COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                 •   Is the Academy an 8 am to 5 pm schedule?             Grand Valley State University
                                                                 No. The schedule varies – early morning, evenings,
•    Am I required to live on campus while                       and weekend sessions.
     attending the Academy?
                                                             •   After I successfully complete the academy,
                                                                                                                      POLICE ACADEMY
     Students have the option of living on campus. It is
     highly recommended that you find housing close to
                                                                 am I a licensed police officer?
     campus.                                                     No. Successfully completing the academy only
                                                                 allows you to take the State Licensing Exam. If
•    If I am a Criminal Justice major at GVSU                    you pass the exam, you are Licensable and will
     am I automatically admitted to the police                   become a Licensed Police Officer only after an
     academy?                                                    agency hires you.
     No. Students are selected on their qualifications,
                                                             •   Will completion of the academy guarantee
     not status.
                                                                 me a career in law enforcement?
•    Can I skip portions of the academy for                      No. Employment is based on the graduate’s own
     weddings, vacations, etc.?                                  initiative and is not guaranteed by GVSU.
     No. Make no plans during the academy. We
     train on the weekends!
•    Do I need to bring my own weapon?
     No. The academy provides all weapons and
     equipment.                                              If you are interested in attending the GVSU
•    Am I required to purchase my textbooks?
                                                             Police Academy, please visit the GVSU
                                                             Police Academy webpage located at
     No -your student fee includes all books and             www.gvsu.edu/cj/policeacademy or
     manuals and will be provided to you on the first day    contact the Director of the Academy at
     of class.                                               (616) 331-8515.
•    Do I need to purchase uniforms?
     Yes. You will have to purchase your uniforms from
     Nye Uniform in Grand Rapids.
•    I have an MIP and /or speeding tickets.
     Will this automatically eliminate me from
     Each applicant is considered on a case-by-case basis.
     These types of violations do speak to an individual’s
     moral character and may be taken into                                                                                School of Criminal Justice
     consideration. Additionally, these and other offenses                                                                   289-C DeVos Center
     may also limit your ability to gain employment with                Police Academy Office                                   401 W. Fulton
     a law enforcement agency.                                           A-1-140 Mackinac Hall                             Grand Rapids, MI 49504
                                                                          One Campus Drive                                      (616) 331-7130
•    How can I physically prepare for the police
                                                                          Allendale, MI 49401
                                                                            (616) 331-8515
     At a minimum, you must be able to perform to the
     MCOLES Physical Fitness entrance standards.
               INTRODUCTION                                        GVSU REQUIREMENTS                               THE SELECTION PROCESS

The GVSU Police Academy is an annual 16 week              To be eligible for consideration a candidate      1.   Application forms will be available online
intensive program that meets the Michigan                 must meet one of the following:                        (www.gvsu.edu/cj/policeacademy)
Commission on Law Enforcement Standards                                                                          between October 15th and December 15th.
(MCOLES) training requirements and prepares                   1.   Possess a 2 or 4 year college degree          Turn-in date will be noted in the
students for the Law Enforcement Licensing                         from an institution of higher                 application instructions.
Examination. The Police Academy is conducted                       education. There is no specific major
during GVSU’s Spring & Summer semester                             requirement.                                  (Incomplete packets will not be processed. It is
(April – August).                                                                                                the candidate’s responsibility to submit a complete
                                                              - or -                                             packet)
The Academy is a professional learning
environment designed to give the basic training               2.   Be a registered student at GVSU and      2.   If you successfully pass the initial
and education needed to begin a career in law                      be eligible for graduation upon               screening process, you will be invited to
enforcement. Academic excellence and personal                      completion of the police academy.             participate in a two part interview process
integrity is stressed during the academy.                                                                        - Oral Board & Director’s Interview.

Recruits will be mentally and physically                       MCOLES REQUIREMENTS                          3.   Upon passing the interview process and a
challenged on a daily basis. The learning                                                                        thorough background investigation, 36
environment is a combination of traditional               •   Successful completion / passing score on           applicants will be accepted into the
classroom and practical exercises conducted by                both of the MCOLES pre-enrollment                  academy and invited to an orientation
the 60+ members of the academy staff.                         tests - Physical Agility test and Reading &        session.
                                                              Writing test.
Students earn 15 credit hours during the course                                                                  ***NOTE: Both of the MCOLES Pre-
of the police academy. Courses include:                   •   Successful completion of required                  enrollment tests (Reading & Writing and
                                                              medical examinations. Common                       Physical Agility) must be completed by
     CJ 415 – L.E. Physical Education, Defensive              problems areas:                                    the application turn-in deadline – no
              Tactics & Firearms                                                                                 exceptions!
     CJ 416 – Special Operations & Training                        o   You cannot be color blind, must
     CJ 417 – Criminal Investigations II                               have 20/20 vision (can be with
     CJ 418 – Patrol & Traffic Administration &                        aid of corrective lenses), and
              Procedures                                               must pass the hearing standard                 STUDENT EXPENSES
     CJ 419 – Michigan Criminal Law                                    (aided or unaided).
*All of these courses must be completed with an overall                                                     Tuition =            15 credit hours
course average of 70% or better.                                   o   If you think that you have a         Student Fee =        $1,500.00 (subject to increase)
                                                                       disability that would prevent        Uniforms =           $360.00 (approx.)
                                                                       your admission to the academy,
                    ADMISSION                                          please schedule an appointment
                                                                       with the Training Director.
Admission to the police academy is highly                                                                   Additional information regarding MCOLES
competitive and limited to a maximum of 36                •   No Felony Convictions.                        requirements can be found at
recruits per session. It is imperative that you                                                             www.michigan.gov/mcoles under the
disclose all requested information.                       •   Possess good moral character (determined      Standards & Training link.
                                                              through background investigation).

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