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									Interrogating Our Advertised Lives

Francis Raven

Francis Raven 2124 Spruce St. Apt. 1R Philadelphia PA 19103

Fantastic value! Spacious 3BR/3BA, 2200 sq. ft., built 1883. Lg bonus room downstairs (could be 4th BR) Large loft. New paint, carpet, appliances & fixtures move right in! Pool, sauna, hot tub, common area shared by 24 homes part of exclusive gated community within the well-kept secret of Exposed Meadows (Famous zip code.) National Register Status: Undetermined Resource Category: Building Contingencies If a building is a computer If a building is a candidate for flood proofing If a building is a threat If a building is a sentence If a building is a mirror If a building is a "specially licensed location" If a building is a total loss If a building is a mile high If a building is a financial asset or a liability If a building is a symbol of community If a building is a combination of two or more construction types If a building is a designated historic property If a building is a mere expediency

They usually say: “We want something like this…(pointing)…Or they use a building style phrase ie: Colonial, Modern, Spanish…” Then proceed to describe details that is nothing like what they think they are asking for. Good morning lumber! Bricks fit around bicycles. Buildings must point Like fingers Towards the rising sky; Must point like a gaze Towards an ascent Beyond predication: A tree-shaped idea.

$170,000 mortgage as low as $560/month. See APR and terms below.** **Assuming a $170,000 first priority loan with a 30-year term and an introductory interest rate of 3.950 percent (APR of 7.672 percent) for the first six months of this loan, with payments of interest only for the first five years, the borrower will make six payments of $559.58, fifty four payments of $1,062.50 for the remainder of the interest only period assuming an interest rate of 7.500 percent (APR of 7.672 percent), and three hundred payments of $1,256.29 assuming an interest rate of 7.500 percent (APR of 7.672 percent). Existence collapses the poetic dwelling space and the dream of the house into its actuality, but it collapses it with the residue of the fact that it is still uncollapsed. It is this tense that is poetry itself in its calling preface to man‟s existence through language. This is still a preface although the book‟s existence is written at all temporal angles from it. But because poetry is merely a preface, it sometimes appears dispensable, as though its job has already been done. But poetry has already never accomplished its job of letting us dwell. It continues delightfully, mournfully in order to do so. This, in a different sense, is what Heidegger has said is the relationship between poetry and dwelling: “Poetry first of all admits man‟s dwelling into its very nature, its presencing being. Poetry is the original admission of dwelling” (Martin Heidegger, Poetry Language and Thought, 227).

…in the back of our apartment where objects set; where my relation to those objects lays on its back in blue-skied reverie. Those tender objects have all been gathered from our neighborhood‟s dumpsters. They button my life together, I call the entire project, “Dumpster Diving in America”. I am always free to choose someone else's broken patent leather shoes, or their scarves, or their children's drawings. I am always free to imagine their owners‟ lives…

No house was previously rated in this area. You see that parking lot, at that intersection was where the Bixcom‟s had their early mansion. It was once called a chateau, but everybody thought that was kind of ridiculous so they had to stop calling it that and then there was really no purpose for the house so they tore it down. The first step in helping them is to note the type of questions that they're asking (for example, if we're doing a kitchen, and they have 20 questions about 'getting the right look' and none about storage, then it's pretty easy to know that form is going to be really important over function). The baked goods burn houses like lemons burn eyes.

Where‟s the post office? It‟s up third and then you veer toward the coffee shop then past the light that used to be there but isn‟t anymore and there‟s the library with the free internet and the next building is the post office where you can buy stamps and stand in line. We bring nouns back to the architecture by placing odd endings on verbs we knew before in fire.

Fresh Paint is five person group show investigating architecture by way of reducing or exaggerating “architectural space, depicting contrived interiors or exteriors. Some of these settings are fictionalized, others completely devoid of narrative. They are, in effect, non-space and the „every-place‟ at the same time.” Lehmann Maupin is a perfect space to conduct such an investigation as the famed architect and theorist Rem Koolhaas (“Liberated from the obligation to construct, architecture can become a way of thinking about anything – a discipline that represents relationships, proportions, connections, effects, the diagram of everything.”) designed the gallery. The primary question the show urges the viewer to ask is: What are its ethics and how are we to live with it? In essence, what are we to do with architecture?

