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Worthington Division of Police by dep13228


									Worthington Division of Police
Informational/Media Release

                                      For Immediate Release: Thursday, May 15, 2008
                                          Contact: Lt. Douglas Francis (614) 885-4463

               Worthington Police to Unveil
             New Police Vehicles to the Public
Worthington – On Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 1:00 pm, the Worthington Division
of Police will unveil their newly designed police vehicles to the public. In
conjunction with the students and staff at Wilson Hills Elementary School, officers
from the Division of Police will have a “Show and Tell” session for the students,
local media and any member of the public who would like to learn about the
agency’s new police cars.

The new vehicles are a dramatic change from the agency’s current red, white
and blue “Screaming Eagle” scheme which was designed to show the agency’s
patriotic commitment following September 11th. The new vehicles will still display
the trademark eagle but in a new retro design placed on a traditional black and
white paint scheme. The new vehicles are equipped with the latest state-of-the-
art technology including the innovative new “Rumbler” siren system. This siren
system produces penetrating, vibrating low frequency sound waves which shake
solid objects and allows drivers & pedestrians to “feel” the approach of a police

Over the next several weeks, officers will be touring local schools so that children
within the Worthington community will become familiar with the look and sound of
our new agency vehicles. In addition, each child will be presented with a mini-
poster commemorating the release of the new police fleet.

The public unveiling will take place in the front yard of Wilson Hills
Elementary School located at 6500 Northland Road at 1:00 pm on Tuesday,
May 20, 2008.

All enquires or questions in regards to this release should be directed to
Lt. Douglas Francis.


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