eat an oyster."

"A man should always consider how much he has more than he wants, and how much more unhappy he might be than he really is." – Joseph Addison, 1714 "When in doubt, win the trick." – Edmond Hoyle, Twenty-four rules for Learners – Sir Richard Steele, Letter to his wife, 1708 "A little in drink, but at all times yr faithful husband."

This Month in Marine History
September 1st, 1936 - Mitchell Paige, Medal of Honor recipient for heroism during the campaign for Guadalcanal (1942) enlists in the Marine Corps in Baltimore, MD. September 2nd, 1945 - Japan formally surrendered aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. September 9th, 1950 - Capt. L.E. Brown flew the first Marine combat jet mission. September 20th, 1814 - With the U.S. Capitol destroyed by the British, Marines protected Congress in a hotel. September 23rd, 1776 - Continental Marines were ordered to reinforce General George Washington in New York.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine...
Marines and Families - this is your newsletter! If you would like to contribute, drop me a note! I will get it into the next issue of the Skinny. Also, it would be great if we could all get to know each other better, so I would like to add a profile of a Detachment member to each month's Straight Skinny. If you would like to send me a one or two paragraph biography of your time in the Corps and your life in general, please send it to me by email or snail mail. If you would rather meet for coffee, give me a call!

Respectfully Submitted Ken Clark, Editor


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