Due to death I just inherited my parents‟ property. I've been living with my mother at the primary residence in New Jersey for years. The other house is a summer residence in New York State. I want to establish a cost basis for future capital gains but have no immediate plans to sell either home. Can I have realtor(s) evaluate both properties & establish my cost basis by getting their opinion on how much they're both worth at this time? Severed from the long porch, Will travel post-construction. Hinges will die with envy. Yelling : You're a failure as a human being. Try building a house from scratch.

I need to build you a house. Please remind me. There is a stubborn door that I stub my toe on, Too many thoughts Now there is just a shelter from rain and the moss in front of me. The young couple in the photograph were Victor Bloom‟s grandparents and that house is where his father grew up, he grew up and his mother still have to get out a little. Else the rising entrance of how to interpret the danger of its beginning with the crack in the window and some voices, “Do they teach? Or is it just a place for him to do his work?” Coins jingled in pockets, but it is unclear how this constituted work. A towel crumpled at the commencement, full of itself: the golden flame of moving towards the walkman (Noble head screeching idealist for the internship on your heels). You set off the fire alarm in your new apartment with breakfast alone. Lonely, the wrinkle of art criticism isn‟t as compelling as a few poems from the 1960‟s. But she just walked off into golden spring air, a beast humming a Modest Mouse song violently. Before I met her the danger of her education placed me in my home at a dawn I couldn‟t live. The elm tree in back where the squirrels Chattered in the sacrifice and bliss of building As you sat on a limb for your first awkward kiss Which made the beatitude of today.

This 5 bedroom, 1 bath twin in Norristown has a 2 car garage that is currently rented out at $100.00/month and a 1 bedroom apartment over the garage that is in need of total renovation. Home is currently rented out on a month to month lease with a tenant that has been there for over 6 years. Lots of possibilities. Buyer is responsible for obtaining U & O. “through poems, perhaps more than through recollections we touch the ultimate poetic depth of the space of the house. This being the case, if I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace” (Gaston Bachelard, 6).

„Specificity‟ - „species of city‟. Ha!

Incomprehensible shafts of light Through screens largely composed of golf balls: Removing the glare From the editing process: A perfect of process From the present You must decide Which hours will be inevitably lost And which are worth anger: Which minutes of the day Have been eaten by the architecture? (not just how many but which ones exactly).

Each artform has its own questions that it asks viewers (or urges viewers to ask). Architecture asks viewers: What would we do in this building? How would we live there? On the other hand, the art of acting is about motivation and intention. As such, the main question it foists upon the viewer is: Why are they acting this way? Furniture urges people to ask: How do we use that? (This is, of course, a similar question to the questions of architecture.) Photography encourages viewers to ask factual questions such as: What happened? Who is this in the photograph? Is that a van der Rohe building? Painting finally pushes feeling, depth, and soul into the works. The audience might ask of a particular painting: What was the artist feeling when he painted that?

Home with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and wrap-around balcony. Separate bedroom and bath located on ground level, with carport and terrace. …unwanted, but fruitful guests fall into the house of our arguments… Your House is… A system of speech; Eligible for a retrofit discount; Much smaller than it looks on TV; An opinion without foundation; A model of classic proportions; A dump; The most likely place to find lots of bacteria; Probably the biggest purchase you'll ever make; On fire; Ready for the rainy season; Free of termites; Infested with rats; Set up with a wireless network; Very big, beautiful and pretty, so it is very nice! The houses are so crowded they unbuild the urge to build. Space is owned, but in between? Our imaginary beginnings take on some ad hoc form or another. They become not quite so imaginary, but then we own them. Space becomes just that much more overrun and the interstices left for the next generation‟s imaginary beginnings become just that much smaller. So, I have one thing to say to you from the sandbox: keep at least some of your imaginary beginnings imaginary. They‟ll keep longer that way anyway… … the modern conception of friendship does not have as much of an upbuilding concept in it as Aristotle‟s does. That is, Aristotle‟s notion of friendship is centered around the building of character whereas our notion of friendship is centered around the idea of pleasure. This is not to say that these two conceptions do not encompass each other. The type of friendship that builds (or perfects) ones character can be seen also in the friendship of the young who need friends to keep them from error…

