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					                NEWHAM COMMUNITY & POLICE FORUM
                             Minutes of a meeting held on 29th May 2003
                                  at Newham Town Hall, E6 2RP

       Present:        Jill Powell (Chair) (NHS Retirement Fellowship)

                       Metropolitan Police
                       Inspector Mike Holland

                       London Borough of Newham
                       Councillor Mahmood Ahmad
                       Councillor Alan Griffiths
                       Councillor Paul Sathianesan
                       Councillor Abdul Shakoor
                       Councillor Mary Skyers
                       Councillor Alan Taylor

                       Members representing the interests of women, young people, elderly people,
                       disabled, lesbian and gay men
                       Donna Keizar (Hibiscus Caribbean Elderly Association)

                       Members representing the interests of various faith groups in Newham
                       Mr. Mohammed Akram (Islamic Association East Ham)
                       Mr. Varu (Shree Kutchh Satsang Swaminarayan Temple)

                       Members representing the interests of tenants and residents in Newham
                       Phillip Blott (Newham Tenants & Residents' Federation)

                       Members representing the interests of shopkeepers, retailers, Single
                       Regeneration and Trade Unionists
                       Tejan Savage (Black Business Development Association)

                       Members representing other interested groups
                       Paul Ilott (Beckton Community Forum)
                       Ron Webb (Green Street Community Forum)

                       Council Officers
                       Eltaz Bodalbhai

Also present:          Mark Baker and P.C. John Savage.

                       (Apologies for absence were received from Tony Banks M.P., Jim Fitzpatrick,
                       M.P., Stephen Timms, M.P., Chief Superintendent John Boylin, Chief Inspector
                       Iain Dickson, Mr. S. Jandu, Frances Wood, Mohammad Ashraf, Councillors Vic
                       Turner and Neil Wilson, Betty Fittock and Samantha Grant)

                       The meeting commenced at 7.30 p.m. and closed at 8.48 p.m.


Turnout - Comments were made with regard to the low turnout of Members of the Public at the start of the
meeting. It was questioned as to why there was a clash of meetings with the Mayors Question and Answer
session, when the date for the Newham Community Police Forum had been set out for almost a year.

The Minutes of the meeting held on 20th March 2003 were agreed as a correct record.


Members asked for a further update on the enquiries of the death of Adil Kahn in the Beckton area.
Inspector Holland stated that although the investigation was being scaled down, the case was not being
closed. He commented that there were few lines of enquiry left due to the amount of information.

Councillor Mahmood Ahmad asked for a brief update into the progress made into the murder in High Street
North. Commenting that given the nature of this vicious crime, the repercussions could be felt in the
community given the slow nature of the investigation. Inspector Holland stated that the investigation
process was not slow, but that given the difficult nature of the crime it would be a long protracted enquiry
with many officers working on it.

Arising from the previous report to the forum by the Metropolitan Police, of the recommendations made
many had been implemented in the report presented to the forum at the meeting. These were as follows:

   Recommendation 2: include updated ethnic breakdown on future police reports
   Recommendation 3: figures for the numbers of offences shown rather than in percentages
   Recommendation 5: attempts be made to obtain British Transport Police Figures
   Recommendation 6: statistics on the number of cleared complaints be included

Inspector Holland commented that in relation to recommendation 5, contact had been made with the British
Transport Police and that they would grasp the opportunity to make a presentation to any future meeting of
the forum.


        To invite the British Transport Police to make a presentation at a future meeting.


Withdrawn, and postponed to the 31st July 2003 meeting.


 The Forum received a report from the Metropolitan Police regarding the progress against objectives. The
report dealt with the Police Objectives 1 to 4 and the progress that had been made in achieving them. It
also outlined the number of complaints against the Police, the number of searches and arrest rate by
ethnicity. The report also outlined the racial incidents and the total number of racially motivated crime and
the ethnicity of victims and offenders.

Council Officers raised the fact that excellent partnership work had been carried out with Police Officers
within the borough in order to tackle Youth Issues such as truancy. Furthermore, good work has been
carried out in “Knife Sweeps” under section 16. Newham is one of the few boroughs to be pursuing this
issue within young people.

Councillor Mahmood Ahmad also raised concerns over the proliferation of Religious Crimes and their
classification as Race Crimes. He stated that these crimes can occur within communities and that the issue
should be looked into as no serious reports had to date been conducted in the area.



Green Street – Prostitution

Ron Webb commented on the success of the Police in the crackdown on prostitution within the Green
Street area. However he suggested that the problem was not solved, merely pushed elsewhere. The question
of legalisation was put to the forum. Although members of the forum agreed it was the oldest profession in
the world, there were both negative and positive aspects to debate regarding its legalisation.

Inspector Holland stated that in the past the local police had tackled the issue of prostitution in a piecemeal
way, due to other issues such as Drugs and Street Violence. He felt that this issue could be devolved down
to a Community Forum level, as it would lead to greater partnership working across the borough and with

Green Street – Mosque Attack

Ron Webb asked for a position statement on the current progress made on the attack on the Mosque in the
Green Street area, and the desecration of the Cemetery in Manor Park.

Inspector Holland answered this question in two parts:

Firstly the investigation into the attack on the Mosque in the Green Street area was an ongoing enquiry, and
that avenues of investigation were being pursued. A man had been arrested for similar activities in the
Upton Park area and it was being established whether there was a link.

Secondly the investigation into the desecration of the Cemetery in Manor Park has led to the arrest of 8
youths. The group aged 15 – 16, from diverse backgrounds, have been bailed with a number being charged
later in the month. It was stated that no one else was being looked for in connection to the enquiry.

Custom House and Canning Town – Police Visibility

Councillor Alan Taylor felt it was unfortunate that in the last two community forum meetings in the area,
no representative of the police had attended. He went further by suggesting that the visibility of the police
in the area was also very poor.

Inspector Holland stated that numbers of Police in the borough was increasing, and has done so
dramatically over the past twelve months. He believed that there was a trade off between effectiveness and
visibility of officers within the borough. Furthermore that a pilot scheme was being introduced in the Little
Ilford area, whereby trained volunteers would be manning a “police office” in order to provide a more
effective service. Inspector Holland offered his apologies to the members of Custom House and Canning
Town Community Forum for the previous meetings and that in the future they would endeavour to provide
a police representative to each forum.


The Chair stated that good work carried out with partners in the Police and Health Sectors has meant that
Newham was the first to actively support and promote the scheme to prevent abuse of the elderly. It was the
case that Newham would now be disseminating an information leaflet to the over 65’s in the borough.
The Chair put it to the forum that a request had been made by the Chair Forum for funding to recruit a full
time member of staff to facilitate meetings. Currently there was only provision for a part time member of
staff at 10 hours per week. The Chair recommended that it was prudent to make a £500 donation as per the
request, as it would benefit the whole of London. Clarity was sought from the clerk to the committee, who
stated that it was permissible to make a one off commitment of the stated amount.


       To make a one off payment of £500 to the Chairs Forum in order to employ a full time

Requests were made for reports to be presented to the forum at the next ordinary meeting on the following

   St Stevens
   Upton Park Station


17TH July 2003 – AGM, in the Lister Room, Newham Town Ham, E6.

31ST July 2003 – Next Ordinary meeting.