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									The ABCs of St. Teresa Kindergarten
Forming minds and hearts for leadership and service…

Sister Patricia Scanlon, Principal Mrs. Lisa Colangelo, Teacher Mrs. Linda Price, Assistant

Attendance: If your child is sick, please call the school nurse’s office at 856-939-0850 on the day of your child’s absence. Please try to make the call by 8:30 a.m. so that we can check our school attendance list. When your child is absent, it will be necessary for us to record the reason for the absence. Please write a note to us explaining your child’s absence. If the illness extends beyond three days, we will need to have a doctor’s note. Birthday Celebrations: We would love to honor your child’s birthday by sharing a special book with the class. If you would like to send a special birthday book into school on your child’s birthday or schedule a time to come in and read the book to the class-that would be great. If your child has a birthday during the summer, we will celebrate all summer birthdays closer to the end of the year. Book Clubs and Highlights Magazine: As a courtesy to you, I may send home a book order or magazine subscription advertisement for the Kindergarten students. Please know that there is no obligation to buy any of the materials. Buddies (7th Grade Helpers): Students are assigned an older student in Grade 7 to accompany them to Mass and enjoy special projects throughout the year. This is a great way for our students to help each other work together as members of one big school family and to feel like they are a part of a community of learners. Classroom Supplies: The following is a list of supplies needed for September: 1 Red pocket folder 1 Blue pocket folder, 1 box watercolors (8 colors only) Items that should be purchased at school: 1 Plastic School Box (8-1/4" x 5" x 2-1/4"), 5 Becker’s Storybook Art Journals - Ruled Manuscript, 1 box Crayola® Anti-Roll® Crayons - 8 Colors 4" x 1/2" flat-sided, large size crayons, 1 pair Kids Scissors with STEEL safety blades- Blunt (NO plastic blades please and left handed if appropriate), 3 LARGE (FAT) glue sticks* Supplies such as paper towels, anti bacterial gel, wipes and tissues will be requested throughout the yearlook for a note in your child’s folder requesting these supplies. (September, December, and March) We will need and will gratefully accept any additional contributions throughout the school year. Conferences: There are two formal conference days for Kindergarten. The first during the first semester of the year (11/13/09) and the second in the 3rd semester of the year. We will schedule other conferences or mini meetings if needed or when requested by you.

The ABCs of St. Teresa Kindergarten


Custody Circumstances: Please send in any important legal paperwork that will help us to follow the instruction concerning your child’s protection in specific matters. (i.e. Visitation rights, etc.) Please let us know if you are in need of a double set of family information mailings for a parent who may not be the primary guardian but has the legal right to be informed of all school matters and events. Discipline: Responsibility = Choice + Consequences This is the idea that we spend a lot of time talking about in our classroom. Every one of us has a choice about the way we will behave. Most of these choices have a natural consequence. For example: What is the natural consequence of choosing to eat healthy foods? Being healthy! We talk about Rules on the first day of school and I am very specific about what is expected.
Classroom Rules 1. Do your best each day. 2. Put your things away. 3. Be a good friend. a. Hands and feet to yourself b. Listen when others speak c. Raise your hand to speak

I am also very specific about what the consequences are for these rules.

The consequences for choosing to follow school rules: 1. A sticker for the day in our “Ask Me How My Day Went” paper. (5 stickers wins a prize) 2. Happy notes home to parents 3. Verbal praise 4. Pats on the back 5. “High Fives” 6. Handshakes 7. Special privileges The consequences for choosing not to follow classroom rules:* 1. Warning 2. Removed from area and put his/her name on “green”. 3. Put his/her name on “yellow”. 4. Put his/her name on “red” which results in: a. Note home to parents b. A number on “Ask Me How My Day Went” paper c. Delay in receiving a reward for 5 stickers. *Note: The “Hands and feet to yourself rule” has immediate consequences. We have zero tolerance for hurting someone in our classroom on purpose. (Hitting, kicking, pushing) We discuss how serious and important this rule is and that the immediate consequence for a student is to put his/her name on “red” (no warnings)

Donations: We are always happy to receive donations and “hand-me-downs.” Here are some ideas:
 Treats/ rewards: individually wrapped candy, or prizes (party favor type toys, Happy meal toys…think of us when you are cleaning out your child’s toy box) Extra crackers, pretzels, etc. to have on hand for students who need a snack.     Portable cassette or CD players; walkmans, or other small players. Emergent Reading books (Dr. Seuss, Hello Readers, and Step into Reading) that are Kindergarten appropriate. Blank or used cassette tapes to record over Batteries


The ABCs of St. Teresa Kindergarten


Folders: Please check your child’s folders each evening:
 The “Communication” folder is for communication between the classroom and home. Any communication for the teacher or the office should be put in this folder. VERY IMPORTANT *****If communication is left in a backpack or another folder- there’s a good chance that we may not receive it.  This folder will also contain an “Ask Me How My Day Went” paper. This is a monthly behavior calendar. I encourage you to review this behavior calendar with your child and initial each block daily. A sticker indicates a day filled with good choices. A number indicates that there were behavior issues during the day. Each number corresponds to an action or choice that your child made that day with regard to behavior choices. The “Homework” folder will contain a homework sheet with instructions on what to complete homework that evening. All homework should be checked and initialed by a grown up.