I just moved in a month ago and I really like it so far. Fantastic amenities- free shuttle to the Financial District, pools, gyms, exercise classes, etc. Lots of trees and park-like paths and courtyards creating an atmosphere of fresh air and suburban living. Sunniest neighborhood in the city. I live in a studio and it's just right for me. Like the large bay windows. It's pricey, I pay $1500 cuz my window has a nice courtyard view of a fountain and trees, but it's great. …plus a large bonus room… Is poetic dwelling a necessary or sufficient condition for actual dwelling? In Holderlin‟s statement (of course, not a statement at all) it may only be seen as a necessary condition. There are possible worlds in which poetic dwelling resides without the advent of actual dwelling. Of course, these worlds would not then acknowledge their poetic dwelling conditions because they would not have actual dwelling conditions with which to acknowledge them. That is, for the poetic dwelling conditions to be expressed, the form of an actual dwelling must also exist as a medium for the expression of that poetic dwelling. Heidegger‟s idea that there is a causal relationship between poetic dwelling and actual dwelling must be seen as highly speculative for it would almost surely rule out any possible worlds in which there existed merely poetic dwelling without the advent of actual dwelling. Do these worlds exist? They could almost surely not exist with man in existence because wherever man is, man dwells. This would mean that there would have to be a possible world in which there could be a poetic dwelling without man. Is this a possible world at all? The answer to this is no because man is the subject of dwelling. And so, we must rethink our answers. Perhaps it is possible to agree with Heidegger and think of poetic dwelling as causing actual dwelling. Dwelling is, of course, an event because every second in which man dwells is an event and every event has a cause, and thus, it could be said that the cause for every event of dwelling is poetic dwelling. So, perhaps this new line of thought rules out the possibility of a possible world in which there is poetic dwelling without an actual dwelling. Thus it might be said in all fatality that poetic dwelling is a necessary and sufficient condition for actual dwelling. But, of course, even a poetic dwelling needs a foundation and in order to build a foundation we must dig.

In the last scene of the movie the protagonist always exits the building with his straw hat in hand signifying his return to farming and a humbler way of life.

I have a room for rent. Looking for responsible person. prefer mid 30's or older. Must like dogs (I have 2 inside dogs) and smoke and drink heavily. NO loud parties or music. You will have your room and full bathroom (other end from my room) cable, (if you need internet (i use roadrunner) you will have to provide d-link or cable), free use of kitchen and appliances. I'm not real picky but do like a clean home and yard (not white glove clean). The breath of uncut saints Fills the doorknobs Of electrified apartment buildings. Poetry admits dwelling, but poetry is not a site. Measure taking requires a site such as dwelling provides. The site of dwelling is a site of mourning and celebration because presence and absence are both at hand… …the home is to the outer world as the soul is to the body. If one believes in this form of dualistic analogy then one is also committed to believe that the home must in some way express itself in the outer world just as the soul expresses itself in the body…. …Combining this sentiment with the original analogy produces the conclusion that poetry is a way of the home expressing itself. Christian Hellmich‟s paintings dominate the exhibition primarily because they are the most overtly architectural. All three of his paintings present unpopulated exteriors that have no obvious purpose. His works incite viewers to ask the question: What happens to architecture in the absence of people, and thus in the absence of ethics? At a more formal level, theorist Jens Schröter, in an essay about Hellmich‟s work, writes that the “frames and grids in Hellmich‟s works – paneled and/or gridded windows, echeloned balconies, striped deck chairs, and especially the dull windows blocking a voyeuristic gaze into depth – allude to the flatness of the pictorial plane.” Schröter remarks that Hellmich‟s style calls “to memory a past world.” This past world was perhaps one in which we knew what to do with architecture. But if the architectural subject matter in Hellmich‟s paintings alludes to the pictorial plane then we must ask not only what we need in architecture, but also what we need in paintings.

Ranch style home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large deck, and attached 2-car garage. The home includes a 1,641 sq. ft. finished basement with rec room, 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. You searched for „house rate.‟ Did I tell you that I was building the view from nothing but the act of leaving? I began with the pure weight of steel set in a forest and then I remembered that while I built the house. I wanted the building to contain the anxiety of being set in the bug filled sleepless nature of a mature forest. I wanted it to have a realization within it that could have no words: the realization of being apart from and a part of. The entrance of a building, I decided, should be an impossibility that is made possible by the person who enters. Therefore, an adventure would be necessary to become that sort of creator, perhaps a twisting walk in which the end of the axis is never seen, perhaps there needs to be a river in front of the house that you have to ford in order to get there. A moat of dragons and pond guck is just there to tempt your fantasy of leaving while you are there in the house. Always tempt this overarching of emotion with a poem set on the mantel. Do not make the life rot, but make it seem easy with the ephemeral nature of a bundle of flowers fetched for a lover from the prairie. A bouquet should accept your own death in its petals falling silently, but with decisive wonder for the ground.)

