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                   PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

                            CHARTING A NEW COURSE

At our Mid-Term Meeting recently held in Brisbane, Australia, the IAASP picked up
where we left of in Los Angeles, by acknowledging that international terrorism had
heightened the need for even more stringent security measures at all the world’s Airports
& Seaports.

Differences between quality versus quantity were raised as serious concerns in the area of
Maritime Security, for now that the IAASP is clearly being recognized as the global
leader in dedicated port policing, it has a serious obligation to “look to its future”, its
goals and its willingness to lead. The IAASP is willing and ready to take our place as a
full partner in this escalating war on terrorism and organized crime.

Seaport security has lagged behind airports for a number of years. A lot remains to be
done in the area of Maritime Security with the fast approaching ISPS Code compliance
requirements under the July 1st SOLAS Convention deadline.

In Brisbane Australia, we presented an ISPS Code “Tool-Kit” as an ideal model to meet
the often complex and stringent requirements. This working tool was developed under a
unique partnership between the Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Port Police and Aon
Insurance. In simplistic terms, the tool kit basically allows for authorized personnel to
check off those conditions that are within set parameters as can only at present, be done
at great expense and only by expert Risk Assessment Consultants. The idea was to help
companies and especially poorer nations, to have the means to comply with the standards
set by the ISPS Code.

More attention than ever before is now being given to our Association by Governments,
Agencies and other NGOs intent on improving port policing, security and law
enforcement. So the emphasis must also remain on the need for international

As a non-profit, non-governmental and independent organization, the IAASP represents
the only single voice of the international port policing and security community. While
the IAASP is well placed to deal with port related problems by informal personal contact
in an impartial manner and without political interference, it very much needs strong
financial sponsorship support and/or even grants from these interested bodies, to become
key partner’s and mutual resource, as we chart this new course.

Our major objective is stated as being to, “Influence the Standards of Safety and Security
in Ports” and “To Exchange Information and Experience”. The IAASP, through the
Secretariat’s office and all the Board Members, have charted this new course by making
outstanding representations regarding our concerns to governments, legislators, agencies
and the media in both the US, Canada and Europe and our other regions all around the
globe. In Brisbane we discussed good and bad examples of port policing and security
emphasizing the importance of dedicated port policing. As governments change, we can
only hope the new leadership recognize that dedicated policing in airports & seaports
(with clear authority to enforce a wide range of legislation) is necessary to combat
organized crime and opportunist acts of terrorism. Dedicated port policing is very much a
necessity and not so much an option or choice.

The IAASP believes today that that we are destined to set the pace and lead the port
policing world – supporting an agenda of world-class airport & seaport standards and
initiatives that all dedicated ports police everywhere, will be proud to be associated with.

The IAASP is currently upgrading its information services and technical expertise to
improve its online presence, intended to help achieve IAASP goals and maximize new
business opportunities. We anticipate that in 2004 we will finalise arrangements for the
publication of a quarterly magazine dedicated to port policing enabling us to
communicate more effectively with our members and others worldwide.

By using new information technologies to improve our own operations and service, we
are now better able to create and develop new products and services to support internal
and external needs of members, our interested partner/clients and ourselves. It is a very
exciting time to be involved with the IAASP. If you relish a good challenge and are
looking for the right opportunity to use your port policing and business skills to effect
positive change, then being an IAASP member, is a good place for you to make a

The IAASP have the knowledge, skills and ability to speak in a business language key
government and business clients will understand - to garner global support and to effect
positive change in our areas of expertise.

If you are a current member of the IAASP, you come under the leadership of a specific
geographic region, and if you check our “Members of The Board” you will easily see
who your specific region President is. The IAASP encourages you to contact your
Regional President and identify yourself as being willing to become involved, and/or, to
renew your past commitment and to even run for office. We are always looking for new
faces that can bring a new perspective and new ideas to the table. At the least, the IAASP
is counting on you to identify the issues that need addressing in your own specific region
and to bring them to the attention of your regional leadership, or directly to the
Secretariat of the IAASP itself if need be. As a front-end contact person, on a daily basis
just some of the areas that you deal in are:

   1.   A variety of Port Policing Issues
   2.   Enforcement of Legislation & Bylaws
   3.   Daily Public Contact
   4.   Business Interaction & Business Advisory & Intelligence Services.
   5.   Training Programs
   6.   Relationship Management
   7.   Regional Support
   8.   Aircraft , Vessel, Terminal Support & Policing

We are aware every region is different with its own particular politics and issues, so we
are sure you are better placed to identify what areas are important for you. You can also
create your own lists of what particular issues are currently more important to you than
others. Speak to us – tell us which issues you feel need to brought to our attention for
addressing or changing, or simply which ones the IAASP could help facilitate or effect
change in, through active lobbying on your behalf.

We look forward to your renewed participation and/or seeing you at our next conference,
scheduled for the summer of 2004 in Jamaica. Our coordinating committee is scheduled
to meet soon and full conference details will be posed on the website at

As this is the last year of my term of office, I would like to thank the current Strategic
Planning Review Committee, members of the International Board and the IAASP
members for their support, advice and contributions since my election as your President.

Henk van Unnik
Chief Superintendent
Rotterdam Port Police

President IAASP