Health: Please advise us of any special health concerns (allergies, medications) If you child needs medication during the school day (This includes cough drops), please send a note to the nurse’s office. If the medication is a prescription, it needs to be accompanied by a doctor’s note. It is important that we teach our students to wash with soap and water as often as possible- especially after bathroom use. Homework: The students will have a “Homework” folder each night. Homework will usually consist of one or two short activities. Please help your child to work carefully to do his/her best work. All homework should be checked and initialed each night by a grown up. Internet: Our school and classroom website will have up to date information for your convenience. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about what you see- please let us know.  School website:  Classroom website:  My e-mail: Label Everything: Please label all your child’s belongings (lunch box, school bag, coat, hat, gloves, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. Go crazy! Label Everything! Lateness: In the event your child is late for school, please go directly to the school office. He/She will be issued a late pass and brought to our classroom. Liturgy/ Mass Celebrations: We will attend mass as a class every Monday. We also attend mass on the First Friday of each month. (On First Friday weeks, we do not attend on that Monday) We welcome anyone who would like to attend mass with us. Lunch helpers: We are in need of as many volunteers as possible. (Especially for recess in the school yard) Please sign up to volunteer- if you are unable to commit to a particular day- simply show up when you are free. Our lunch is 11:30 to 11:55 a.m. and recess is 11:55-12:15 p.m.

The ABCs of St. Teresa Kindergarten


Lunch Tickets: Lunch tickets will be sent to you each month. Lunch can be ordered on a weekly basis. Please send in your child’s lunch order on Thursday of the week before you would like your child to receive lunches. Monies: When you are sending money, fees or fundraising materials into school, please make certain that it is in an envelope and that your child’s name, grade and the contents of the envelope is listed. If the envelope is dropped, it can be returned to your child if their name is on it. Sometimes children do not know what the money is for, so please mark the envelopes. Music: We will enjoy music as part of the daily curriculum. We will also have a formal music class each week. Physical Education: The Kindergarten students will be having their gym classes every Thursday, starting mid September. Please make sure your child is wearing his/her gym uniform on Thursdays. Also, please be sure that your child is wearing the gym tee shirt with the sweatshirt and sweatpants on colder days. Picture Permissions: Forms will be sent home to each family for “Parent permission” to use pictures of your child photographed here at school in group activities. Student pictures are often used for our class website as well as for marketing purposes. We do not list names, addresses, or any other personal information when displaying the pictures. If a local newspaper or publication needs information about your child for a notable reason, you can be assured that it will not be given to the agency without your permission. Rest and Recharge: Our rest period occurs after lunch each day. This is a time for the children to rest quietly listening to music. Most kindergarten students need this quiet time to recharge after a busy morning filled with activities and hard work. Students often sit at their desks or find a cozy spot in the room to take a break. Schoolbags: Schoolbags should be big enough for carrying home 2 or 3 folders. We do NOT encourage putting lunch boxes inside the school bag. School Handbooks: These will be distributed to each family some time within the next two weeks. Please read through the general policies and information that you need to know and sign the agreement form. Snacks: It is a good idea to send in a healthy, low sugar snack for recess break and a small juice box. Snack can be put into the lunch box, along with a soft placemat or dish towel to cover the table at snack and lunch time. T-shirts: We are in need of a solid color t-shirt for your child. (No prints, decals or designs please) The t-shirt does not need to be new, but it should be plain. Please be sure that it is a bit large for your child so that it can be worn over a school uniform for the entire school year. We will be putting the students’ names on the t-shirts and using them for smocks. Please be sure that the T-shirt is a bit large for your child so that it can be worn over the school uniform for the entire school year.

The ABCs of St. Teresa Kindergarten


Teacher Communication: If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by e-mail, voice mail, or send a note. 856-939-0333 I will check e-mail and voice mail at the end of each school day, so if you have an issue that needs my attention before the end of the day, it would be a good idea to send a note in your child’s “Mailbox” folder. VERY IMPORTANT*****: Please do NOT leave e-mail or voice mail communications regarding your child’s change in transportation. For your child’s safety- if you need to change anything about your child’s transportation, please send a note or call and speak to a “live” person. Toys: Due to the possibility of loss and damage, toys should not be brought from home. Transportation Changes: Please send a note to school to notify us of any daily changes in your child’s transportation home. VERY IMPORTANT***** For your child’s safety it is vital that you send a note! We cannot rely on your child informing us of the change. Please understand that if we do not receive a note or a phone call about a transportation change, we will send your child home in the usual manner. Please do NOT leave e-mail or voice mail communications regarding your child’s change in transportation. If you need to change anything about your child’s transportation, please send a note or call and speak to a “live” person. Uniforms: Kindergarten students must wear white sneakers with their winter and Summer uniforms. The uniform for boys and girls is basically the same. The students begin the year in their summer uniforms.     Summer Uniform: White or blue golf shirt with school logo, navy blue shorts, white sneakers, and white socks. (socks should be at least one inch above the sneaker) Summer Gym Uniform: blue gym shorts, gym t shirt with school logo on it. (Gym sweatshirts and sweatpants with school logo on them can be worn in chilly weather too.) Winter Uniform: White or blue golf shirt OR white turtleneck, navy blue pants, white sneakers, red school sweater. (Red V- neck sweater with school logo for boys and red cardigan with school logo for girls.) Winter Gym Uniform: Gym t shirt with school logo on it, blue gym sweatshirt with school logo on it, blue gym sweatpants.

Websites:  St. Teresa School Website:  STRS Kindergarten Classroom Website:  St. Teresa Parish Website:  Diocese of Camden Website:

The ABCs of St. Teresa Kindergarten


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