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					台北縣立積穗國民中學九十四學年度第一學期九年級英語科第三次評量試題 (一) 字彙測驗 ( 1~20 ) 20% 1. 2.. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 習作本 年紀 試卷 重複 抄襲 真實的 拉開 微笑 失敗 (A) (A) (A) (A) (A) (A) (A) (A) (A) comic book ache paper repeat choose ill push smile lie (B) (B) (B) (B) (B) (B) (B) (B) (B) workbook able newspaper retreat care real pull mile live (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) textbook age tissue paper review copy yell pass small lose

10. 潮濕的

(A) wet

(B) west

(C) web

11. Shh! Be ______, please. The baby is sleeping. (A) quit (B) quite (C) quiet 12. I have a ______ and I am not feeling well now. (A) headache (B) lunch (C) homework 13. We buy cakes, bread and cookies in a ______. (A) drugstore (B) bookstore (C) bakery 14. ______ is one of my favorite subjects in school. These old stories interest me a lot. (A) PE (B) History (C) Music 15. We must study hard if we don’t want to ______ the tests. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. (A) pass (B) fail (C) enter I didn’t sleep well last night because it was so ______ outside. (A) noise (B) raise (C) noisy Many people spend all their ______ trying to make their dreams come true. (A) life (B) lives (C) live Lucy hurt her ______ while she was cutting the apple. (A) finger (B) knife (C) hair Tom is smart and ______. That’s why he always gets good grades on the tests. (A) work hard (B) hardworking (C) hardly An ______ person never cheats or tells lies. ((A) honest (B) evil (C) rude ( 21~25 ) 10%

(二) 配合題 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

The Wang family arrived the airport so late ______. Working hard is the best way______. A fisherman is a person ______. One of the digital cameras is theirs. ______. Can you tell me ______? A. B. C. D. E. who works at sea and catches fish as a job that they almost missed the airplane The other is ours to get knowledge and to be successful why we can’t eat or drink on the MRT


(三) 文法選擇

( 26~35 )


26. There are three sons in the Li family. One son is very tall, ______ is very fat and ______ is very short. (A) another; the other (B) another; the others (C) another; others. 27. The little boy wants to go out. He doesn’t care ______ it’s raining or not. (A) while (B) when (C) whether 28. David seldom washes ______ hair, but Lily washes ______every day. (A) he’s; she’s (B) his; her (C) his; hers 29. Students ______ study hard to get good grades. (A) must (B) must not (C) must be 30. A: These skirts are so beautiful! Are they both yours? B: No. One is mine and ______ is Lily’s. (A) other (B) the other (C) the others 31. ______ the sun is shining, it may rain later. shine 照耀 (A) If (B) Because 32. ______ must cost a lot of money. He loves to collect them. (A) Tom (B) The boy 33. ______ your teacher if you have any questions. (A) To ask (B) Ask 34. Helen Keller became a famous writer ______ Anne’s help. (A) with (B) but also 35. Can you tell me ______ to get to the station? (A) how (B) where (四) 克漏字選擇 ( 36~42 ) 14% (C) Although (C) The toys (C) Asking (C) within (C) which

My classmate, Joe, doesn’t care ___36___ manners. He only does ___37___ he wants. Yesterday, he played the music ___38___ loud that I can’t study at all. I yelled __39____ him and ___40____. Then, we apologized ___41___ each other. I will never raise my voice ___42___ public places again. 36. 37. 38. 39. (A) (A) (A) (A) for what too of (B) (B) (B) (B) about where much to (C) (C) (C) (C) of how so at

40. (A) neither did he 41. (A) to 42. (A) on (五) 釋義、對話與閱讀測驗

(B) so did he (B) at (B) in ( 43~56 ) 28%

(C) either did he (C) in (C) under

43. Superman is my hero. I like him because he gives everything of his and takes nothing from others. (A)To me, a hero is someone who always sacrifices himself for others. (B)To me, a hero is someone who wants to destroy everything for no reasons. destroy 毀滅 (C)To me, a hero is someone evil who tries to be the king of the world. 44. All of us must learn English. It is an important foreign language today. (A) Some have to learn English and others don’t. (B) All of the students don’t like to study English. (C ) Everyone has to learn English. .


