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									Volume 3, Issue 1 March 2002

Building & Remodeling

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift!
Nothing dates a house more quickly than a bathroom that time has forgotten. Yet any drab or outdated bathroom can easily be revitalized. New products can give you the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Many homeowners want a bathroom in which to pamper themselves. How about you? Budget determines the amount of remodeling that can be done. Do you want to work within an existing space, or expand by taking space from another room? Or would you rather build an addition? Renovating a current space is most cost efficient and least complicated. While the layout of your existing bathroom can be altered some, moving existing plumbing is costly, and building codes require a minimum amount of space between, beside, and in front of fixtures to allow for use, cleaning, and repair. If you’ve decided to remodel, start with analysis of your existing bathroom:
∗ What is the condition of the sink, toilet and tub? Update an old toilet with one that’s


low water consumption. Re-glaze an older tub , or you move up to a whirlpool tub. ∗ Replacing an old vanity can increase storage space. ∗ Does the sink or shower need new faucets? Why not switch to a single lever faucetthey’re easier to use and provide a better mix of temperatures. ∗ A cracked and worn floor can be replaced with new vinyl or tile. ∗ Many older bathrooms have inadequate ventilation. Consider adding a fan to prevent moisture build-up that can ruin walls and cause mold and mildew. ∗ Need more electrical outlets? Add new ones and replace the old with GFI outlets that shut off at the touch of water. Today’s bathroom can be all you want it to be. Enjoy the opportunity to explore the variety of materials, styles and colors available. In the end, you’ll reap the benefits of a bathroom providing form and function.

Martinec Building & Remodeling 83 Canal Street Big Flats, NY 14814 607.562.7333

Lead Carpenter—Tom Howland
Tom Howland’s grandfather was a master carpenter so he likely inherited some of his natural ability for this vocation. In his first year with Martinec Building & Remodeling, he has proven to be an accomplished finish carpenter and a valued member of the Martinec crew . Tom spent twelve yrs with the U.S. Air Force and some time with the National Security Agency. He also did finish carpentry while in the Air Force. He now resides in Corning with wife, Brenda. They have two grown daughters, Leann and Kathy . Tom was self employed for many years but finds working for an established remodeling company gives him more time to spend on his loves - playing golf and working at home.

At Home With Corian

What is Corian? Anything you want it to be. In its simplest form, it’s a sheet. And it’s solid all the way through. It can be for counter tops, sinks, showers, walls. It can be inlaid in a variety of colors, routed, carved, sandblasted, and even thermoformed into columns and moldings. It’s easy to live with, stainresistant, seamless to the eye and renewable. Even after years of wear, Corian can be restored to its original beauty. Corian can be shaped to fit all your decorating and remodeling needs!

A Bathroom Renovation
This bathroom was part of an addition that used the existing garage to make space for a new kitchen, living room, and bathroom! The owners chose a monochromatic color scheme and white, modern fixtures that give this bathroom a bright cheerful feeling. room together. A vinyl floor combines function and design to tie the A durable floor was important since this bathrooms also does double duty as the laundry room.

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