Bathroom Renovation Checklist Congratulations_ deciding that now

					Bathroom Renovation Checklist Congratulations, deciding that now is the time to begin that bathroom remodeling project is an exciting and liberating time. To ensure that you experience a smooth renovation free from undue stress and complications please go through the checklist below and make your style and feature choices to the various areas of the bathroom we will be changing for you. You may notice that some of the style and feature choices are not part of your personalized renovation plan so please mark an ‘X’ in the “not applicable” box for features that are not relevant for your remodeling project at this time. Mainland Ventures Corp. deals with a variety of reputable and high quality suppliers. Many of these businesses have both on-line showrooms and retail locations in the lower mainland. Please visit for a list of the supplier’s websites.
Not applicable Flooring
(e.g., Tile, linoleum, laminate, etc. )

Description (e.g., name, color, size)

Store that carries product

Product identification number

Paint- Wall Paint- Trim Vanity
(e.g., Colour, style, location, size)

Vanity Door Hardware
(e.g., pull, knob, etc )

Countertop Mirror

(e.g., Material, colour)

Lighting fixture Toilet style
(e.g., one-piece, two-piece, bidet)

Sink style

(e.g., basin, above-counter, pedestal, under-mount)

Faucet Bathtub style
(e.g., soaker, jet tub, etc.)

Bathtub/ shower fixtures

(e.g., handheld, rainshower etc.)

Shower surround tiles Shower door
(e.g., frameless glass, frosted glass etc.)

Light switches Door style Door handle Exhaust fan Trim Style
(e.g., Baseboard, crown moldings)

Other (You specify):

If you have an idea of where you would like the various features of your bathroom to be located after the renovation (if they will differ from the pre-renovation location) feel free to sketch it out on the graph area located below. If you would rather have us assist in this drawing or would like to consult with us about ideas, we can work on this with you.