Look here, this was your mother‟s and my first house. Your first house, I guess, but we moved before you could have remembered it and then we got divorced. But we were happy here. We gardened back there and there were so many woods you could hike for hours and not see a soul and now it‟s sort of pretentious and developed more and more, but that was then. That house is where I came to start my life over again and learn tolerance and some modicum of devotion. But there‟s a little piece of history for you. But that house is where the crimes allegedly took place late last year…

I Grew Up In A Small Town and Surprisingly Listen to Good Music!
>>Hoochie please, I grew up in the Ghetto<< I grew up in a church, and the only thing preachers are interested in is money.

Spacious Algonquin Townhome. This two bedroom, 1.5 Bath townhome shows like new. Featuring a 19'x18' loft which the seller will convert to third bedroom with closet if the buyer so desires. Carpets have recently been professionally cleaned. Property is vacant and move-in ready. Open floorplan is great for entertaining guests. Kitchen opens to living room and attached dining area.. The kitchen features 42" oak cabinets, all new Whirlpool appliances. Side-by-Side refrigerator with ice maker, Oven with Accubake System and storage drawer, Microwave has removable rack and turntable. Breakfast bar has dishwasher and stainless steel sink. Additional storage under stairs hidden behind coat closet. Oak railing and bannister leads up to laundry hidden away behind 6-panel doors. Great view to open area from all East facing windows. Master bedroom has walkin closet and attached shared full bath. 2-car Garage and parking in driveway for four additional cars. Located minutes from Randall Road shopping and dining. I-90 (within 5 miles), Elgin Metra (within 8 miles) and Crystal Lake Metra (6 miles) are within reasonable driving distance. Moving your reasons up the ladder to the next firehouse. Outside of some ideal, a house, several mittens on the ground. Condition: AVERAGE Quality: GOOD Fireplaces: TYPE UNKNOWN Fuel: GAS Heating: FORCED AIR Water: PUBLIC Sewer: PUBLIC Basement Square Footage: 2100 Garage: ATTACHED One probably just wants to leave the conversation in a position to acknowledge that there is this knows difference: what a


home is and no one knows what a poetic dwelling might be.

Selected product testers will have the opportunity to experiment with select models in the privacy of their own homes.

Painting your house involves choosing a paint color and type (latex or alkyd), estimating how much paint you will need, obtaining supplies, and prep work and painting. You will need to decide upon paint colors for the siding of the house, the trim, and the accents doors...such as shutters and The city turns away from us like an acquaintance or a hardly known route and at the end of it all: flight. Views from nearly every room in this 4,275 square foot dream home. Chainlink fabric symbols floating above newscaster frightened top 40 jam into the routine disrupted by open eyes. My house is off by over 100k. It doesn't add in any extras like pools or being ... My house is very old but we have done alot of remodeling and some ... The city turns away like a dog abandoning her dying master. …pulls architectural features out of focus and transports them onto the artist‟s painterly canvas. These are inhabited spaces from which the viewer is removed. Thus, the audience is still forced to ask the question: what is it that we need in architecture? However, it might turn out that it is not possible to successfully abstract architecture for it is essentially (and not accidentally) concrete. The artist does her best work plowing the potholes with a jackhammer, bringing up the old city; burping up his digestion of her interpretation of the world‟s secret word.

Noise here due to construction is unbearable. They are building a new Russian Hotel and condominiums for phonies who want to piss their money down the drain. Meanwhile, we renters have to put up with the racket! Stay away from this shithole, once construction is finished, rents will skyrocket! I swear they will!

My affirmation is the direct placement of home into each self. Home is our first world, Our first attempt to manipulate objects. The copper bowl full of roses and oriental rugs.

A Must: Rent & Bills paid on time Respectful Clean Easy going Can deal with a cat Stable & Not looking for a party house A Plus: Musician Artist/Graphic Designer Production Engineer Computer Tech & 420 Friendly The house is our sanctuary, not for God, but for life. We say “YES” to God in a church. We say “YES” to life in our home.

