Obtain Blinn College credit hours by attending the TEEX

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					 Obtain Blinn College credit hours by attending the
 TEEX Central Texas Police Academy

Sound Easy? It Is.
                                Attending and success-     Step-by-Step
                            fully completing the TEEX
                            Central Texas Police Acad-     1. Fill out a Blinn College Application,
                            emy allows you to receive         www.blinn.edu/admissions/apply.htm
20 college credit hours from Blinn College. Addition-      2. Submit official high school transcript to Blinn
ally, those college credit hours can be used to earn          College. If you already have college credit, you
Blinn’s Criminal Justice Associate in Applied Science         only need to submit the official transcript(s) from
(AAS) degree.                                                 the previously attended college(s).
    College credit allows you to expand your potential
job opportunities.                                         3. Take a college assessment exam (THEA or ACC-
    Financing your education is another advantage             UPLACER), www.blinn.edu/counseling/testing
that you will be eligible for through Blinn College. Fi-         If you have satisfactory scores on a previous col-
nancial aid may be used to reduce the cost of the                lege transcript, re-taking the test is not necessary.
police academy (if your sponsoring agency does not         4. Apply for financial aid http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
cover this fee in its entirety) or you may use financial
aid to assist with other Blinn College courses that        5. Set-up advising an appointment with Barbara
count toward a certificate or degree.                         Chamberlain.
    Asking your sponsoring agency if you are receiving
                                                                 Contact Information
college credit while attending the TEEX Central Texas            Barbara Chamberlain
Police Academy is a great first step. Remember, all              Retention/Recruitment Facilitator
cadets are eligible to receive 20 college credit hours.          Blinn College Bryan Campus - H-140
                                                                 Phone: 979-209-7308
                                                                 Fax: 979-209-7219
                     Please visit                                Janet McNutt

                www.teex.com                                     Criminal Justice Program Coordinator
                                                                 Blinn College Bryan Campus - E-207
                                                                 Phone: 979-209-7375
            for information concerning                           jmcnutt@blinn.edu

               important deadlines.

                                                           Blinn College seeks to provide equal education without regard to race, color, sex,
                                                           age, national origin, religion, disability, or any other constitutionally or statutorily

  www.blinn.edu/twe                                        impermissible reason. This policy extends to all programs and activities sup-
                                                           ported by the college.