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					PURPLE CHICKEN NEWS October 16, 2007
Camporee is this weekend , October 19-21. The theme for 2007 is “Scouting Then and Now: A Look at the Past 100 Years.” Once again, the location is Riverfront Park just off of K-7. If anyone has any old Boy Scouting materials (uniform, handbook, photos, or equipment), contact Mr. Fix, we would like to use these for our displays at the Camporee. Scouts will need to eat dinner before being dropped off at Riverfront Park. Please remember to bring a Mess Kit, Water Bottle, RAIN GEAR and appropriate dress for the fall weather.

Troop 351 will once again be selling programs for the American Royal. This is a fundraiser for the Troop. The dates are Wednesday, Oct 24, Friday, Oct 26 and Saturday, Oct 27. All performances begin at 6:00 pm and scouts need to be there BY 5:30 to sell. Many boys are needed to make this fundraiser a success. Please wear your Purple Chicken shirts. If you were not able to sign up at a Troop Meeting, please contact Mr. Harrington at 422-0988 to sign up.

Troop Dues
Recharter is just around the corner. Dues will be collected in the months of November and December. Dues will again be collected all together and will include Troop dues, Council dues, OA dues and Boys Life Subcriptions. Mrs. Thornton will provide you with envelopes for all that apply. The final due date will be at the December 18 Troop Meeting.

Holiday Greenery
Troop 351 is once again selling Holiday Greenery. Information was handed out at the Court of Honor on September 18. Suzanne Whitehouse is the greenery coordinator this year, please contact her if you need forms. The greenery is fresh cut from Sherwood Forest in the Pacific Northwest. Scouts have the opportunity to earn about 40% of their greenery sales for their scout account. All orders must be prepaid and are due back to Suzanne at the October 30 Troop Meeting. Greenery is a fabulous way to earn money if your neighborhood is saturated with other scouts selling popcorn—take both orders together door to door!!

Toys for Tots
J Jack has once again arranged for the Marines to join us at our December 18 Troop Meeting to collect Toys for Tots. This is a great service project that Troop 351 has done for the past several years. The toys collected must be NEW and should arrive UNWRAPPED. Please plan to participated in this very worthwhile cause!! We will start to collect the toys after Thanksgiving.

If you have an interest in attending Bartle this summer, please contact Mr. Rayburn at 422-9192 NOW—the draw is this week!!

PURPLE CHICKEN NEWS October 16, 2007
During the Month of October, Troop 351 is doing a “Paper Products Drive”. The products collected will be donated to Monticello United Methodist Church to show our appreciation to them for sponsoring our Troop and letting us use their facilities EVERY Tuesday night and on other occasions for Eagle Ceremonies. There are 3 Troop Meetings in October, so please bring Paper Towels, Napkins, Toilet Paper, Kleenex (or Puffs!!), Paper Plates, Paper Cups. Thanks for your support!! Updates: Please be sure to update Michelle and Mark Fix with your current car information: Type of Car, License Plate #, Insurance Info and # of Seat Belts. This information is necessary to apply for the Tour Permit that is required for every campout. Training: All Adults who interact with the scouts need to be properly trained. Please see the HOAC website for details on training opportunities—most can be done online. Please contact Mr. Fix or Mrs. Thornton if you are unsure of the training that is required. Save the Dates: November Campout is November 17-18. It is once again a joint campout with Troop 185. December 1-2 is the IBEX Campout. Scouts MUST have a Class 3 Health form on File to climb. This requires a doctor visit—MAKE appointments NOW if you need one!!

2007 Popcorn Information
Popcorn Selling Season is underway!! If you still need a Take Order sheet please contact Karen Platt to get one. Troop 351 has a lot of popcorn to sell this year—please make every effort to encourage scouts to sell. Remember—about 29% of total sales go directly into the scout’s account for campouts, summer camp, dues or high adventure trips!! Let relatives, neighbors and friends help pay for scouting!!! All Take Orders are due on Tuesday, October 23rd, there is a PLC meeting that night, but NO troop meeting. Also, ALL unsold show and deliver popcorn and Money (except for Take Orders) is due on that date to Mrs. Platt. If you are finished selling, you can turn everything in before the 23rd, this would help with the chaos on that day!! I need ALL UNSOLD popcorn on or before the 23rd to fill take orders and prepare my final paperwork. Thanks for getting things back to me on time!! If you have any questions regarding popcorn, please email or call 422-0547. Thanks for all of your help making the 2007 sale a success!!!

OA News
OA Chapter meetings are held during the District Roundtable meetings on the 1st Thursday of the month at Village Presbyterian Church, 6641 Mission Road at 7:00 pm. All Arrowmen are welcome.

OCTOBER – PAPER PRODUCTS DRIVE October 19-21 - CAMPOREE October 23 – PLC Meeting, 7:00 pm October 23 – POPCORN Take Orders/Show & Deliver Due to Mrs. Platt October 30 – TROOP MEETING, 7:00 PM – 5TH TUES. October 30 – GREENERY ORDERS DUE November 1 – District Roundtable November 6 – Troop Meeting, 7:00 pm November 13 – Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm November 17-18 – Troop Campout w/ 185 November 20 – Troop Meeting, 7:00 pm November 27 – PLC Meeting, 7:00 pm December 1-2 – IBEX Campout December 4 – Troop Meeting, 7:00 pm December 6 – District Roundtable, 7:00 pm

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