Community Policing
                                                            A MOUNTED OFFICER IS:

                                                       * The Police Department's best Public
      GEISER                                              Relations tool, thus the ultimate in
                                                          Community Policing.
                                                       * A tower of Police Visibility standing
      EDUCATION                                          8 to 10 feet tall, creating the best           Tampa, Florida
                                                         overall Crime Deterrence for any
      SEMINARS                                           City, Mall, Park or Neighborhood
                                                         environment.                                    MOUNTED
Training for your interest!
                                                       * The first for a ground Search and             POLICE SCHOOL
                                                         Rescue operation; covering space,
*Mounted Police Schools                                  height for visibility to see evidence        January 20 – 25, 2008
    Basic                          Search and Rescue
                                                         and using the horse's senses to locate
    Refresher                                            persons or bodies .
    Advanced                                                                                                 SPI # 82G42
                                                       * The first called for Crowd Control or
                                                                                                               Hosted by the
*Mounted Police Instructor                               for Special Events to act as that tower
                                                         of Police Visibility for the safety and         Manatee County
                                                         security of those in attendance. A
*Trail and Obstacle Clinics                              Mounted Officer is the best non                 Sheriff's Office
                                                         aggressive means to move people.
*Equine Care and Stable                                                                                         GEISER EQUINE
                                                                                                     Presented bY
 Management Courses                                    * The use of Intimidation with the size of      and accredited by the
                                  Firearms Training      the horse and rider to make suspect
                                                                                                    SOUTHERN POLICE INSTITUTE
                                                         apprehensions and arrests with the
*Investigators Course in Equine                          least use of force.                         Univ. of Louisville, Kentucky
                                                                                                        Geiser Equine established 1994
 Cruelty and Neglect
Mounted Police Equitation                                                                            Tampa, Florida 2008 Basic School
Equine Anatomy and Conformation                SCHOOL DIRECTOR/INSTRUCTOR
Equine Psychology and Nature                   Sgt. Darlene Geiser, ret. (23 yr.)
Selection of the Police Horse                  Jacksonville, Fla. Sheriff's Office            ADDRESS______________________________________
Formations for Crowd Control                   Mounted, K-9, Marine, 4WD Units
                                               Instructor Nationwide over 25 years.           _______________________________ZIP_____________
Advanced Crowd Control
Sensory & Obstacle Training of Horses          Cert. N M T G Instructor
Defensive Tactics and Arrest Procedures        Cert. H.S.A. Instructor                        PHONES_______________________________________
V.I.P. Security                                A.R.I.A. Member
Search and Rescue, GPS usage                                                                  _______________________________________________
Mounted Firearms Training                      Col. Gaston Ventivogel, ret.
                                               Belgian Gendarmerie (National Police)          AGENCY______________________________
         ATTENDEES                             Supervised 1000 Officers; 275 Mounted.
                                               Specialized in Riot Police and Antiterrorism   COURSE COST:                                             SOUTHERN
* Persons in Law Enforcement, Reserves or                                                     Basic Course with Horse             $675.00
with private security who may use the horse
                                               Chief of the Belgian Equestrian Team for
                                               the World Games and Olympics of 1996.          Audit, without a Horse               500.00              POLICE
as part of their patrol or special function.                                                  Refresher Course Wed.-Fri.           500.00

* Persons who have the need for this
                                               Mounted Police instructor in U.S.
                                               Chief Pilot Terry Geiser, ret. (25yr.)         DEPOSIT OF $250. HOLDS POSITION
specialized training in order to present a                                                    Upon receipt of deposit, course curr. and
proposal for a Mounted Unit.                   Jacksonville, Fla. Sheriff's Office
                                               Aviation, Evidence Tech. Patrol                other school information will be sent to you.     The Benefits to YOU!
                                                                                              Balance due before school starts.
         LOCATION OF SCHOOL                    Specialized in Search & Rescue
                                               Cert. Firearms Instructor                      PAYMENT CAN BE:                                   * Fully Accredited/Certified
Florida State Fair Grounds                     Sensory/Obstacle & Ground Training
4800 US Hwy 301 N                                                                                                                                 Training with a complete
                                                                                              ___CHECK____VISA ____MASTER CARD
Tampa, Florida 33610                           Sergeant Chris Laster                                                                              Professional Manual
                                               Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Mounted       Card
             ACCOMMODATIONS                    Patrol (Sarasota, Fl.) Mounted Defensive
                                               Tactics, Equitation and Obstacles.
                                                                                              #_____________________________________            * The Most Professional
Red Roof Inn Fair Grounds                                                                                                                         Mounted Police Instruction
5001 US Hwy 301 N                              Equitation                                     Exp.
Tampa, FL. 33610                                                                              Date______Code#_____Amount___________
(813) 623-5245 fax #(813) 623-5240             Assisting will be graduated Instructors                                                          * College Credits, Police
Holiday Inn Express                            from the area.                                 Zip Code of card holder _____________________
8610 Elm Fair Blvd.
                                                                                                                                                  Continuing Education
Tampa, FL. 33610                                                                              Signature______________________________
(813) 490-1000
(Bring Tax exempt forms from agency)
                                               Other Instructors to be announced:                                                               * A Permanent/Recorded
                                                                                               SEND AND MAKE PAYMENT TO:                         Record of Your Training
$25 for the week ( paid to Geiser Equine)                                                             GEISER EQUINE, INC.
                                                                                                                                                 on file with the University
$150. for week of horse rental. + stall fee                                                           16521 NW 120th Ave. Rd.                    of Louisville, Ky.
                                                                                                      Reddick, Fla. 32686-2402
ON SITE CONTACT PERSON:                                                                                    1-352-591-5322
Holly Combee (941)747-3011 ext. 2542                                                                   www.GeiserEquine.Com

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