ASSAM POLICE HEADQUARTERS
                                  ULUBARI, GUWAHATI.

                                  NOTICE INVITING TENDER

                     Sealed tender on plain papers affixing non refundable court fee
stamp of Rs. 8.25 (Rupees eight and paise twenty five) only is invited from the
intending Contractors/Suppliers for site preparation of the CIPA project at the
Police Station (List of P. S. at Annexure - I and site preparation details
(Annexure – II).

                     The tender must reach the undersigned up to 15:00 hrs on
5/3/2008 and no tender received thereafter will be accepted. Intending tenderer
shall submit tenders in the box kept in front of office chamber of DIG (MPC),
Assam, Guwahati. The tender Box will be opened on the same day at 15:30
hours in presence of tenderers or their authorized representatives, present at that
time. If the receiving/opening dates fall on Govt. holiday, the tender will be
received/opened on the subsequent working day.

2)                   Intending tenderer may collect tender papers/documents on
payment of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five hundred) only through uncrossed I.P.O.
Payable in favour of the undersigned on any working day from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M.
up to 4/3/2008.

3)                   Tenderer must submit along with the tender, the following
documents duly Photostat and attested by Gazetted Govt,. officer.
                     I)     Income tax balance sheet for last 2 years.
                     II)    Income tax return for last 2 years.
                     III)   (a) Up-to-date valid Sale Tax/VAT Clearance certificate
                            (b) TIN/GRN No. certificate.
                            (c) PAN No. GIR No. VAT registration certificate .
                     IV)    Current financial soundness certificate from recognized
                            institution or bank.
                     V)     Tenderer must submit alongwith their tenders the Earnest
Money at the rate of 2% of the total value for site preparation of 72 Nos. of Police
Stations for CIPA project in the form of NSC/KVP/Bank Draft/FDR of Bank or
Bank Guarantee pledged in favour of the undersigned.

CIPA NIT 30-1-2008
                       VI)   The successful tenderers will have to deposit Security
money at the rate of 5% of the total value of the works in the same manner as
indicated in para 3(v) above.

4)                     Tender should be clearly typed or written the rates both in figure
and words. There should not be any over writing, erasure in the rates. The
tenders which do not fulfill the terms and conditions of the Notice Inviting Tender
will be summarily rejected without any reference to the tenderers and no
correspondence will be entertained in this regards. The rates once quoted will be
final and no request for change/alteration will be entertained after submission of
tender. The firm which need not pay tax against any of the items should submit
valid documents exempting them from payment of taxes. If the name of items is
not in the exemption certificate, the tax will be deducted from the quoted price.

5)                     Tender accompanied by all required documents should be
submitted under sealed cover distinctly and conspicuously marked as “Tender for
site preparation at Police Station for CIPA Project” for Assam Police during the
year 2007-08 on the top of envelope and the name and address of the tenderers
should also be written.

6)                     The selected tenderer will have to execute the works at the
approved rates. They will have to furnish security deposit @ Rs. 5% of the total
value of the items in the form of NSC/KVP/Bank draft / FDR or Bank guarantee
pledged in favour of DIG(MPC), Assam. The approved suppliers/contractor will
have to              execute the works within 15 days from the date of issue of the
supply/works orders failing which the DGP Assam, will be at liberty to take action
as per clauses of NIT. The works will have to be executed by the selected
Supplier/Contractor at Kamrup, Guwahati city and Morigaon. A committee will be
constituted to supervise/inspection of the works. The earnest money of the
unsuccessful tenderers will be released to them after finalization of the tenders.
However, the successful tenderer may convert the E.M to SD if so desires by an
application to the undersigned.

7)                     The DGP Assam, does not bind himself to accept the lowest rates
and may reject any or all the tenders without any reason thereof.

CIPA NIT 30-1-2008
8)                   In case any defect of the works is detected by the Committee, the
DGP will be at liberty to cancel the works without further financial liability to the
department. The defect should be made good by the contractor at his cost, else
the security deposit will be forfeited to the Govt.

9)                   Preference will be given to the tenderer having past experience in
the filed with preparation and installation of the sites.

10)                  The bill should be submitted to the respective SP of the Dists, who
will send the bill after satisfactory completion of the works to this HQ with
necessary certificate.

                                             Deputy Inspector General of Police, (MPC)
                                                      Assam, Guwahati

Memo No. S-VI/205/2007/21                          Dated Guwahati the, 18th Feb.‟2008
As directed Copy forwarded to -

            1)       The Director, Information & Public Relations, Assam, Dispur,
                     Guwahati-6. He is requested to get the advertisement published in
                     the local Newspapers as well as in two Newspapers having all
                     India circulation in two consecutive issues.

            2)       The Supdt., Assam Govt. Press, Bamunimaidan for publication in
                     Assam Gazette.

            3)       The C.P.R.O., Assam Police Headquarters, Ulubari, Guwahati-7
                     for information & necessary action. He will please liaise with the
                     office of the Director, information & Public Relations, Assam,
                     Dispur, Guwahati to get the notice published in the Newspapers.
                     The paper cuttings showing the publication of the notice may
                     please be furnished to the undersigned for further necessary action
                     in due course.

            4)       The Dy. SP, Computer, to put up this in the Police website.

                                             Deputy Inspector General of Police, (MPC)
                                                        Assam, Guwahati

CIPA NIT 30-1-2008

               Guidelines for site preparation at Police Stations by the States for
                               implementation of CIPA Software.

       A pucca room (with RCC roof and cement plastered) of approx. 10‟ x10‟ should
be identified and earmarked at each Police Station for housing the Computer Centre .
The minimum Site preparation requirements in the room for the Computer Centre , are
suggested as follows :

1.          Separate copper plate earthing (with plate size 300 x 300 x 3 mms) for the
            computer centre . The earth resistance should not exceed 2.5 ohms, and Ground
            – to – Earth voltage should be more than 3V.

2.          All the computers and peripherals (except Laser printer ) should be given power
            supply thru UPS (will be 2 – 3 KVA supplied along with the hardware) on a
            dedicated electrical phase. The computer centre should preferably have a 3 –
            phase electrical input.

3.          The furniture for the computer centre is proposed as follows :

                        Computer Tables : 1 No. for server & scanner , and 1 No. each for client
                        Operators Chairs (without arms) : 1 No. each for computer tables.
                        Ordinary table (4‟ x 2 „) : 1 No. for the Printers .

4.          Electrical wiring from the UPS for Computers and other peripherals (except
            Laser Printer) , as per the placement of tables in the computer centre . Laser
            Printer should be given direct power supply (15 amp socket), and not from the
            UPS , but on a common earthing.

5.          The Network cabling , including 1U wall mounted Rack for the switch , as per the
            placement of server and Client computers .

6.          Minor civil works e.g. flooring , painting , door closer etc.

Cost estimate for the above items are worked out to be as follows :

Sl.        Item No.                                            Cost estimates (Rs.)
1          Installation of Earthing                            Rs. 4,330/-
2          Computer Chair & Table                              Rs. 17,350/-
           (A) Computer Basic unit code 451 - 3
           (B) Armless Chair                    -3
           ( C) Table 105 size 4 ft. x 2 ft.   -1
3          Network Cabling (L.S.)                              Rs. 6,000/-
4          Electrical Wiring                                   Rs. 7,320/-
5          Minor Civil Work for flooring , Painting & Door     Rs. 10,000/-
           closure (L.S.)
                                                               Rs. 45,000/-

CIPA NIT 30-1-2008

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