“The house, quite obviously, is a privileged entity for a phenomenological study of the intimate values of inside space, provided, of course, that we take it in both its unity and its complexity, and endeavor to integrate all the special values in one fundamental value” (Bachelard, 3).

Desirable neighborhood! Well maintained! Built: c. 1860 Architectural Style: Second Empire Key Number: 054334 Inventory Identification Number: 54240 Survey Code: 101-047-73960-02116

 

Project Status: Built Building Type: dwelling At the level humbled, spiritually so, but could we actually live there? Although busier More dangerous In the transition zone Between each flood Hitting each other And punched in my back window Just to take a few CDs and a tool kit. I‟ve heard there‟s someone who will come Right to your office and fix that. The most annoying part Was the glass all over the seats And the fact that I never want To park again. We are going to be jarred by our world and we do not control our built environment. This is the only way it can jar us. But this isn‟t the end of the story. It‟s true, we‟re not in charge. We don‟t build the buildings. We discover them like we discover language. But we can move things around: flowerpots, trash, our cars, our bodies; we can let people see our movement through our open windows (the placement of which we were decidedly not in charge). It‟s easy to take either side of the equation (planner or citizen) and give it the weight of the world. But no sentence can be true if it is meaningless and meaning cannot breath outside of the possibility of truth.

Home is MOVE-IN READY & AVAILABLE for IMMEDIATE POSSESSION! Must sell! Make offer! Easy commute access. Financing available. The old is new and the new is in between bricks. Violent skyscrapers designed for neck‟s cricks. You will never be evicted! It‟s our guarantee. Ours and ours alone. I mail the letter and know the river god and his mission: The design of houses moving, of voices conversing. I am the open concept of art, not closed cold, But nevertheless defined enough to be communicable. …speaking of the home is a

conversation that anyone may enter. In some sense, everyone has lived in a home. But that is not the case when the conversation concerns poetic dwelling - not everyone knows the nature of poetic dwelling. From the outside the apartments may look old and shabby. But inside they are excellent. I had new carpet new floors and stuff wasn't thrown together just to get me to move in. We confront a double demand: for one thing, we are to think of what is called man‟s existence by way of the nature of dwelling; for another, we are to think of the nature of poetry as a letting-dwell, as a--perhaps the-distinctive kind of building. If we

search out the nature of poetry according to this viewpoint, then we arrive at the nature of dwelling (Heidegger, 215). All walls have been freshly painted in modern but neutral colors: no pastels. Mini barn in back provides extra storage.

2BR apartment available June 1st. Heat & AC included in rent. Hardwood floors. Original bathroom skylight. Street parking. Enclosed lot nearby. W/D. Basement storage. Only extra is kitchen electric $35/mo. Large closets. Open kitchen. Our flight is central to shape the gender for house. Upon move-in, the apartment had not been cleaned. There is air blowing out of the air conditioning vents but the system is completely insufficient to cool the apartment. After 12 repair requests met with a terrible attitude from maintenance staff, I had to purchase 5 window units and run them 24 hours a day to sufficiently cool the apartment. The heating system is no better. Most of the heating system controls are inoperable and remain so after 4 attempted repairs. This results in no heat in some rooms to EXCESSIVE heat in others. I had to leave my windows open all winter long!! I was so embarrassed when my mother came to visit.

Now I climb the old building in order to wear your other clothes.

My islands might sink. What? You don‟t own any islands. Building houses out of ounces. Feeding mirrors as if they were tires.

As you sipped in the sides of a city bliss came smiling through: impositions of a dream deferred. You will not get a minute's rest if you move here. We moved here almost a year ago (thank GOD our lease is up next month) from out of state and it's been a nightmare. Had I read this site before we moved in I would have run as fast as I could. We're not students anymore, so the raucous dorm atmosphere is beyond irritating. Do I want to see female students barefoot in their pajamas with beer roaming the halls and yelling at each other at 2:00 am? Advice: when ex-tenets say it is awful, it is, take the time to listen to them.