45. If you copy your classmate’s homework, it means that ______. (A) your classmate didn’t write the homework by himself / herself (B ) your classmate wrote your homework (C) you didn’t write the homework by yourself . 46. A:David, what will you do if you see an elder lady stand next to your seat on the bus? B: ______. (A)I’ll call 119 (B)I’ll give my seat to her (C)I’ll chat with her 47. A: ______ B:One of them is Lily’s . The others are ours. (A) What cakes are these? (B) Whose cakes are these? (C) How are these cakes? 48. A: You look so sad. What happened? B: I failed on the test though I studied hard. I want to know how to get good grades. A: ______. (A) I’m going to study in the library. Join me and I’ll help you. (B) We’ll never learn if we cheat. (C) You mustn’t study before the test ( 49~50 ) Lily: Mary: Lily: Mary: Lily: Mary: Lily: What are you reading, Mary? A book about Mother Teresa. Is she the one you’re writing about for your report? Yes, she is. Why do you want to write about her? She spent almost all her life helping and taking care of the people who are seriously sick. And how about you? I’m reading about Helen Keller and Superman. But I have no idea who to write.

49. Which person did Lily want to write for her report? (A) Helen Keller (B) Superman (C) Mother Teresa (D) She hasn’t decided. 50. Mother Teresa was a person who sacrificed herself for taking care of (A) the kings. (B) the heroes. (C) the seriously sick people. (D) the elderly. ( 51~52 ) Boys and girls, please pay attention: Before we go into the museum, there’re a few things that I need you to remember. The museum is a public place. You should show people your manners. Don’t yell, don’t run and don’t be too loud when you ask a question. Follow me all the time, or you might get lost because it’s very big inside. Does anyone understand?


51. The speaker may be

(A) a reporter (B) a teacher (C) (A) (B) (C) a driver The bedroom. The classroom. The museum.

52. Which is not a public place?

( 53~56 ) From: To: Subject: Cheating is lying. Dear Joe, I took some important notes for you about “To Cheat or Not to Cheat”, an article which Ms. Yang wanted us to read carefully yesterday. There are three reasons for not cheating. 1. If you cheat, you don’t learn anything. 2. If you cheat, you will always live in fear of being caught. 3. Cheating on tests is like telling a lie. People who do it always lose in the end. Remember always! Working hard is the best way.

是非題。正確填入 A,錯誤填入 B。 53. The title of the article is “Cheating is Lying.” 54. If you cheat on an English test, you can read or write English well 55. If you cheat, you will be afraid that people will find what you have done. 56. People who do it always lose in the end. It means that people who cheat on tests will learn nothing. (六) 中翻英 ( 57~60 ) 8%

57. 他們不確定待會要做什麼。 (A) They are not sure what to do later. (B) They are not sure what should they do later. (C) What should they do later is not sure? 58. 上週末的颱風太強,以致於路上的很多樹被吹倒了。 (A) The typhoon last weekend was so big that many trees on the street were blown down. (B) Last week typhoon was too strong that many trees on the street were blown down. (C) The typhoon last weekend was too strong to blow down many trees on the street. 59. 如果明天下雨,我們就會待在家裡。 (A) If it will rain tomorrow, we will stay at home. (B) If it will rain tomorrow, we stay at home. (C) If it rains tomorrow, we will stay at home. 60. 我們應該對待别人如同我們想被對待的方式一樣。 (A) We should treat the others like how we want to be treated. (B) We should treat others like what we want to treat. (C) We should treat others like how we want to be treated.


標準答案( 9 年級英語科第三次評量,95.01.18) ( 1 ~ 10) ( 11~20) ( 21~30) ( 31~40) ( 41~50) ( 51~60) B C A A C, B B A C A CACBB,CBABA B DACE,ACCAB C C B AA , B A C C B ABACC,BBADC B A B B A , AAA C C


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