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									FUNDRAISING Registration fees do not cover the full cost of the PD program. Fundraising is an integral and necessary part of the program, and parents bear the responsibility for this function. PD revenue is primarily generated by Bingo’s held at the Treasure Chest Bingo Hall. Dates and times vary. Each team will be assigned specific Bingo dates and Team Managers will coordinate the staffing of these Bingo’s, using parents and relatives. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. Two volunteers are required for each Bingo, and parents will be notified well in advance of their team’s Bingo dates. There is a commitment of 1 Bingo per family for the entire year. The revenue from these Bingo’s provides the funding for our teams to participate in tournaments, purchase jerseys and other equipment, and pay for exhibition ice time, coaches’ training courses and other miscellaneous PD expenses. Without this revenue the PD program would not exist. Please contact your Team Manager for further details. Team managers will collect all payments prior to 30 November, including both registration and Bingo cheques. One Bingo cheque for $100.00 will be required (postdated 30 April 2009), which will be returned when the Bingo commitment is met. If parents choose not to work a Bingo, the cheque will be cashed.

Church Athletic League
Player Development Program

The Player Development (PD) Committee always welcomes questions or concerns and may be reached through the CAL office at 542-1362 (fax 542-3345) or by calling: Jean-Marc Noel, PD Convenor Sue Blake, Past PD Convenor 613-530-3636 613-541-0609

Please visit us on the internet at www.calkingston.org

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT TEAMS The following briefly describes the Player Development (PD) program and how the teams are chosen. In this pamphlet, we will address what is involved in becoming a player for a PD team, both for the player and the parents. All players in the CAL House League are eligible to participate in the PD program from Novice through Midget. Teams are selected on the basis of ability, age and maturity at the discretion of the coaching staff and the PD Convenor. PD teams play in the house league division appropriate to the level of their development (normally one level up). Tryouts will be conducted in late September and early October (minimum of 4 sessions, depending on the number of skaters), during which time new players may register. The cost for the tryouts is $80.00. Coaches may make roster changes up to the third regularly-scheduled PD game. A PD player’s first responsibility is to the scheduled games and practices of their House League team. THE 2008-2009 SEASON

ability and to represent the PD teams and ultimately the CAL in a fitting manner, both on and off the ice. The final commitment of the PD player is perhaps the most important, and that is to HAVE FUN! PARENTS’ COMMITMENT Parents of the players on the PD teams must be committed to ensuring that their player attends practices (even at 6 a.m!), regularly-scheduled games, exhibition games and tournaments. They must also support the financial and fundraising aspects of the PD program. Parents must understand that some travel may be involved throughout the season. As in the past, ice time continues to be scarce, so early morning practices for PD teams will be necessary. Parents must also be committed to supporting their PD player by attending games and tournaments. Showing a real interest in the team enhances the playing experience and the program as a whole. REGISTRATION FEES AND JERSEY DEPOSIT

Each PD team will have a Team Manager whose job it will be to assist with the team administration and communication. This allows the coaches more time to do what they do best – coach the players. A certified Trainer is also mandatory for each team. All PD teams will play up to 3 games per month in the House League schedule, normally one level up. PLAYER’S COMMITMENT The player selected to play on a PD team must be committed to attend all team practices, regularly-scheduled games, exhibition games and tournaments. The player must be eager to learn new skills and to apply them when coached to do so. It is also the responsibility of the player to be prepared to play to the best of their

For 2008-09, the registration fee for a player who is selected to play on a PD team is $425.00. This fee is due by 30 November 2008 or may be paid in two installments ($225.00 dated 30 November 2008 and $200.00 postdated for 1 January 2009). Cheques are to be made payable to “C.A.L. P.D.” There will be a jersey deposit required of $60.00, which will be returned at the end of the season when the game jerseys are returned in good condition. Managers will collect either cash or a cheque post-dated to 30 April 2009.

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