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									                     Wilmington Police Patrol Officers Union
                            Scholarship Application
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Terms and Conditions:
The Wilmington Police Patrol Officers' Union (NEPBA Local 1) will award two $1000 scholarships to
Wilmington residents who are graduating members of the Class of 2008, and will be furthering their
education in college. The Wilmington Police Union will disburse the awards within fifteen days of
receiving a valid copy of the student's first semester transcript. This is a competitive application process
and the decisions of the NEPBA Local 1 Scholarship Committee are final. The winners will be publicly
announced at the annual Scholarship Awards Clambake held during the summer months. The winners are
required to attend the event in order to receive the scholarship. Relatives of Wilmington Police Officers
are not eligible for this scholarship.

Official High School transcripts must be provided. (Including senior midyear transcript)

Two letters of recommendation specific to this scholarship: one from a teacher and the other from a non-
relative who is a resident of Wilmington. (Wilmington Police Union members cannot write

Write a well thought out essay (minimum 500 words) on how you can make a better community for the
youth of Wilmington.

Due Date:
Applications along with all required paperwork and documentation must be submitted to the Wilmington
Police Department by April 15, 2008. Please enclose all paperwork in a sealed envelope labeled “Union

Please acknowledge below that all the information contained in this application is true and that you have
read and understand the Terms and Conditions.

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