Move in today! (the home cannot escape itself) Located on a quiet cul-de-sac in the Minderwere development. Come see this 6 year old home. Awaiting your personal touches. Nice sewer included. If you offered me $100 in small bills to do something outrageous in a government building… savings, … that energy efficiency improvements could produce substantial

but what did you do with common appliances when you were young? Perhaps you misused them, as the first words in the home are misused and lulled and played with rather than properly used. Language in the home should take notes on this misused language. These notes are taken

everytime in the poetry which springs (bedspring) from the home.

If reading is both a practice and a performance And you could make a list of all the other activities that are Both a practice and a performance (architecture, writing, singing, etc.) Then I desperately hope your building doesn‟t fall flat to the ground. the house also hides one as well as it shelters that one (1.„one‟ as as rhetorical device/ this as triad




becomes its own finding in the poem). The house protects something within from something without. The function of the house as protector in a poetic sense is both to shield and to unconceal its inhabitants, but only within it. Try to find a better location for the price. No place is perfect, but this place comes pretty darn close. Virtually everything is at your fingertips. I've had a noise problem with the person above me but the management staff was helpful and took care of it. The leasing peeps were also very upfront and professional.

Gorgeous contemporary split level home with 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, finished subbasement w/fireplace, 2 1/2 car Garage in a terrific location with oversized lot! Everything is new. New carpet, entry door, maple cabinets & pantry, granite countertops, garbage disposal, 1/2 moon lazy susan, double trash can w/door attachment, faucets, Pella patio door, bathroom countertops, attic fans, siding, tear off architectural shingle, gutters and covers, fascia, soffit, air-con w/ high efficiency air cleaner, Aprilaire central humidifier, St. James windows, ceramic tile flooring in bathrooms and above ground 30x15 pool to enjoy the summers and so much more. Nothing to do but move in and enjoy! A true 10+++++++++++++! Hurry, it won‟t last! It will never ever ever last! Not on your life! increasing the police can block a gang‟s but each house pulls its own sounds within perfect sequence, graphically the grievance is obvious for years All of us live in homes, some with poetry, some without, or is that true? Do all homes have poetry written into their bricks? (Or, maybe, not into their bricks, but into the metaphor of their bricks.) These are the questions brought forth by the second possible relationship between poetry and the home. The home is perhaps the ultimate locus of poetic action, that is, where the poetic flows from and towards. Perhaps: “Where I am born, the metaphor begins its travel back”. Is there anything there for the metaphor to flow towards? Perhaps all that exists and remains is the message to flow towards the source. That message is the poetic root and its fulfillment; it is a web of relations that force-feeds back upon itself. Perhaps, perhaps... „perhaps‟ is all one might offer up especially this early in the pages, perhaps. It‟s not enough just to live there, you have to say something about it. You see the work I‟ve done here is not like the work I have done before, it is different; you‟ll see it in the houses. You have to decide if the available amenities are amenities for you, because, after all, custom made is only valuable if it‟s custom made for you.

You have to pay a FEE for EVERYTHING! Getting locked out, maintenance, etc... anyway, most of the office staff is very friendly, except for MARIA! That bitch~!! Maria will not give you the time of day or answer any other questions you have. She is too damn lazy to get out of her chair to even talk to you, probably just sucking on sodas all day, watching soap operas all day. She definitely will set you off. Try to avoid her, if you don‟t I swear your blood pressure will shoot through the roof.

LEGAL REFERENCE NYC Administrative Code -- Section 26-521 DEFINITIONS UNLAWFUL EVICTIONS -- Purpose of the new law is to discourage, through the imposition of substantial criminal and civil penalties, UNLAWFUL EVICTIONS to occupants of dwelling units, by methods which often involve: a. force and violence, OR b. the denial of essential services, OR c. other serious Building Code and Health Code violations. This new law makes it unlawful for any person to evict or attempt to evict an occupant by: a. using or threatening to use force, OR b. interruption or discontinuance of essential services (heat, electricity, water), OR c. removing the occupants possessions from the dwelling, OR d. removing the entrance door, OR e. removing, plugging or rendering inoperable the entrance door lock, OR f. changing the lock on such entrance door without supplying the occupant with a key.

THERE IS NO HOT WATER EVER. We pay sky high prices and get terrible amenities and you pay for every single one with NOTHING included in the price of your rent. STAY AWAY. STAY STATES AWAY. MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. WHY ARE YOU EVEN RENTING IN THIS MARKET?

Blankets and blessings Falling over The image of an open window Calling out, Calling in: “Where have you been?”

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