2008 Toys for Tots Toy Request by lonyoo


									2008 Toys for Tots Toy Request
The following must be provided before your request will be considered. Upon receipt of all items, you will be contacted by Toys for Tots. 1) Toys for Tots Toy Request Form 2) Brief history of the organization and its mission 3) Organization’s Non-Profit Tax ID# certificate (no older than two years) Copies can be obtained by calling the IRS at (877) 829-5500 4) List of children to whom you will be providing toys. Please include their full names, gender and age. Fax this completed request form, tax certificate, list of children and organization information to: (408) 286-3060 Tax ID#: _________________ Organization Name:
(Your request will be filed under this name)

Point of Contact: Title: Organization’s Phone Number: Organization’s Address:

County: Requested Pick-Up Date: ___________ 0-3 Gender Neutral Toys: _____________ Boys Ages 4-6 Ages 7-11 Ages 12-16 Total Toys: Office Use Only All paperwork received: _____ Approved: _____ POC Contacted: _______ Warehouse Picked Up By: _______________________________
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