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End-use certificate


Required by the Licence Office in Luxembourg. To be established by the end-user of the exported goods, on letterhead with firm logo of the buyer. Elements that have to figure on the end-use certificate:       Exporter’s details (name, address and business name). Intermediary’s details (where appropriate) End-user’s details (name, address and business name). In the case of an export to a firm which resells the goods on the local market, the firm will be regarded as the end-user. Final destination country. Description of the goods and/or technologies being exported (type, characteristics); quantity; reference to the invoice or contract. End-use of the goods: “We hereby certify that the goods and/or technologies listed above will be used in their entirety to …”  Engagement: “We declare that these goods and/or technologies will not be used, directly or indirectly, in their entirety or in part, in any activities related to the design, development, production, use or stockpiling of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, or of missiles capable of delivering such weapons.”  Non re-export clause: “We furthermore declare that the above goods will not be re-exported or retransferred to other parties without the written consent of the authorities of Luxembourg”  

Signature, name and position of the end-user.

Date of the end-use certificate.

The exporter may introduce the application for the export licence with a copy of the end-use certificate. The original of the certificate has to be handed over when the licence is delivered.


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